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Where do I start, no analog here

katstimekatstime Posts: 40Member
edited April 2012 in V2 News and Updates

Clean now for 8 months.  Doing things wrong on the forum.  Have questions, thought I did PM, found out I did it wrong.  Wish I could get help.  Help means answers, not telling me I did wrong without explanations.  Certain members I would like to PM, told I post for the whole world.  Products I want, instead of help was told I do not know the correct Lingo.  Have all V2 batteries, use 808 carts to refill.  Have juice that I like, want to expand.  Also, want to get a better cart.  I clean and refill.  Want a battery that holds up, cart I can use all day.  Still want the battery to be slim, like a lady.  Am I asking to much?




  • crazymaccrazymac Posts: 411Member
    well for the lingo this should help you but other then that wish i could help more have not looked for new batterys or tanks 
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    I read through your previous posts and learned that you wanted a 901T kit.  However, you also say that you like the 808d-1 batteries and carts.

    The 808 will last you all day if you are a light smoker.  The battery strength and length will roughly determine how many puffs you will get.

    v2 does not offer a longer cart.  The XL battery will last longer than the shortie. The longer the battery, the longer the charge. If by 'better', you mean "longer and holds more juice, you will not find it for the 808.

    Since you've been a member since 9/11, I assume that you have some equipment.  If you would start there and tell us where you want to go, it would be helpful.  If you liked the 901T, what turned you away from it?

    Congratulations on maintaining your non-smoker status since last August.  I can't wait until I have that much time smoke free.:) 
  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member
    on pm....click New Message....then type persons name, and it will show some names, type message and post.  It should show the message is between you and that person.  If you do it the the other way, your conversation shows up on activity for the world to see.  I dont' understand why we have activity unless that was for the leaderboards, don't know... ~O)
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    Sally53  it lists new forum members.
  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member
    edited April 2012

    oh duh, redited here....activity lists new forum members.  Thanks

  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    edited April 2012
    @katstime Yes...you can get cartomizers that hold more that will fit on the V2 KR808d-1 batteries.  They are called "XL" and are available at several vendors.  They hold approx. 1.6-1.7 ml. of juice compared to the .8 or .9 ml. in the regular sized carto.   Yes you can get a "tank" that will fit on the KR808d-1 that is called a 901 T-tank.  You have to buy the atomizer and the plastic tank separate but they are inexpensive.  You can get larger "tanks" that hold about 1.6 ml. of ejuice for the KR808d-1 but they will look a bit odd on the V2.  But they will work.  You can also opt for something like a CE2...which has it's good points and holds around 1.5ml. juice.

    If you don't want to go for the cigar sized "big batteries" but keep with the slim cigarette sized type...the XL is the best bet.  You should get around 5 hours to a charge with them.  Approximately.  Everyone vapes a bit diferently.

    To send a PM ...click on the person's name or avatar in the forum.  When the next page comes up..look on the right towards the top and you'll see "Message".  Click that and it will take you to page with a box where you can send a private message to the intended person.

    I think it was VERY rude of people to point out you "don't use the right lingo".  That was inexcusable!!!!!!!!
  • katstimekatstime Posts: 40Member

    Thanks Emeleste,  reason I do not post or ask many questions is because of the VERY rude people.  You are one of the very few that have offered help.  I do appreciate the honest help I get from some. 

    Everywhere you go there is the certain group, who wants to be in charge and own the place.  This is starting to happen at V2.  I will not lower myself to there game.

    Taking your advise, if I have questions I will PM you.  Thanks for your help.



  • DanielsuzukiDanielsuzuki Posts: 1,000Member
    As always, my offer to you still stands :)

    I'm happy to take the time to go over everything with you, just shoot me an email or text fellow Houstonian!

  • prioritiespriorities Posts: 148Member
    Hi...CONGRATS to you! You are tobacco free longer than me..fantastic! I am a 'newbie' so I don't know much..but just want to say I am sorry you encountered rude people..I have not ..I hope your time here from now on will be more positive and you'll even make some nice people here..I know I have...you will too..hang in there..you will see :) .keep up the good work..:) take care all..Lee
  • katstimekatstime Posts: 40Member
    Thanks, Crazymac ran me off.  You will meet a few good people here, not all.  Watch your back.  Found my new home.  I will still use V2 just carefully.  Company and CS have taken care of me 95% if the time.  Frustated will some of the people here.  Simple, if not happy, then change things.  Do for yourself before they can get to you.  THAT WAS A RUDE COMMENT.
  • BrealuBrealu Posts: 86Member
    Crazymac seemed to be helping you above.

    Is English your second language?
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
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