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Quit Smoking! Only Vaping!

JazzManJazzMan Posts: 0Member
edited March 2012 in Member Stories
It's been 5 weeks since I first started vaping.  The first time I vaped was right after the last time I smoked.  I'm loving V2.  I started off with a cheap gas station brand but ordered V2 days later.  It's incredible how much better V2 is.  I'm really enjoying all the different flavors.  This is my 1st post but I have been reading the forums since I started.  I wanted to say thank you to everyone...these forums are very informative and very entertaining.  Also, I want to specifically thank EarthPig, JackieO, emeleste, PuppyNurse and so many others for helping me learn so much.  I'm vaping away on some coffee, at work, right now.  :)


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