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Cartridge lifetime: Testing their claim.

JstangJstang Posts: 16Member
My first cartridge will probably run out today, as I have been Vaping a lot yesterday. btu the people at V2 claim that their carts last as long as a pack of analog cigarettes.. they say you should ONLY take 13-15 Puffs, then put the V2 down until you want another cigarette, then take another 13-15 puffs and repeat this process. they say if you use your V2 this way that the cart will last as long as a pack of cigarettes.. and since there is a lot of speculation, I will test this claim. After this cart dies (which will be sometime today) I will start a fresh cart, and Only take the 13-15 puffs, put my V2 down and repeat the process when I feel I need another cigarette.. I will update this post after the cart I have on my V2 now is used up. 

If their claim is correct, One cart should last my almost exactly 24-hours. as I am a pack a day smoker. So if your curious about their claim on the carts life, check back here for updates on how it is going.. :)


  • VbiegsVbiegs Posts: 155Member
    My first couple of days vaping this is exactly what I did. I went outside as if I was having a cigg and vaped for as long as a smoke and that was it. My carts lasted over 24 hours. Now I am a vaping fool and when I'm not at work this thing is in my hand at all times because I can! Now, I'm going through about 2 carts a day. I was a pack a day smoker as well.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    edited March 2012
    I usually take a few long slow puffs and than I let the cart the cart sit for 30 seconds or so. I have noticed that the cart last longer that way. But that is my opinion everyone does it differently. I also switch batteries often so it does make a difference. I have a standard and a XL. 
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    It will be interesting to hear your results. Als allow us to know just how hard you inhale on these things each time. That plays into the mix.

  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Yes it does I never suck it I just a nice slow in hale.
  • crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
    @jstang well depending on how long u quit smoking analog. your lung intake will increase so that means your taking strong puffs then  with a analog. even on day 2 your lungs are getting better and congrats
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Yes I agree w crazy 
  • EwuniaEwunia Posts: 49Member
    After 3 months of vaping I settled for 2 18mg cartridges a day, perhaps marginally less. I was an almost a pack a day with analogs. I think that the claim that one cartridge is equivalent to one pack of analogs is somewhat exaggerated. I never counted puffs, I just vape as I need. Perhaps your addiction will just ensure that you get the amount of nicotine your body craves.
  • sultanofswagsultanofswag Posts: 557Member
    edited March 2012
    OK,  I smoked a little over a pack a day for decades.  For me a cart equals about 3/4 pack of logs, at best.  I hit hard, deep and often, so that number is about what I expected.  My wife was smoking 2 1/2+ packs daily.  She is the opposite of me, the logs mostly burned away and she'd get 3-4 shallow drags off each.  For her, a cart equals well over a pack and a half.  As previously mentioned, each individual's 'smoking' style will be the determining factor on how long a cart lasts.  Also, the pre-filled carts can vary in the amount of juice they contain.  V2 does need to address their QA/QC to make carts more consistent.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Ok here is my take on juicing and the amount of puffs I get from Juicing. I have used both the condom method and dripping method for my study and have counted puffs lol. If I use a pg based juice like V2 I get between 140  to 170 puffs per carto that is depending on how long you take a nice slow puff for to 80--100 on a short battery and and if I use a 70/30 I get about 75-90This also depends on how long you draw. But thats my study. Also if I have a very clean battery and cart I can a little more on both batteries. This all subjective  Pre fills last a lil less thana pack
  • crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
    there is so many factors that will change it . first is type of battery and how charged it is(fully charge will produce more of a hit). second is the type of hit you are taking(small short breaths will not heat up as much and use less. third is how long you wait for next hit (chain vaping will burn more the hit wait 15 sec hit) fourth is manuel or auto(maunal  you use less then push button and puff done release button)fifth is the type of juice in it and how full it is . so needless to say it will vary from person to person because each person has there on style 
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    as os the case wit real cigs as well.
  • nivlagnivlag Posts: 9Member
    When I first started vaping i didn't smoke much so I could maybe make one last a day. Now, I change them all the time because I vape way more than I smoked. They do last longer with the automatic batteries for me than the manual since i don't get as big of hits. They NEVER lasted as many puffs as V2 claimed for me!
  • JstangJstang Posts: 16Member
    Yes I noticed that it will vary from person to person.. me personally I went through about a cart n a half a day which is not bad at all in my eyes.. Just all depends on the person I guess
  • rhartman911rhartman911 Posts: 3Member

    I was  1/2 pack smoker a day know I vap a full cartridge a day I guess its because I can vap in the house instead of getting up and going outside


  • shadowsxckshadowsxck Posts: 206Member
    The pre fills definitely vary. I've had a few that die out within the first 5 puffs.
  • dwrinehadwrineha Posts: 85Member
    so roughly a cart and a half equates to a pack for you...are you using the 18mg or what strength?
  • silsil Posts: 6Member
    I've been using V2Cigs since Oct 22, 2010, so obviously I've been a fan for a long time. But both my husband and I noticed a significant decrease in cartridge life a few months ago. He uses 18mg, I'm 12mg, peppermint and menthol. The carts used to last us most of a day, now they're depleted in 2.5 - 4 hours. Our vaping habits haven't suddenly changed, and the depletion is consistent. I'm still a fan, but we're spending twice as much on carts now, and I'm not happy about that.
  • mario129mario129 Posts: 189Member
    Hmmm....is this V2 strategy ? :-?
  • prioritiespriorities Posts: 148Member
    I have to agree...I love V2 as well...but the carts do not last ..in fact..I opened a new one and added 8-10 drops of liquid just to see...that's how much it took to 'fill' it...so some are surely 'dry' when you get them..they will credit you up to a point..then they well..then you are stuck..that' s why I am going to stick with liquid as messy and all as it is...it is too expensive for me to keep with the carts..it's a shame..wish they could make them longer and fill them ore or something.....take care..Lee
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    The "one carto=a pack of cigs" claim is not one that is exclusive to V2. Several suppliers make this claim; and it has been refuted time and time again. I wish suppliers would stop with it. I've never heard of a single vaper support this claim.
  • MuldemarMuldemar Posts: 500Member
    Using Juice for me..2carts= 1pack..prefills 4-5 carts =pack
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    I've heard claims as heavy as 1 cart =  1.5 to 2 pack before. 
    That's as "Fantasy World" as I have seen.
    A good carto, properly stuffed with batting at the proper ohm rating, and properly filled to .9ml definitely lasts me easily .75 to 1 pack.
    I tend to run hotter carts, so I get 3/4 pack consistently.
    You just gotta remember your puff count on a e-cig per cig is generally not equal. You don't have an indicator of when to put the e-cig down. On  a cig, it runs into the butt, and you know when to quit. It also has a visual e-cigs don't have. They burn down. Then you gotta decide wether to chain smoke or wait. 
    E-Cigs have no indicator.
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    If they just said: 1 cart = half a pack of logs, then this debate would go away. People who got more than that would feel lucky and/or rarely bring it up. And rest of us would say, 'yep, that's about right.'

    I do feel like I get more juice / flavor from a prefill than I do from a refill. I'm guessing if I taryn spun things in more, I'd probably get more juice on refills. 
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    It depends, of course, on several factors. The wattage you vape at, the length of your drags, the juice you are vaping, etc. I used to smoke pipes and cigars, so I draw heavily. I'm guessing that 1.8ml, which is the capacity of the cartos I use, is approximately equal to a pack.
  • dwrinehadwrineha Posts: 85Member
    I found that White Cloud delivers roughly 350hits or about a pack and a 1/2, When i use them i went through one cart a day $4, V2's give me 125-150max but are $2 a cart. So basically the way i see it is at best $4 a day for me using prefilled carts, when i fill my own and take advantage of sales i can prefill for about 60cents a cart and they last longer cuz i put bout 25drops in a cart. I've been on a juice search and its hard to find anything as good as V2Red in my opinion
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    I've never heard of a single vaper support this claim.

    I get at least a pack, and more likely a pack and a half out of a cart. I just fully discharged an XL  v2 manual batt with a cart from another vendor.  From v2 carts, I usually knock out a standard at about the same time.

    I had the most fabulous menthol vape a couple of days.  A single cart lasted for more than 20 hours on a v2 XL manual batt, and I smoked 2 1/2 PAD give or take. 

    I was one of those smokers who would light, drag, hold it or set it down, pick it up, relight it, take another hit, lather, rinse repeat.  I'm getting a lot of mileage out of prefills.
  • TvaperTvaper Posts: 1Member
    Sorry to burge in all of a sudden
    but how many is a pack of logs..when i hear you say a pack i automatically think of a 20 deck
    but you can buy 10 decks so thats confusing me
    umm can someone clarlify for me how many carts is normal for a 35/40 a day smoker
    because i think i actaully have a problem
    just baught my Titan 510 about a week ago and i have gone down from 35/40 to 1 a day
    but i think im over vaping because if you can honestly tell me 2 carts of 18mg lasts you the day im astonished
    i been awake now for about 10 hours and i have already gone though 5/6 carts of 18mg my batteries dont have time to fully charge

    i aplogise for spelling mistakes
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Your definitely overdoing it.
    2 to 4 carto's is even a tad more than a 2pk a day smoker takes in. Start counting your puffs on the e-cig. 
    A cig = 10- 12 puffs on average, or 15, if you are rapid fire smoking. 
  • jimmyjimmyvjimmyjimmyv Posts: 13Member
    ... also something I've learned is that a user really should not use an e-cig in the same manner as an analog.. Molecules in smoke are much smaller than the molecules of vapor (water, pg, etc).. The nicotine is bonded to these molecules so they are not transferred to/through the lining of the lung as quickly.. In other words the vapor needs to be in contact with the linings of the lungs, throat, nose for a longer period of time for the body to use the available nicotine... this coupled with the fact that now we have something that actually tastes better.. we probably inhale/exhale too quickly which leads to lowered cart life expectancy... I don't inhale/exhale as quickly as smoking and I always exhale through my nose...   just an fyi  :)
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    edited April 2012
    The current V2 Cartridge is formulated to allow for a minimum of 200 deep puffs (roughly 4 seconds each)... some customers report getting more and some report getting less.

    We fill each cartridge with between 0.9ML and 1ML... this is tested for consistency.

    Contrary to popular belief, when a cartridge gets older or is exposed to adverse temperatures it seldom dries out, but actually gets "wetter".... propylene glycol is a humectant, so the longer it is exposed to the environment the more moisture it will absorb... the wetter the cartridge, the less vapor it will produce, because water does not vape particularly well. If you store your cartridges in a cool and "DRY" place it is always best.. the more humid the surroundings, the more quickly your cartridges will lose their vapor production.

    We say that a cartridge is roughly equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, but like many have pointed out, this is a very subjective measurement. Depending how you vape, how deeply you puff, how big are your lungs, etc. will determine how long a cart lasts for you. Usually the bigger the person, the less they will get out of a cart. A small lady may get 2 packs of puffs from a single cart, while a big guy like myself can get less than a full pack.

    FYI-- V2 is currently working on a future cartridge that can store 3ML of liquid, and will last 3x as long as the current technology, but that is still many months away from public release.
  • jimmyjimmyvjimmyjimmyv Posts: 13Member

    FYI-- V2 is currently working on a future cartridge that can store 3ML of liquid, and will last 3x as long as the current technology, but that is still many months away from public release.
    If you could get that into a size that resembles a traditional cigarette, you would be my hero.. but I think the only way that happens is for technology to produce a smaller, more efficient battery..   but I'll keep wishin..
  • Mark_NHMark_NH Posts: 131Member
    edited April 2012

    FYI-- V2 is currently working on a future cartridge that can store 3ML of liquid, and will last 3x as long as the current technology, but that is still many months away from public release.

    Andries_V2cigs    thats pretty good news Andries , and Im sure alot of folks myself included can appreciate a company moving forward with the business .

    marni_V2cigs  and everyone else there is aware of the intermediate setups folks here are using ie. 650mAh or better batteries with the kr808d-1 system   and refillable clearomizers . The gear feels like a such natural progression being that V2 uses the kr808 system.

      I am wondering if V2 has any plans for increasing their available hardware to include the intermediate equip or are the plans to stay with the 808 stick batts and prefilled cartos .

      I can understand targeting first time vapers and the success it may have but even new vapers tend to experiment and enjoy the more efficient hardware and the cleaner taste of other equip .

     Stop making us feel dirty talking about this stuff in pm's ...give us some intermediate toys so we can stay here and be happy   !



  • Since i already did this comparison with a variety of vapers, let me share the results. V2 averaged 15 cigs per cart. Not bad. White Cloud exceeded 23 but costs more and the shipping prices really cost Alot more. Greensmoke was at 10. The variant most applicable to this is not how hard the inhale or how long the puff. Instead it came down to the time between hits. If a person hits on it rapid -fire then the cart heats up too much and they will get less life from the cartridge. All things considered, V2 is selling qualify carts that work as advertised.
  • royroy Posts: 91Member
     I have a 5 month supply of v2 reds 18mg i recently acquired some juice and found that i could add juice to each new cart i opened.Also my batts are not lasting very long at all.Takes at least 2 batts to deplete one cart.
  • dac311dac311 Posts: 414Member ✭✭
    I just feel like I get significantly less life from my Congress carts than my other carts. They only last about half a day, where as the others will last about a day.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    You know many are testing your claims of a .09ml fill, 200 puff @ 4 second claim, and we won't go back into the 4.2v battery discussion.

  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    You know many are testing your claims of a .09ml fill, 200 puff @ 4 second claim, and we won't go back into the 4.2v battery discussion.

    Shouldn't that be 0.9 ml to 1.0 ml fill ?
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    .9 is the max 808D-1's hold.
    510 models hold 1.2 (if I recall right).
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    edited May 2012
    Earthpig you wrote ".09ml fill" not 0.9 ml fill.  You have a fill as 9/100 ml instead of 9/10 ml.  Andries wrote "We fill each cartridge with between 0.9ML and 1ML... this is tested for consistency."  Where the decimal point is placed does make a difference.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    damn typos #-o
  • nzmullicknzmullick Posts: 6Member

    Hats off to V2 for their recent launch of new and innovative products. However, for future they should be working on coming up with longer lasting cartridges. For me the numbers are atleast two carts a day to satisfy my urge of a pack a day of analogues. I hope they introduce a cart that can last for a whole day.

  • nzmullicknzmullick Posts: 6Member
    I just read Andreas comments and I am glad they would be coming up with the 3ML cartridges lasting X3 times more. But how many months do we need to wait. We need them real fast.
  • I have been vaping this same cart since this thread began on March 7th. Its all about self control
  • MattCloudsMattClouds Posts: 18Member
    Bottom line for me is that I was spending $ 8.50 + a day for a pack a day of cigarettes (sometimes $12 - 13 in NYC. I have been using electronic cigarettes since Feb 1 and have spent roughly $125 in that time, I currently have 3 batteries, 25 carts, 5 minitanks, 5 fluxos and enough e-juice to last at least a month, maybe 2,  (not all from V2). - Pack a Day is old school thinking - find a juice you like and stick with it, refill your carts before they are close to empty. Don't chase flavors or toys, and you will be saving breaths and cash.
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Don't chase flavors or toys, and you will be saving breaths and cash.
    Well put. 
  • DewManDewMan Posts: 1,208Member

    Just a random thought after reading the posts.

    The current V2 carts aren't exactly hard to swap out. Unscrew old... screw on new.

    They don't take up much room. It's easy to drop a few in your pocket, with condoms on them of course.

    On a normal day I use 2-4 carts. It doesn't take but a few seconds to swap out a cart. So at the end of the day I've spent less than a minute swapping carts for the day.

    There are already unlimited options when it comes to having more juice. Tanks come in all shapes and sizes.

    I personally don't see where the current cart size is an issue. A larger cart doesn't solve any problem that I can tell. Of course opinions vary and this is just mine. :)


    IMHO a longer life battery would definately solve a few problems. I'd love a same size but higher mAh rated battery. That would solve several problems.

    Batteries take up a lot more room than the carts.

    Having to carry around several is not exactly pocketable and you have to be concerned with shorting them.

    Also there's the issue of charging them. I'd much prefer having to charge 1-2 batteries a day instead of 3-4 as I currently do. That would also require fewer chargers and less worry about when and where to charge them. Though the New XL PCC is a good stop  gap until battery technology improves. I'm able to charge at least 4 XL batteries before having to worry about recharging the PCC. But then the PCC takes up room also and isn't the most comfortable thing to have in your pocket.

    It would be so simple to be able to grab a fresh battery in the morning and a few carts and off you go

    I understand there are larger mAh batteries available but they're also larger in size. The Holy Grail in my mind would be a V2 XL sized battery  that would last you all day or 3-4 carts.

    If that would happen, vaping would be more convenient than analogs. Not that I'd ever consider going back to analogs for any reason. But it would give smokers one less reason to not switch to vaping. A single all day battery with a few carts would take up less room in your pocket than a pack of smokes and a lighter.

    All that being said, I realize making larger carts are an easier thing to develop than more efficent batteries  and I applaud V2 for continuing to innovate.



  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    On battery size.
    I am able to carry 8 batteries in a 120mm cigarette pack with foam separators, so the batteries don't get kicked on.
    I normally don't carry that many (usually 5 or 6), but the point is multiples take less space than a pack of cigs.
    Agree that I wouldn't mind better battery life but it hasn't been a hardship, and with 6 I've never been left stranded.

    Also agree the cart changing is little headache, and I don't change em when out. All 6 have full carts, and are set to go. I can go 2 days on em without ever changing a carto.

  • sultanofswagsultanofswag Posts: 557Member
    A V2 XL will last what, maybe a cart and a half?  I don't see much point in having a cart which will outlast a batt.  I'm with DewMan, the 1ml carts are just fine and cause me no inconvenience.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    If you fill a cart properly you get a 1 to 1 ratio, or at least I do, but I use predominately the long batteries, and a few shorties.
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