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New v2!!! Like it?? Love it?? Dislike it?? and why??

stevesteve Posts: 453Member
edited April 2012 in Promotions and Discounts
58 mins till v3... or the new and improved v2


  • murphyinsightmurphyinsight Posts: 834Member
    Whoo hooo!
  • shadowsxckshadowsxck Posts: 206Member
    I wonder if it unlocked for all time zones at midnight east time.
  • laurellaurel Posts: 124Member
    I kind of doubt it.  The count down clock here in British Columbia is 3 hours and roughly 40 minutes.  So I will have to wait until after midnight here.  But I will check the forum and see what you all have discovered.
  • LeapingFrogsLeapingFrogs Posts: 393Member
    I'm sure that it'll go live here  on the west coast at 9pm. They woudln't give the east coast a 3 hour head start. They just have a poorly thought out/programmed countdown clock. That's my best guess.
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    well the site must be overloaded cause it wont connect for me..maybe I've been banned!!! lol
  • batatobatato Posts: 25Member
    nah its updating ... im waiting also
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    I kinda knew it would be awhile..oh well I can wait till tomor morning to see what's new..I wont be ordering for awhile anyhow...hope everyone gets what they've been hoping for!!!!
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    and still....12:21....waiting....
  • LeapingFrogsLeapingFrogs Posts: 393Member
    edited April 2012

    We'll the domain services are back up online... (the buttons here are back as they reference the v2cigs.com domain) so it should be any minute now guys!


    EDIT: Whoops... i must have pulled thme out of my cache. LOL. They're gone again.


  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    It's UP!!!
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    hmmmm...so what's new??? besides the site and flavors coming soon????
  • nyllatxnyllatx Posts: 295Member
    Anyone see anything new? I must be missing it...
  • danielmarknewdanielmarknew Posts: 8Member
    wow.... dissapointed. big time.
  • suzieQsuzieQ Posts: 438Member ✭✭
    Nothing new other than the appearance.  This is really interesting.
  • TexidorTexidor Posts: 5Member
    Am I missing anything new except the new charging stuff?
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    Um.  The site looks pretty.  Don't see anything new.......

  • suzieQsuzieQ Posts: 438Member ✭✭
    Higher prices, higher voltage batteries, thats about it.
  • crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
    dissapointing new kits new juices but not available right now probally in 10 days
  • Dale123Dale123 Posts: 113Member ✭✭
    Wow.... All that time for a pretty new site and new carrying cases... 

    Thats... just awesome. 
    I really hoped they would add some exciting new things too take my money. 
  • danielmarknewdanielmarknew Posts: 8Member
    they should not have done a countdown, or advertised this so much... they... this is hurtful.
  • nyllatxnyllatx Posts: 295Member
    New charging cases and slim usb chargers. I was hoping for battery colors, more juices, or I dunno... More than this, I guess.. Something more "competitive" with other companies.

    Bye for good, v2... I used my $45 credit and that's all, folks. :(
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    i like the new pcc's-- but not the price tag.  How much did i cost before?  I got my old one for $25 from another vendor- i cant justify $60
  • crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
    the ultimate starter kit is 40 dollars more think you get a lanyard and a extra case for it but the pcc is good for extra large now
  • TAP352TAP352 Posts: 953Member
    I'm not seeing a 10% discount ?
  • buck2202buck2202 Posts: 2Member
    edited April 2012
    Kinda upset that you can only order 40 carts in 10-packs and 80 carts in 20-packs now. The new interface for choosing flavors/strengths is definitely cleaner, but the max 4 flavor choices per carto product is disappointing.

    edit...the store page still says "8 flavor choices" for the 40 cart pack. Maybe it's just a bug in the new site?
  • TAP352TAP352 Posts: 953Member
    Never mind it says discount applied at checkout. 
  • TadAPVaperTadAPVaper Posts: 45Member
    new chargers are faster charging, new pcc that can carry the xl length v2's, new style carrying case, ultimate kit now comes with a lanyard, more user friendly site, bout all I can see.
  • laurellaurel Posts: 124Member
     This was a big let down.  I am surprised they hyped it so much with the count down.
  • DewManDewMan Posts: 1,208Member

    The new XL PCC has 2300mAH and standard has 1200mAh of charge available. the XL PCC will charge approximately 6 of the new 380mAh xl batteries.

    Still not sure it's worth $70 regular price though... but then after discounts... it's almost worth it.

  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    lol- countdown to minor changes... a;lksdjf.  Whatever.  
    New cases very cool, but had i been running this i would have waited for the new juices to start the hype.  

    but i do like seeing this on thier site 
  • MikeSMikeS Posts: 81Member
    I'm not that exited at all actually the site looks more generic I liked the way it looked b4 and to top it all off now they only ship UPS WTF!!!! I really like my products being shipped the USPS i have a good relationship with my mailman and evertime ups comes they drop my package off next to my gate not on my porch.. V2 i just cancelled a $130. order Sorry let me receive my product from usps and i'll re-order.. Thanx

    New V2=Fail
  • nangel99974nangel99974 Posts: 1Member
    OK, so we've waited all night and watched this countdown for 3 weeks and we get a new web page? REALLY?!? Were's the new flavors, new batteries? Is this a joke.
  • mico723mico723 Posts: 1Member
    WOW..... who is running this company??? they let a lot of people down
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    wow...major disappointment!!! the prices have been raised the 10% ur supposed to save...sad!!! no new juice..no new bats...no new anything worth anything..a pcc that charges XL batteries??? ya I guess that's good for people with them since they were shut out from that with the old style but omg!!!! the prices are insane!!!! boy am I glad I went with juice at a different place..I would've been very very upset..when the cherry juice hits the site I will try it but I'm not impressed at all
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    yes mico they did..haha I guess they actually thought this was a good change..like it was said earlier in this thread they could've waited to countdown when they had more than just a new website look...
  • LeapingFrogsLeapingFrogs Posts: 393Member

    I just clicked the "BUY" button on another site for 3 pretty ladylike new 808 batteries, and I'm about to click BUY on a VGO. V2 blew it. In fact, if they had't hyped this release then really disappointed with it, I might not have shopped for anything tonight! LOL. Shopper psychology 101.

  • murphyinsightmurphyinsight Posts: 834Member
    I just hope some of us win some of the good stuff from the contest. Good luck everyone who entered!
  • PinupgrlPinupgrl Posts: 6Member
    So now that V2 has let us down, please ya'll, don't be afraid to post where you purchase your next juice from !! Spread the word :)
  • MuldemarMuldemar Posts: 500Member
    Well with this JOKE of a NEW V2..and all the BS last couple days on the forum..Time to spend My $$ else where..Its been Real..Its been fun..But it hasnt be real Fun..Bye bye V2 :-h
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    ill be looking into bats that I can use tanks with..I like the lavatube..variable voltage at a very good price..under $100 comes with a 6ml tank...that's my next move..v2 helped me start out but they aren't in my plans for the future unless they can do something drastically to the good..boy I hope they can.the design is so simple and easy to use..that part I will never stop liking...
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    I like one place in particular pinupgrl...I have over 400ml of juice from them and maybe 2-3 bottles I didn't really care for..I've tried over 30 flavors...
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    I wouldn't call it major letdown. 

    I believe expectations were high, some of them not (entirely) reasonable. Some were.

    Though I guess I'll just lurk in this thread as Ima thinking Ima in different place than others / most. 
  • lynnlynn Posts: 155Member
    I am already looking for new sites, this is a real disappointing for all the hype.I think they really hurt themselves on this one.
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    things are looking up..they have heard the cries for new and more juices and although they're not ready yet they're in the works..that is a step in the right direction...
  • buck2202buck2202 Posts: 2Member
    edited April 2012
    ack, in addition to now only allowing 4 flavors per 40/80-pack, my order history is all screwed up. I'm a little scared to place an order with all of the bugs in the new site! Guess I should have done it before midnight instead of waiting to see what would be new..
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    they just set themselves up for this.  
    I think in our minds we always want:
    new batts
    new juice
    or new flavors in general

    not seeing that is a letdown-- i wouldnt call it a "new v2"- a countdown was a bit much for that.  But i do see a clearer vision of thier future.

    My question is: about a year ago they said banana and coconut "coming soon"
    they took that down.. then asked us what we want.
    still no mention of a new flavor to come
    that was my biggest let down
  • TadAPVaperTadAPVaper Posts: 45Member
    im honestly thinking of waiting till after the 10 day sale to order. I have a feeling there will be new flavors coming after.
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    its possible TadAPVaper...and just the ones showing on site they might not be the only new flavors(juices)..all we can do is try to keep happy with what we have so we can stay away from analogs...that is y we are here after all
  • LesterLester Posts: 16Member
    Its beyond my comprehension that they would not have introduced any fat batteries, or any VG juices. These are the 2 things every vaper transitions to after their cig style introduction. Of course, with the prices V2 is charging it clear they only want short term introductory customers. Any one who sticks with vaping will look for and find abundant and cheaper alternatives. I'll be sticking around to stock up on my beloved sahara, but have already found so many better vendors. Good luck all.
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