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Real Art Work by George Holly

Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
edited April 2012 in V2 News and Updates

God Bless you V2, this is a real painting from my Nephew, when I told him I switched to vaping, that would had been me, in my 20s If they were around than so many of my friends would still be here but died from smoking tobacco. He is serving in Iraq, and he will be a great Artist' Now going on 2 months, and I ask God to Bless you, and all who work for you, and for saving many Lives, we never know that when we are smoking real Cigarettes' which one may kill us that very day.

By George Holly serving our Country


  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Wow what a beautiful post and we will say a prayer for him
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    Thank you JT' He had just posted me on FB, saying that it will probably be worth money when he dies, but I know he will make it home, to become a commercial Artist, so thank you so much for that Prayer!
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Yes he will make it home. Please Joy keep us posted
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    Above is the final work, can you see the pack of Newports, it seems like our Government would send these boys some V2s to smoke' I don't think Iraq will let them have V2, need to ask George that also' I sure don't want smoking to kill him,
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    I agree Joy hope he gets vapir soon
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    Thanks again JT, I'm going to try and send him a kit, and see what happens! God Bless you, and I'm so happy to see that you have not smoke for over 6 months! I only wish they could make a carrying case for us Horse trainers!
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭

    That art work by your nephew is indeed beautiful @joy59. Thank him for us, for his service in the military.

    Thank you George!


  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    You never know for now I love my soft case. I sent u a pm as well
  • PecaboPecabo Posts: 245Member
    wow! Really nice picture. Let him know we are extremely appreciative of this sacrifice for us. Will lift up many prayers for him and all of our service men and women. Hope he gets the kit and likes it. Art is a wonderful thing.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Yes it is
  • PaksenarionPaksenarion Posts: 1,261Member
    Beautiful picture. My prayers go out with the rest of them.
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Is very good art. Have to really look at it to see it as a painting and not a photo. The composition of the smoke/vapor is done well and the character of the main subject is captured nicely. 
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    Prayers for George Holly that he will return home safe and sound and pursue a successful career in commercial art! 
  • BATMANBATMAN Posts: 167Member
    edited April 2012
    Prayers sent. Thank him for our freedoms.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    Yes for sure Prayers
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member

    Wow! Thank you all so much, I have been bragging you up on FB, because I'm on here more than there, your a wonderful Support system, and I will share this with him, he will be so excited' that you like his work!

    God Bless you all!

  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    I am so happy' I just posted George' and now he may be moving to Afghanistan, I wonder if that is worst, but he's finding a new place to draw, like the children over there! I can't wait until these young men get home. If your reading this George' We Love you!
  • GooseGoose Posts: 1,765Member ✭✭
    how much longer will Geo. be deployed?
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    Jman, and Pecabo' I just posted to George' what you wrote', and let him have this link' so he can see how many people do care, and send Prayers for him to come home safe! Thank you all so much!
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    I don't know Goose' I hope not that long, but I do hope all the young men and women will make it back safe, we can only Pray' God Bless you!
  • GooseGoose Posts: 1,765Member ✭✭
    And you also!
  • prioritiespriorities Posts: 148Member
    Joy59 Wow..that is fantastic! Bless him..I keep all soldiers and their families in my thoughts always...I cannot thank them enough for being there and doing what they do...I know my family ..all of us...we salute them...they deserve the  best...I will be hoping he comes home soon and safe..hoping they ALL come home ....and he sure can pursue a career with that talent! Thank you for sharing...take good care...Lee image

  • prioritiespriorities Posts: 148Member
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    That is simply stunning!  :-c
  • Joann_SJoann_S Posts: 8Member
    @Joy59 ; I totally agree w/JMAN; that painting is so realistic it looks like a photo or a print at first glance...truly amazing work!  George is a very talented young man.  I just retired from the AF a few months ago & like others here, our servicemen & women are in my thoughts & prayers daily; I know firsthand the sacrifices they make.  God bless them all. 
  • Dragon36Dragon36 Posts: 290Member

    @joy59 the painting is SO beautiful!!! I know for sure i would love to have it in my office ;) . Your nephew is great artist!! Maybe it's just a silly idea but you might ask for his permission to make some poster style replicas and sell them in the time that he is away, so when he comes back he will have some money for starting what would be, with no doubt, a very sucessful Art Design Business. Wish you and him my very best. If You do Get to do the replicas count me in with one.

    (And I say the replica poster stuff because for sure THAT picture is your's and you should never ever sell it ;)

  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    I would buy it for sure
  • Dragon36Dragon36 Posts: 290Member
    See? There is two of us now @joy59...I am sure that if you ask directly (On this post or a new post) You will get the support (and purchases) of many of us vapers, maybe that could be a motivation to your nephew? My sister is an artist as well And I know that something like that will give her hope, motivation and a lot of reasons to come back soon and well.
  • JTHOLDMJTHOLDM Posts: 8,899Member
    I love that pic 
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member
    Dragon36, your such a sweetie' I think George would be complemented for you to make copies! I can't wait to let george know this! I love you people!
  • DewManDewMan Posts: 1,208Member
    edited April 2012

    Having it or a copy of it would look great on my wall. And I'm not one to just throw anything on my wall. I wasn in my new house two years before I found the first peice of artwork I wanted to put on my wall.

  • KenKen Posts: 463Member
    Your nephew is in our prayers also! PLEASE don't let his FB post about "..when I die..." eat at you, I'm sure it's only "hot zone gallows humor" so common to all who serve. I still cannot believe some of the things I wrote to my loved ones in my time.
      "THE LORD is (his) shepherd..."
        Ken  <><
  • KenKen Posts: 463Member
      Ken <><
  • fakepupfakepup Posts: 60Member
    Amazing pic.
  • prioritiespriorities Posts: 148Member
    Ken  thanks..I just love that one..looking up to the sky at that glorious  Red White and Blue.:) So glad so many have spoken of this young man's  artwork...I am sure he is thrilled...and he deserves it! take care all...Lee
  • prioritiespriorities Posts: 148Member
    Joy59 So glad to see so many others cheering his work! I saw you on Facebook too! Wonderful...send him my best...and my thanks as always..to him and his buddies and them all....take good care..Lee 
  • Joy59Joy59 Posts: 48Member

    You people are the very best! The good part about letting go of cigarettes was so hard after 45 years of smoking' was getting the chance of meeting you all' V2 is the best' and has the best support' I have been bragging you all up

    God Bless you all, and Thank you for everything!

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