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Does Vaping Cause Headaches????

smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
edited April 2012 in The World of E-Cigarettes
I have been getting horrible headaches lately, mostly immediately after vaping.....is this normal? I dont see how it could be .. I dont think I would be dehydrated, I drink a good amount of fluids during the day. Anyone know why this is happening or has this happened to anyone else ????


  • matcasmatcas Posts: 210Member
    Toohigh of nicotine level or over vaping.
  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    hummmm I use the 18mg carts and e-juice. ...and I do vape alot!..... but then again when I was smoking analogs I smoked like crazy . like pack and a half a day crazy. Doesnt each analog cig have like 1 mg of nicotine in it or something like that?? so an 18mg cart is actually less than a pack... but.....i do go through the carts faster than I would a pack of cigs. Your probably right, I do use my e-cig alot. maybe too much..something to think about . thanks

  • crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
    @smith_m how many carts are you smoking in a day   and how much at 1 time . it sounds like you vaped to much for your body to handle at 1 time. try lowering the nicotine or cut down on #of vapes each session and see if that helps
  • SeawindsRoseSeawindsRose Posts: 194Member

    Maybe you can get an answer here:


    I found it interesting info and answered a lot of my questions.

    Some forum members have said a headache could be from dehydration if you are not drinking enough water, or possibly a reaction to the glycol base mixture...possibly too high on the nicotine mgs. or intake...

    I am sure others have suggestions and more experience than I do. I am lucky that I have not experienced any headaches from vaping so I cannot speak from personal experience.


  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    smith_m  maybe you need to cut the nic down to 12 or 6.  Order some of each and see if that helps, or as it says in the article "Headaches, Nausea, Shaking

    When switching to e-cigs, you are most likely experiencing some change in your nicotine consumption. It may be more or less than your body is accustomed to. This fluctuation can cause these symptoms which shouldn’t last more than a few days. Recommendation: Try different nicotine strengths until you settle into one that suits your needs and make adjustments slowly."

  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    edited April 2012
    @mrt...wow, I didnt really know all of that when I first started vaping.. Ive been vaping for like 3 months now. I still get a little "tickly" in the back of my throat here and there , and obviously the headaches.
  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    You guys are probably right...Im probably vaping too much at one time. I usually vape like 3-4 times , over the span of a few minutes, and then put it down for a little bit. Its ironic because my husband is always yelling at me saying im smoking too much and to put the e-cig down... @crazymac , to answer your question. I usually go through 1 1/2 carts a day. I say this because when I put on the second one I dont use the whole thing. I dont know how much exactly I use of the second cart, but i know it isnt dead when i go to use it the next day.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭

    smith_m  you might want to print out the pages at the above link for possible future reference.

  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    @mrt , I saved it on my computer. Thanks for that. Im gonna try cutting back on it to see if that works, and if it doesnt then i will just drink more water instead of "other" liquids.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    I have known some people to get headaches because they are allergic to the pg levels
  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    hummm @jtholdm interesting... never thought of that one. Do you even know the levels used by V2?
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    The level on v2 is 76.6 percent pg
  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    Is that alot? I really dont understand all this stuff
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    I know that for me I had headaches for about 4 days after I switched to vaping but it went a way 
  • GooseGoose Posts: 1,765Member ✭✭
    @smith_m ;  If you have been vaping for three months already, I don't believe you would only recently develop any allergic reactions.  I would suspect, in your case, PG is not the issue.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2012

    When talking about percentage of PG and/or VG in e-juice it is SOP to ignore the other ingredients (flavorings and nicotine) and compare the relative content of PG/VG. With that in mind Most V2 e-juice and cartos are 100% PG (relative to VG content).  V2's Menthol is a mix of PG/VG at ~ 60/40

    Propylene Glycol (PG): Propylene Glycol is the most commonly used base carrier for nicotine and flavor solutions for electronic cigarettes. Also commonly used in inhalers, medicines, foods, and other consumer products. Has also been tested an an effective germicide. Propylene Glycol has been deemed generally safe to be used in medical products as well as food products for general consumption. Some people have reported having an allergic reaction to PG. These people also find that they have issues with certain brands of toothpaste, lotions, soaps, and medicines containing PG. If you have issues with PG, it is suggested you look into using a product with a Vegetable Glycerin base.

    Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Vegetable Glycerin is a natural alternative to Propylene Glycol and is sometimes used as the majority base in the E-Liquid. Vegetable Glycerin comes from the production of palm or coconut oils and is suitable to be used in sweeteners and in skin care products. It creates a slightly thicker vapor.

    SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    None of this is new @goose . This has been going on since i started but I just assumed it was normal. I just recently found this forum and said to myself" hum maybe someone on here knows about the headaches"
  • GooseGoose Posts: 1,765Member ✭✭
    sorry, your Op said lately.  I took that to mean recently.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    smith_m  maybe cut back on some of those ""other" liquids."
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe the simplest thing to try is some 12mg juice/cartos.

    It may be a sensitivity to PG, there are juice vendors that make 100%VG.   

    One or the other is my guess. Good Luck!

  • koalaskoalas Posts: 86Member
    edited April 2012
    I started at 18 mg and had the headaches. As soon as I went to 14 and lower my headaches have stopped.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Thats good news Koalas
  • MT_2MT_2 Posts: 12Member
    so who sells carts that are made with VG and not PG?
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    MT_2  easier to buy VG juice and fill used or empty V2 carts.  JMHO
  • smith_msmith_m Posts: 220Member
    Well, my headaches have stopped ...finally. think it was dehydration honestly. I wasn't drinking enough WATER, I was drinking JUICES. NOT THE SAME APPARENTLY ...lol
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,293V2 Veteran ✭✭
    Ah...so true @smith_m !!  Juice is NOT the same as water...and some have a lot of added sugar, which, oddly can be dehydrating.  Not to mention the sodium in most packaged foods...including juice.

    Water is the best way.  If you really don't like the taste of water...try putting a squirt of lemon or lime in it to help flavor it a bit.  Or even a splash of something like cranberry juice.  Just a splash.  It helps.  But water is essential! 
  • lx2077lx2077 Posts: 1Member
    Hello everyone, ok heres my story...vaping now 2 months not 1 cigarette however massive headaches and sinus presure all the time just about the time i started vaping went to doctor thinking sinus infection camera up my nose for no reason...lol should have came here first and saved copay...ok facts using 18mg e-liquid and drink nothing but 2 huge cups of coffee which whicdh just finding out adds greatly to dehydration i hope to god its not the "PG" cause i love not smoking and cant go back to those cancer sticks Answer- im going to start by drastically increasing water intake next if that dont work drop to possibly 14-12mg, than lastly if all else fails move to all VG ill update tomorrow night guys
  • suzieQsuzieQ Posts: 438Member ✭✭
    yes @lx2077,  I purchased a water bottle that is equal to 8 8 ounce glasses of water and carry it everywhere I go to remind me that I have to drink AT LEAST this much water before going to bed.  It works great for me, because with the exception of a couple cups of coffee and an iced tea every once in a while water is all I drink.  I actually find myself on some days drinking more than the 8, especially when I am chain vaping.
  • jcvapersjcvapers Posts: 10Member
    Here's something to keep in mind. I have found most people who vape get headaches mostly due to the fact that most people vape way to high nic. Generally a pack of analogs has 20-25 mg nic per pack. Eliquid is mg/ml so if your vapeing 18 mg your getting 18mg per ml @ 3ml you'd get 54mg a day. I vape 4.8ml a day on average so Iv found my headaches went away when I matched my juice levels to my analog nic intake. Also it's good to have a bottle or carto of 0mg for chain vapeing
  • jcvapersjcvapers Posts: 10Member
    Your device plays a roll to. I have a multitude of different devices some give me headaches some dont. I get headaches more often from devices with high vaper production
  • MissnikipattersonMissnikipatterson Posts: 1Member
    I have recently made the switch to e-cigarettes and I found this forum by searching headaches caused by them. I started out with a v2 cig starter kit and have quickly learned from friends I needed to order a clear empty atomizer and the e liquid... So I have that now. I have the lowest level of nicotine. Anyhow. I had horrible cig headaches almost every day, every time I smoked I would get one. So main reason I wanted to quit besides just wanting to quit in general for my overall health..... I'm getting the same exact effects from the vaping though. I'm also a recovered addict and I take a medicine called suboxone in a low dose 1mg a day, my doctor says the nicotine just with me personally, irritates something in me cause of the naloxone and other chemicals in the sub and.... I don't really know what to do... I can't keep living on a constant does of excedrine like I have been for very long... Maybe I just need to try my luck with the e liquid with zero nicotine? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated :)
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    @Missnikipatterson...Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear of your recurrant headaches. A big Congrats on getting clean! I would definately suggest trying the 0 nic level.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    @Missnikipatterson welcome from me too. What the heck, with 0 nic you'll at least have the pleasure of the hand-mouth motion and the inhale-exhale. Might be all you need to be a happy ex smoker. Best wishes for a healthier headache free life.
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    Welcome to the V2 forum, @Missnikipatterson! I vaped 0mg for about a year, and that worked pretty well. I only went back to nic because of tension, but am lowering my levels, heading back to zero, eventually. Could work for you!
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Actually, other than the cardiovascular issues associated with smoking, which DO come from nicotine, just by switching to e-cigs, you eliminate the carcinogens as well as the pulmonary issues.  While I don't dispute that smoking increases your risk of cancer, I don't believe it's that huge.  I crunched the statistics once and determined that the difference in lung cancer between smokers and non-smokers is not as great as you might think.  And now, with doctors "baffled" as to how non-smokers have increasingly higher incidence of lung cancer, counter to everything that's been done to reduce their risk from a smoking perspective, I'm not at all convinced that smoking increased the risk all that much anyway, but rather triggered, possibly, a genetic predisposition in some people.  While I also agree that it is healthier to not smoke, I also do not forgive the lies that have been knowingly told for years by militant non-smokers.  For instance, we were always told that emphysema is a smokers disease, that you can only get it from smoking.  Well, and I've had lengthy discussions with 3 independent pulmonologists on this, you know those COPD ads on TV?  You know what COPD is?  Well, it's apparently the same thing as emphysema, only, since non-smokers can't get emphysema, they call it COPD.  I pushed and pushed to know what the difference was and all 3 doctors said there was no difference.  And so I asked, "then why have a separate designation for emphysema?" And all three gave the same answer, "Because that's what COPD is called if you acquire it through smoking."  And my follow-up, "Well, if non-smokers can get it, then how do you know it was the smoking that caused it?"  Two replied, "Because the person would be a smoker."  Only one said, "We don't."
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    kdodds said:
    And my follow-up, "Well, if non-smokers can get it, then how do you know it was the smoking that caused it?"  Two replied, "Because the person would be a smoker."  Only one said, "We don't."

    Medicine, the fine line between brilliance and idiocy blurs a little more. 
  • c1toborc1tobor Posts: 96Member
    Rum, Vodka, and beer gave me a headache....vaping....not at all.....
  • cosababy13cosababy13 Posts: 1Member
    My question is I have just started vaping 3 days ago and have massive headaches everytime i vap. After 2 or 3 puffs. And I don't think my nicotine is too hight because I am majorly craving a cigarette after I vap. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Vaping makes some dehydrated - headaches are usually sign of dehydration; so the more you vape, the more water you should be drinking @cosababy13. That will likely solve your issue.
  • SirSmokemSirSmokem Posts: 75Member ✭✭
    Jman said:

    Medicine, the fine line between imagebrilliance and idiocy blurs a little more. 
    LOL @ ^

    That can go sooooo many ways.
  • Mohammed84Mohammed84 Posts: 2Member
    I think the headaches are from the nicotine.
    I switched to vaping for almost a month and I'm getting big time headaches sometimes after two puffs, I think I'm overdosing nicotine by vaping all day long..
    I'm using max vg with 0 nicotine which works but I don't feel satisfied so some days I smoke half a cigg just to have that feeling which I'm not proud of. The thing is high pg gives me pian in throat but it's a cigg like feeling.. I guess some people are just different.. Some can enjoy high pg or high nicotine and others have to play it safe by eliminating both pg and nicotine.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @mohammed84 you need to drink LOTS of water. The more you vape, the more you can become dehydrated which can cause bad headaches. It has happened to many including myself. It actually happens to me if I just forget to drink water all day even when I'm not vaping. The nicotine you intake from ecigs is much less and such a small quantity compared to tobacco cigarettes so I do not think that is it but it could be (I'm not a licensed physician). I'd try drinking a lot of water consistently and see if that helps.
  • Mohammed84Mohammed84 Posts: 2Member
    edited November 2015
    I'm drinking a lot of water almost 4 liters a day and much less coffee, a matter of fact I can't drink more than one cup if I'm vaping, it will speed up to the headache.. I have no explanation.. I just avoid coffee and nicotine!
    The sad thing today I have no ejuice nicotine free, got to wait 3 days until my order comes with the post and I'm not going to vape my 6mil nicotine because I know it will give me headache..
    But I'll be fine, and I'll keep trying different methods to get to my goal... Vaping no smoking
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hmmm that is odd. Ok well I am sorry to hear that but I hope you find what works best for you and stick with vaping and away from smoking. :)
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