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This months promo code?

dwrinehadwrineha Posts: 85Member
edited April 2012 in Promotions and Discounts
I can't find it anywhere...i thought it was summer something!


  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    summerbreeze I guess
  • TAP352TAP352 Posts: 953Member
    edited April 2012
    saw this one on the v2 Facebook page, I don't think there is a expiration date on this code. 


    not sure how much you save haven't used it yet. 
  • bk78bk78 Posts: 245Member
    V2fanpage is 10% off
  • dwrinehadwrineha Posts: 85Member
    thanks it was summerbreeze and i was typing summerwind...that darn Frank Sinatra song had me using the wrong coupon code but now i have Sinatra on so it was a win win!
  • JohnnyMacJohnnyMac Posts: 2Member
    I always go to retailmenot to find the latest codes, but I stumbled upon this tonight. I didn't even know v2 had a forum, lol. Thanks for the codes!
  • NiiLoCNiiLoC Posts: 119Member
    thankee much, @MrT
  • TazDevil7TazDevil7 Posts: 34Member
    I use v2fanpage no matter what month it is. It always works.
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    Depends on what you're buying.  It's 10%. 

    If I'm buying carts and bats, I'm going to take the 15.
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    Current as of april 22 2012 is rainyday
  • arent2arent2 Posts: 31Member
    i used summerbreeze today for coupon code and got addittional 15% off
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    edited April 2012
    puffweb is nothing more than a affiliate code, don't bother with it! Your best deal is using "rainyday" which will give you 15% off everything on the site. Stay away from puffweb, all he is doing is promoting his site to make money.
  • Mark_NHMark_NH Posts: 131Member
    15% is better than 10% [ puffweb ] ....and I do see your point @jneste thank you .

     If I put in a large enough order where the extra savings is substantial I would use a better code certainly .
     I can say that I might not have found my way here if not for puffweb reviews .

  • gotolamgotolam Posts: 525Member
    @Mark_NH - I think the problem @jneste had with puffweb is that he was one here posting links to his website to get people to buy V2 products.   It's a bit annoying given that everyone on this site already knows about V2.  I think its generally poor form to use the corporate forum to conduct affiliate marketing. 
  • Mark_NHMark_NH Posts: 131Member
    thanks for the detail there gotolam  ...I havent really noticed alot of that but could have missed those posts entirely.

  • SteelySteely Posts: 110Member
    rainyday is good til the end of May on the cards I received...15% off carts and accessories..hope that helps
  • hillarygracehillarygrace Posts: 8Member

    rainyday and summerbreeze were both usable options for discount for the juice I just got.

  • becca58becca58 Posts: 49Member
    Very helpful, thanks!
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    Any new promo codes out there?
  • tennisdudetennisdude Posts: 24Member
    Rainyday worked for me yesterday...15%.
  • Mjd1213Mjd1213 Posts: 165Member
    Rainyday doesnt work on juice right? I think affiliate codes do though
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    It should work, try it and see.
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    on a $200+ order rainyday only gave me a $2.13 discount. Its not working on kits
  • Mjd1213Mjd1213 Posts: 165Member
    It worked on kits for me but didnt for juice... Weird
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
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