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When are new Juice flavors coming?

matt11matt11 Posts: 6Member
edited February 2012 in Promotions and Discounts
Anyone know when V-2 will add new flavors to the juice menu.  Currently juice comes in menthol, peppermint, sahara, and cowboy (red).  Have tried all but peppermint.  In light of a quality control issue that might exist with new cartidges (dried out upon reciept, especially sahara), juicing seems the way to go but wish for more falvors.


  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    We'd all like to know.  We get the 'real soon now' answer a lot.
  • eventer289eventer289 Posts: 4Member
    I'd really like to see Congress.
  • ViperViper Posts: 207Member
       CCCCC       OOOO     LL                AA
     CC      CC  OO      OO  LL              AAAA
    CC             OO       OO  LL            AA   AA
    CC             OO       OO  LL           AA      AA
     CC             OO      OO  LL          AAAAAAAA
      CC     CC   OO     OO  LL          AA          AA
        CCCCC      OOOO     LLLLLLL AA          AA

    Damn it!
  • ataribravoataribravo Posts: 4Member
    Cherry PLEASE!!!!   @Viper - Cherry Cola anyone??  :-)
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    oooo - cherry cola.  I have the flavorings to try that mix.  Good idea, @ataribravo!
  • nyllatxnyllatx Posts: 295Member
  • spunkymamaspunkymama Posts: 15Member
    Chocolate PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • GinaMGinaM Posts: 19Member
    Can't wait! I am just looking forward to getting my Peppermint and Red juice in the mail,that I ordered yesterday. But it would be so awesome if they had the Cola and the Cherry juice, that way we could mix up a Cherry Coke flavor. I'm sure it would be fantastic. OR Chocolate covered Cherry. Umm umm , sounds good huh? Cross your fingers, I am on my last 3 carts, I hope the new carts and juice gets here b4 I break down and smoke an analogue. I should have ordered earlier I know. You can bet I won't wait this long ever again, lol. I bought some NLA flavors in 100% VG juice at a corner smoke shop. They just produced flavor or shall I say scent (not sweet, no taste) and no throat hit at all. I am learning. A little PG would have helpedI hope I can get a good blend ratio when I start mixing my own. So far V2 has got it down as far as the flavors, vapor, and throat hit that they do sell. I would vap any of them right now and be happy. :( Almost out.
  • MarieElizabethMarieElizabeth Posts: 87Member ✭✭

    I ordered some of their Rootbeer limited edition carts and that flavor is my FAVORITE so far. It tasted like those rootbeer barrel candies YUM! I would love to see that flavor in the juice or even just the carts

  • wolfienukewolfienuke Posts: 107Member
    I don't know why more people don't rave about the vanilla flavor. I have tried a few other vendor's vanilla juice and even some DIY flavorings and have not liked one yet (Anyone have a vanilla e-juice brand they can recommend?). I feel that if I had vanilla juice, it would be my #2 flavor.

    I do like the cherry and would buy the V2 cherry juice, yet it is too strong alone and tastes more like cherry candy. I have found Lorann's cherry flavor and V2 Red make a great cherry tobacco flavor - which is now my all day vape.

    I have also made a cherry cola blend from other vendor juice and liked it, but not to the extent that I like the V2 Cola - something was missing...
  • cmuzzcmuzz Posts: 33Member

    do you mix the fklavors in the carts with just experimenting with how many drips of each, or do you mix the juice , then drip it in?


  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    To mix flavors you need to mix in a container then drip into the carts.. Layering in the carts won't give you the effect you desire.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    And thats why Dixie is our queen of vapor :D  When I grow up I wanrt to be a veteran
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    edited February 2012
    I am no such thing.  I still ask alot of questions and have experimented  like crazy.  I just try to help where I can :P
  • RoadRunnerRoadRunner Posts: 688Member
    edited February 2012

    @Dixie You are to a Veteran... It says so under your name :)  <Bowing to the Resident Queen of Vapor>

  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    =))  Vet just means we are helpful  lol  
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    HAHAHAH WE love our Dixie
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    :\"> >:D< love you guys too!!  
  • wolfienukewolfienuke Posts: 107Member
    @cmuzz Once you've been juicing for a while, you will quickly end up with empty bottles. Save them and make small batches of custom blends or take a standard blend and add a drop or two of flavorings. That will be your first step into DIY!
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    Vaping Hoarders rule #1 : Never throw anything away!! 
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    I agree I save all my bottles especially the glass ones
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    U might want to tell the nwewbies what DIY is I would tell them but I wont over shadow you
  • anthony_john1anthony_john1 Posts: 694Member
    Wow, Dixie, NEVER throw ANYTHING away? You're hardcore!
  • anthony_john1anthony_john1 Posts: 694Member
    Those eggshells gotta be good for somethin, huh?
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    Eggshells in the compost baby!
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    eggshells in water to pour into your plants
    eggshells cooked and crumbled to feed to your chickens again for extra calcium
  • ButchButch Posts: 1,895Member
    @Mom you aint wrong I never throw out anything that can be composted. Those veggies from the garden are just too good to waste.
  • anthony_john1anthony_john1 Posts: 694Member
    I live inna apartment complex. Not sure my neighbors would appreciate my compost pile on da deck
  • ButchButch Posts: 1,895Member
    I figure that about 1/3 of our groceries each year comes from our little back yard garden. It's all grown organicly too, no chems.
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    I'm looking at dehydrators for next year.  I had to give so much away.
  • ButchButch Posts: 1,895Member
    This is simular to what we use . We have extra trays for ours. You can stack them 8 deep rotate them every day for a few days & they work great.
  • ButchButch Posts: 1,895Member
    Ut OH Ithink we just hijacked this thread.
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    It's @anthony_john1's fault, darn it, with that 'what are eggshells good for' thingie.
  • BulldoggesBulldogges Posts: 89Member
    Live in an aprtment?  Check out vermacomposting - so long as your significant other/roomate doesnt mind worms :)
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member

    I cant believe Whitney Houston just died

  • kstraub7707kstraub7707 Posts: 1,891V2 Veteran
    so sad  :(
  • murphyinsightmurphyinsight Posts: 834Member
    Back to flavors anyone?

    I want GINGER
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    I have flavors coming this week imagining a coffee/chocolate/vanilla and a wild berry/peppermint. Can't wait to start playing.
  • kiakia Posts: 178Member
    I haven't even gotten my V2's yet, and I'm already dabbling in the area of blending.  Since so much was out of stock or on back order, I ordered some blanks from another place after finding a west coast eLiquid maker and sort of went crazy with ideas of what I'd want to try.  I ended up ordering 8 flavors, 5 of which were my own dabblings, and the other 3 standard offerings.  My V2's should get here first, though, and I'm really excited to get started with them.  E-cigs have really come a long way in just the past couple of years, I think.
  • murphyinsightmurphyinsight Posts: 834Member
    I agree kia, I'm so glad I didn't try an e cig till now, from what I've heard they used to be pretty bad!  I also ordered some juice and cant wait to become a chemist. 
  • superflyginsuperflygin Posts: 350Member
    Paks, wouldn't feeding egg shells to chickens be like cannibalism? 
    B-)  Too bad I didn't know that when I had chickens.

    I'm glad you mentioned never to throw away the bottles..  I guess I prolly wouldn't have thought of that either!
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    @superflygin if your gonna feed egg shells to your chickens they have to be cooked otherwise they may start pecking the eggs they just laid.
  • superflyginsuperflygin Posts: 350Member
    I'm surprised I never got that advice before!  But it's been years since we had 'em, they were great..  Best hens in the county..  We never longed for eggs OR baby chicks! 

    Did someone say they had root beer flavored carts?  I would really like to try some of those. 
  • smksmk Posts: 2Member
    edited June 14
    Spearmint. Actually would love to see Ice Cold. Have tried at 2 different vendors. It has a chilly bite - best flavor I could think of that might be in it is spearmint. I wont buy again from Wild Vape. They cant tell me whats in their ejuices. Pretty serious mistake - especially since V2 is so up front about their ingredients. Thats a must, for me.
    Sharon- V2 customer > 6 years
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,217Member
    @smk, I agree, A Spearmint e-Liquid would be fantastic
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Check out our newest VG addition of fruity flavors from Pacha Mama below! They are absolutely delicious! And particularly great for any final Summer trips or vacations in August or Sept. :P 

    There’s a new reason to love VG! Well, nine new reasons, actually. For a limited time, you can get the massive vapor production of the Series 7 VG Ceramic Cartridge plus your choice of nine new flavors from Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquid in one convenient product bundle.

    NEW Charlie’s Chalk Dust flavors include:

    • Ms. Meringue (Strawberries and meringue)
    • Uncle Meringue (Rainbow sherbert meringue)
    • The Mint Leaf, Honeydew, Berry, Kiwi
    • Strawberry, Guava, Jackfruit
    • Peach, Papaya, Coconut Cream
    • Mango, Pitaya, Pineapple
    • Fuji Apple, Strawberry, Nectarine
    • Cobbler (Guava Pear Cobbler)
    • Donut (Old Fashioned Donut and cappuccino)
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