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How do YOU Stealth Vape?

shadowsxckshadowsxck Posts: 206Member
edited May 2012 in Vaping General Discussion
We all have our own methods and reasons for the occasional stealth vape.
I usually conceal the light and then hold the vapor in my lungs until it dissipates.
I imagine this is how most of us stealth vape, but what creative ways or reasons have you done it?


  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Lanyards (at least V2 lanyards) conceal the light well, as a matter of normal use. I essentially look for a space with as few of people around and then vape normally, but usually just once. So far, stealth vaping has more or less presented itself to me, rather than me seeking a space to do it. 

    If I were going to do it in a movie theater, I think I would intentionally sit in back row to do it normally, though far less frequently than my normal amount. 
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    I rarely do, but it is one of the reasons why I prefer a blu tip, so there is no question it is a cig. 
    VG is hard to stealth since it lays our a fog more than  a cig does smoke. For some reason VG doesn't disappear like PG when held in.
  • Mjd1213Mjd1213 Posts: 165Member
    1. Take a puff, 2. take a big puff of air, 3. hold it in for a few seconds, 4. breathe out, 5. get lightheaded, 6. pass out, 7. wake up in hospital, 8. take a look at bill, 9. repeat steps 5-7
  • shadowsxckshadowsxck Posts: 206Member
    @Mjd1213 That is hilarious! Hospital bills are the worst.
  • AbsintheurAbsintheur Posts: 6,429V2 Veteran ✭✭
    normally with this...


    the battery doesn't have an LED, it is an automatic and the pill box holds a filled xl cartomizer.
  • LeapingFrogsLeapingFrogs Posts: 393Member
    I double inhale to stealth... I take one hit off my e-cig, Inhale it down, then take a second breath, then exhale...little to no vapor comes out. I use 70/30 juices or rarely 50/50.
  • shadowsxckshadowsxck Posts: 206Member
    I like your set up abs.
  • dac311dac311 Posts: 414Member ✭✭
    I double inhale to stealth... I take one hit off my e-cig, Inhale it down, then take a second breath, then exhale...little to no vapor comes out. I use 70/30 juices or rarely 50/50.
    Yep, just did this and it seems to work well. And I'm using a 50/50 blend.
  • sultanofswagsultanofswag Posts: 557Member
    I don't stealth vape, I just do it openly wherever whenever.
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    I palm a shortie.  No big deal on the vapor. It's gone before anyone notices it and I have that innocent look about me.  :) 
  • sultanofswagsultanofswag Posts: 557Member
    .....and you can always point at me >:)
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    That would undoubtedly work because you never EVER look innocent.  :))
  • dbarmomdbarmom Posts: 147Member ✭✭
    I've stealth vaped in movie theaters many times.  Sit in the back row, off center a bit (left or right) so I can blow the vapor sideways where nobody is sitting.  No problem!  But, today was my best, yet.  Stealth vaped at Disneyland.  After a nice lunch just HAD to vape for a bit so put my hand over the light, used a blue batt with a green menthol cart so it didn't look anything like a cig & just walked around vaping.  My husband almost had a fit - he didn't have the nerve to try it.  Wouldn't try it while standing in line, but just walking around you go by people before they can notice what you're doing.  It was great! 
  • suzieQsuzieQ Posts: 438Member ✭✭
    In a rest. exhaling into a napkin works great.  A waiter friend told me to do that in his rest. cuz people get wierd.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
  • MSmith447MSmith447 Posts: 255Member
    always! lol 
  • gmaharrietgmaharriet Posts: 8Member
    My solution when I'm going to be indoors for more than an hour or two is to wear a nicotine patch, removing it after I'm outdoors again. Fortunately this situation doesn't happen very often...less than once a month. It would be too expensive if I had to do it frequently.
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