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I'm On My Last Cherry Pre-filled.....Please Help

bu24bearbu24bear Posts: 19Member
edited February 2012 in Entertainment and Humor
I hate to even ask, but I need to know if anyone has any recommendations on where to order a GREAT Cherry eliquid.  I love V2's but that isn't an option.  Any help would be appreciated.  Has anyone tried the 2 vendors that have stores in the Dallas area?  I'm not sure if I should mention the names or not so I won't.  :)

Best Answers

  • klmtxklmtx Posts: 785Member
    Accepted Answer
    I didn't even know there WERE stores in Dallas...If you try 'em let me know! Might be good for emergencies! I'm in Rockwall. I heard there was one in Richardson, I think. Don't know if anyone has tried it????
  • MomMom Posts: 2,577V2 Veteran
    Accepted Answer
    Most likely, if they have a storefront, they'll let you taste their wares before buying.  It might be worth a visit.
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    Accepted Answer

    I have been to the Denton store ..same company as Richardson, and nyllatx uses them down in San Antonio.  They are good @klmtx


  • bu24bearbu24bear Posts: 19Member
    I will go today and try some there. Thank you for your input.
  • bu24bearbu24bear Posts: 19Member
    I will try that one out.  I have tried the one in Lewisville and like it a lot.  I'm gonna try the one in Richardson soon....since you would refer it then I will definantly go. :)  I just don't have anything to compare V2, or the one in Lewisville, but I guess as long as I like what I buy it doesn't matter.  I just don't wanna miss out.
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