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how did every1 found v2

crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
edited February 2012 in Entertainment and Humor
my story  has a little twist i started by buying a ecig from a store hated it so much i gave it to my exboss .he hated it a bought a blu he played with it for a while and got a few ppl on it then he bought a v2 and switched those ppl to it and i got enough money to fork over to buy a v2 was deciding on green or v2 alot of website have v2 as a sin word. well now here and a happy vaper


  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    I just saw V2 mentioned and reviewed at a lot of comparison sites and stuff when I Googled.  Tried it and another company.  Liked both...but liked V2 prices better and found it was easier to buy extra stuff for the KR808 ...which wasn't an option with the other set up, really.  
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    edited February 2012
    I saw a guy vaping in Hardee's one morning and asked what it was and then where he got it. I'd never seen or heard of ecigs before that.
  • murphyinsightmurphyinsight Posts: 834Member
    I spent a few hours reading independent reviews on lots of sites, and ended up with what seemed like the best bet for me and my husband.  V2, thanks for saving our lives!
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
  • nyllatxnyllatx Posts: 295Member

    I found V2 after good ol' Internet research. I'm sad to say, though, that they're a stepping stone to me branching out to other companies and products. Other places offer other great options at cheaper prices, and since I'm attempting (poorly) to save for my first house, money is now a bigger factor than brand loyalty.

    I'll always be loyal to the forums, though.  :x

  • ozwlozwl Posts: 86Member
  • devanttriodevanttrio Posts: 1,689Member
    A friend of mine on Facebook sent me a link to his site since he knew I smoked and had been trying to quit with no success. It had reviews, descriptions and links of different e cig companies.  I got interested and started asking questions. I initially bought a kit after that from a local shop. It was horrible!! I ended up getting one from V2 after that.
  • devanttriodevanttrio Posts: 1,689Member
    @nyllatx, agreed, same here 
  • lakelandjimlakelandjim Posts: 250Member
    Three out of the five I share an office with were/are using V2. When I was ready to try, I went right here. Very glad I did.
  • AbsintheurAbsintheur Posts: 6,429V2 Veteran ✭✭
    I tried a couple off brand e-cigs...they really sucked but I saw the potential. I did a lot of research and decided V2 had the best reviews and the best following so I ordered a travelers kit and haven't looked back...
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    I also started with Blu and knew it was a step in the right direction but not great. Internet research brought me here,  now you people a stuck with me. :D
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    friend of mine who made fun of me and told me how i had only traded one addiction for another and emailed me FDA propaganda regarding e cigs has decided he wants one rofl....He is coming up with some off brand stuff I have never heard of ...he's trying to better my mousetrap before he has tested the cheese rofl
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    kick him in the shins Dixie! that'll learn  him!  <):)
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    I considered V2 as a product to market, and researched them.
    I then found the forum on this site. Being a 2nd hand vendor of V2 didn't make sense from a profit margin standpoint, but the forum looked like it needed a hand and I've gotten to enjoy the posters here very much.
    The KR808D-1 is a great product.

  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    I get atleast 3 emails a day...what about this one...i have to stop and go look and compare it to what I have and what I know...email him back stats...blah blah blah just buy a damn e cig already fool
  • DennisRichardsDennisRichards Posts: 2,361V2 Veteran ✭✭
    edited February 2012
    How did I find V2 and this forum ?....... I got very lucky.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    @Dixie, you crack me up. =))
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    I guess you would have to know him to know why he makes me want to ~X(
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    I know people like him... I feel your pain.
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    The super smart but totally socially crippled offensive pain in the ass but you have to love them type?
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    Well ya know...there is a fine line between genius and a nut...Albert Einstein spent half his life in a nut ward :P
  • sbresbre Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    A co-worker told me he had bought ecigs for his wife but she never charged the batteries.  You have to understand that my coworkers and I were traveling all over the US to trainings and checking out schools as we were starting up our own NTN school.  I was the ONLY smoker, and would always have to walk outside in some unfamiliar place to smoke (My coworkers would not let me go alone LOL) Then my husband told me about one of his coworkers who started using them and she sent me a coupon.  I finally used it and have not been sorry in the least.  I just wish I had known about this 10 years ago LOL
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited February 2012


    Like this guy Dixie?  He's a Texan too!

  • DixieDixie Posts: 6,230V2 Veteran
    I love Big Bang!!!
  • Ck9Ck9 Posts: 653Member
    Excuse me for going back to the OP but...I got a disposable at a convenience store and that lead me to Internet research. V2 had the best reviews. Now back to our highjacked program!
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited February 2012
    It's like a hippy trippy vapor walk in the park (these threads)... ya never know when or if you'll get back on the path.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    @sbre e cigs did not exist 10 years ago.  http://www.the-best-e-cigarette.com/history.html
  • Ck9Ck9 Posts: 653Member
    @DaddyCat you said it!
  • sbresbre Posts: 109Member ✭✭
    @mrt, well no wonder! LOL So I did not miss out on too much, huh?
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    And yet another http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_cigarette Yes, you did not.
  • ginazginaz Posts: 663V2 Veteran
    Found on ecigarettereviews.com I think it was called. Their review made up my mind to go with V2 after a huge disappointment with *lu Cigs
  • kiakia Posts: 178Member

    I'd tried an electronic cigarette a few years back, but it didn't stick, as the vaping really was of poor quality and didn't taste good at all.  So, I went back to tobacco cigarettes.

    A few health issues have been pressing on me recently, so I decided to see what was out there now as compared to yesteryear.  I read several reviews before finally deciding on V2, and I'm quite happy I did.  V2cigs are a far cry and great advancement over the ones I had before, and I actually was able to let go of the tobacco cigarettes this time.

  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Same as Ck9 for me, for most part. I was playing disc golf about 2 months ago and guy I met up with had eCig disposable (though ended up bumming smokes from me, LOL). 10 days later I got my own disposable. Did about 3 of those. Then internet search and after about 10 minutes looking at reviews, V2 stood out. 
  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran

    I saw Marni's intro video for V2.

  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    OMG, hoos. Are you going to put up the Vapetress here, too? 
  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran
    Hmmmmm..... nah, let's keep her where she's at.  I bookmarked her in case any new videos come out though. =))
  • DewManDewMan Posts: 1,208Member
    I googled "Ecig reviews" and V2 came up highly reccommended by almost all of them.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭

    hmm @dewman, you should check out the reviews on this thread:


  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran
    Did you see the video reviews on V2 on the "Planet of the Vapes" thread?  Should be on the last two pages.
  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran
    Damn, DaddyCat beat me to it!!
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    1st video is on the 1st page hoosier, not to be missed
  • hoosierhoosier Posts: 3,358V2 Veteran
    She had another video review, but it was for another company so I cound't post it.
  • mimimimi Posts: 1,998V2 Veteran
    Watch your PM numbers, hoos. They just went up with these guys wanting the link... LOL
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Mrs. Marni Hoosier.

    Has a nice ring to it. 
  • ZassZass Posts: 659Member
    Back in September I had purchased a crappy mall kiosk e-cig.  It in no way curbed my appetite to smoke. Never had a smoke free day, it tasted like crap and after a week I set it down.  Then I went home for the holidays and there my brother turned me onto V2.  I took one puff off his and new I had to have it.  Once I got home I ordered my started kit and the rest is smoke free history.
  • superflyginsuperflygin Posts: 350Member
    Several months ago I tried a volcano b/c my sis uses one and loves it.  It was fun for awhile, enjoyed it, but the vape was inferior and I was changing carts and charging batts at a ridiculous rate so I gave that up.  Then I got a 501 set up, and really the only thing wrong was a liquid that didn't taste great (it was 100% vg) and I was fairly ignorant about such things and tucked it away.

    I picked up an ecig at a tribal smoke shop that was $10 that came with a charger and 2 carts.  Loved it!!  But never heard of the brand name and trying to find carts for it online was a bust.  (I live over 2  hrs away from that smoke shop and was visiting my mum at the time)

    So I decided to take the plunge and find a GOOD reputable brand to order in a kit.  I read for many hours, comparing, and V2 had some great reviews as well as the forum here with lots of nice folks who are very supportive.

    Got my ultimate kit and am getting educated on all the options from our peeps here.  I'm set and never need to smoke an analog ever again!!
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