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what happens to the warranty of a product that is phased out?

happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
edited April 2012 in Promotions and Discounts
So i was pondering this today:
if you had an old $40 PCC- say it goes bad in another year after they dont have those around anymore
do you get the $60 PCC as a replacement?



  • VaperManVaperMan Posts: 238Member
    edited April 2012
    Pretty sure you're entitled to a like-kind replacement, even if cost has gone up. Not sure if the lifetime warranty applies to the pcc though, good question. Might just be for batteries, as long as you've ordered some e-liq in past 90 days.
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    edited April 2012
    I would guess they would give you the new model for a replacement. They would have to do something to that extent. I am sure they are holding back much of the old stock for that reason though.
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    PCCs should be covered.  normal chargers i know are: 
    "The V2 lifetime warranty applies only to V2 electronic components and does not apply to Flavor Cartridges V2 Disposables or V2 E-liquid products."

    I knew i should have bought the old style last st pattys day! hehe 
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    @jneste i bet you are right about them holding that inventory, thats the only thing of the new products to not hit the clearance section.  
  • jnestejneste Posts: 2,541V2 Veteran
    They did mention though that the old PCC would be put into the clearance section soon though. I am sure they will still hold some. Sending PM in a min.
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    I talked to jason today about the new car adapter that is 2amp for the power and notebook cig.as I have the 1amp he told me if the 1amp is still in stock ill get that if it's not then ill get the new 2amp one..
  • stevesteve Posts: 453Member
    Jason is from v2 CS btw
  • marni_V2cigsmarni_V2cigs Posts: 1,153Member
    Your warranty still applies. While you won't be able to exchange the old products for the new versions, we have enough in stock that you will receive a replacement (should you need one) of the 2011 version. 
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