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Menthol flavor

JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
I'm not the first to mention this on the forum, but I just gotta say that as a log smoker, I really really disliked menthols. I actually had one within last 2 months, and the whole time I said to myself, "this is not a real cigarette, it's horrible!" But now as I puff away on V2 menthol on my auto battery I am whistling a whole other tune. I really like menthol for e-cigs. I can't say it's my favorite flavor, but is I would say top 5. And the weird thing is that it doesn't taste all that different than menthol cigs. 

Are there any others in this boat?


  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran
    Smoked non-menthols for 23 years.  V2 Menthol is in my top 3 now.  Go figure.
  • DennisRichardsDennisRichards Posts: 2,361V2 Veteran ✭✭
    I was a Newport and kool smoker. Now I vape Saharra or ry4 as my main vapes. Gotta give V2's menthol another shot, maybe my tastes have changed.
  • ZassZass Posts: 659Member
    I smoked Camel lights/99's and oddly, I hate the tobacco flavors but love the menthol.
  • visionary333visionary333 Posts: 1,446Member
    smoked non-menthols for 37 years.  i buy more menthol juice than any other flavor.
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