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cough, cough, cough

lindalou69lindalou69 Posts: 6Member
edited January 2011 in Product Q&A and Problems
Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had a problem with coughing after a drag? I first started with the congress med. and they seemed to be VERY strong. I had also ordered congress 6mg, and this seemed to be better, and I liked the peppermint taste. It seems however the more I smoke the e-cig, the more I cough. Sound wierd to anyone but me? I have been a smoker for 51 yrs, and am really hoping the e-cig works for me to quit. Could I be dragging wrong, or doing or not doing something with the e-cig? When I smoke I smoke basic lt. 100s. They do not cause me to cough. Has anyone tried the menthol? I know better than to think I can use the nicotine free e-cig and accomplish quitting. I have also ordered the sampler flavor pack, thinking it might be the peppermint. Would appreciate any thought on this subject. Sorry this is so long! Thanks for listening, Linda


  • TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
    i had that problem untill i learned how hard to pull a drag. try taking smaller pulls. i took me a week to finaly get it right.
  • DiverDoug1999DiverDoug1999 Posts: 9Member
    Linda, I had the same problem when I first started (about 1 month ago), using the Coffee flavor, Med. strength. I tried several other flavors and found the Chocolate and Peppermint to be more mellow. (Cherry and Vanilla were okay, but were still a bit "throaty".) Just keep with it...you'll find the right one for you!
  • UnbiasedUnbiased Posts: 315Member
    lindalou69, my only suggestion for a smoother throat hit would be to try a VG blend (vegetable glycerin). I think V2 can do it on special order but if you don't mind doing a little research online you should be able to find a reputable company that carries them all the time.
  • StorytellerStoryteller Posts: 563Member
    One thing to keep in mind, especially if you have lowered your nicotine intake. One of the BIGGEST nictone withdrawl symptoms is coughing. If you are coughing and bringing up phlem it is your lungs cleaning themselves of all the tar and other crap. That would be normal and desired (yes yuck but desired). If you are coughing as you drag on the e-cig then try smaller drags or find a flavor you can tolerate. But as I said if you are walking around coughing without vaping, be thankfull you are in the process of cleaning your lungs out. Of course if symptoms become worse or intolerable contact your family physician. :-)

    From a 40yr 2-pack a day smoker that has quit at least 4 times and back again. Smoke free today and it has been my easiest quit..:-)
  • mthoma5mthoma5 Posts: 98Member
    lindalou, I also coughed and my chest got tighter and tighter, I kept blaming on a cold. If I took allergy medicine it lightened the cough but it still did not go away. Turned out I was allergic to the PG. Which is a shame because I really like the cowboys, but I am unable to order 100 carts on a custom order just to get it in VG. Good luck, and I hope you find what works for you. I have not quit, but I have cut back from 3 packs a day to about 1. So it really does help. :-) When I'm ready to quit I definately have the equipment that will help me.
  • ORSORS Posts: 12Member
    I also coughed when I started using the V2Cigs for the first week or so. Now the smokers cough is less I have gotten use to this way of getting the nicotine and perfer these Electronic Cigs over the tar ones.. You may need to give it time or change the flavor.
    Good luck.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    edited January 2011
    Actually what you are experiencing can happen... V2 vapor is far more moist than cigarette smoking, and if you continue to smoke with V2, the 2 actions can work against each other.... with the cigarette you are adding tar and carbon, the body will counteract this by creating mucous, then with the V2 you will be loosening the congestion... in a weird kind of way, using a V2 can be a little like using the vicks vaporizer you used when you were a kid with a cold... when initially adjusting to V2, most heavy smokers will actually cough.... this is usually because the congestion is being loosened.... usually it takes a while to adjust, but the cough goes away, usually after a few days your body will adjust to the difference... however if you continue to smoke and use V2 (something I don't recommend), it can continue.
  • MmAcMmAc Posts: 149Member
    I am smoke free for 1 week now - no cough at all , maybe I am the one who should be worried that it's not cleaning out my lungs......
  • lindalou69lindalou69 Posts: 6Member
    I just wanted to say thank you to those who have given mee their suggestions. I will try them all! I have ordered the flavor pack, and hope to find something I really like. Thanks again, Lindalou
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