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How do I best clean cartridges (previously filled/ used) without ruining?

sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member
edited May 2012 in Entertainment and Humor

Can I get some feedback on easiest and safest way (not to ruin cartridge, longerlife) for cartridges? I have tons of used cartridges (prefilled) and so was tying to not have to buy blank ones. Going to go to tank system, but most places people mentioned are out of the tanks we need for V2. So in meantime, I need to re use cartridges. Peopple said boil.....that doesn't ruin the atomizer that )I think) is bulit into the V2 prefiled cartridges?

Any other way to clean? V2 site didn't give much info how to do....just said clean or boil

And I leave the caps on when I boil? Does it need to be distilled water. Someone else said wash wit warm water, anyone know if that really cleans them, or taste affected?

Thanks everone....appreciate the help!     :-)

V2........are you looking into ever selling tanks from your site? And when are new e-liquid flavors supposed to come out? When does "soon" mean?



  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    You will never restore a used polly filled carto to "like new" condition. However, you can clean them so that they will be acceptable, sometimes. Remove all silicone parts, mouthpiece, inner ring, if there is one. You can boil the cartos for about 5 minutes, rinse, and boil again for another 5. Blow them out, Set them on paper towels to dry for a couple days. Or, you can soak them in vodka or Everclear, blow them out, and let dry. With the vodka/Everclear, they will dry more quickly, because it will evaporate faster.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited May 2012

    Some people boil cartos with success others report some fail after boiling.

    I like cleaning with vodka or everclear. It's effective and the cartos dry much faster. Vodka/everclear will dry in a couple hours while water can take several days to dry.  Here's a great tool for cleaning (I made my own with some parts I had laying around).


    The way I clean cartos (or tanks) with the syringe is to reverse taryn spin out any juice (if present) http://v2forum.com/discussion/3268/lanyard-for-the-taryn-spin/p1

    If the old flavor is very strong smelling a 30 min presoak in vodka is a good idea.

    Then fill a shot glass or other small container with vodka, remove the mouth end cap from the carto, install the mouth end of the carto into the syringe adaptor tube.

    Slowly draw the vodka in through the carto and slowly expel it several times. You want to do this slowly so you don't dislodge the cartos filler material.

    Remove the carto from the vodka and draw and expel air through the carto several times. Remove the carto from the syringe tube and shake out any excess vodka (or reverse taryn spin for more complete fluid removal).

    If your cleaning a tank it is ready for filling. Make sure you allow the juice time to soak into the wick (~15 mins) before using.

    If your cleaning a carto with it's batting material and you've spun out the excess fluid you can set the cartos with the open mouth end up and allow an hour or three for drying time. Some folks will hurry the drying time with a sunny window, a 200 degree oven or a hair dryer.




  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    Oh, I should add, if you're refilling with the same or similar flavor juice there's no need to clean before refilling.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Multiple boil/rinses are needed if you are considering changing flavors, since residual flavor is hard to get out and taint the next flavor being used..

    Personally I never bother with it anymore. There is a failure rate when doing so, and to waste fluids on a (now) lower quality or dud carto's is futile. You might save some pennies, but at the expense of enjoying the vape.
    The frustration/hassle isn't worth it.

    I will now keep the carto's tapped up with the same flavor until the carto eventually dies or is so clogged a boil wouldn't help. (depending on the fluid, that could be 5 to 15 refills). 
    You cannot boil the gunk off of the coil. The only thing a boil does is clean out the polyfill.
  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member

    ooooohhhh @Earthpig....now I understand why I have burnt 3 carts last week!!  Been reading on the clearomizers thread about the sugar carmalizing on the coil, have to get that off, understood that, but didn't think about it on the cart coil.  I have boiled and cleaned carts and some are ok and some are pure work to vape and have to refill them after just an hour of vaping.  I know all carts were filled to the brim and changed out carts on fresh batteries to avoid burning and stopping on the cart early enough to avoid burning, but did not think about that coil. 


  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    When a coil becomes gunked up from vaping especially dark, sweet liquids, the crud on the coil is carbon. To my knowlwdge, there is no liquid known to man that dissolves carbon. It needs to be physically removed, which is impossible with polly filled cartos, because the coil is inaccessible. With cartos where the coil is accessible, such as CE2 types, the carbon can be removed with dry burning, sometimes, as long as they are cleaned often. With polly filled cartos, you can clean the polly material, by soaking, boiling, etc. But you can't de gunk the coils.
  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member

    Sometimes the simpliest of things to learn here, come from several different threads before it sinks in.  I have some carts from the beginning, coding the light and dark flavor carts might help that problem. 


  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member
    Dark sweet liquids will clog up, so would a dark tobacco flavor gunk up as bad?  Had to ask here
  • Rule62Rule62 Posts: 3,237V2 Veteran
    Many tobacco juices are sweetened. It depends what they are sweetened with. I make several tobaccos that are nearly clear. Very slight amber tint. I've seen some tobaccos that are very dark.
  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member
    but i just boil the whole cartridge, unopened? I am moving to tanks, but in meantime, need to reuse cartridges
  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member
    sorry, just saw your first post
  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member
    only thing im confused on, is they stres importance of not getting liquid in center when refilling with liuid, then we are boiling the whole cartridge????
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited May 2012
    @sunshinew ;don't  worry about fluid in the center hole when your cleaning. The warning about juice in the center hole is only after filling with e-juice. e-juice in the center hole can cause the carto to not vaporize the juice correctly and you don't want the raw juice being sucked into your mouth (via the center tube).
  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member
    Thank you!!!!
  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member

    DaddyCat , thanks a lot, you have really helped. But.. I do have one more question :-)

    After boiling the cartrides, I leave open (white cap off) until they dry? My question is, they always say "don't let the cartridges get dry", so little confused ( those saying not to dry out was talkng about prefilled, not necessarily refilling for e-liquids). So it's ok to let dry out? I don't have to refill right away? It's ok to have them dry, if I keep caps on and rubber tips on?

    Hoping to get tanks in soon! Was was also hearing about type of material with taks, want whats safe and what liquid won't "burn" material?

    remind me, you said you buy tanks from? and liqidsfrom?

    Thank, daddycat, appreciate all your help



  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited May 2012

    @sunshinew I did not suggest boiling (I prefer flushing with vodka) but other people have done it successfully.

    If you do boil them (with the caps off) try to remove as much water as possible. Either shake them like a thermometer or better yet spin the water out with a lanyard. http://forum.v2.com/discussion/3268/lanyard-for-the-taryn-spin/p1

    After you get as much water out as possible leave the caps off and let them sit, open end up, on a counter top, a sunny window ledge for several days (3-4) or place them in a warm oven (200 degrees F, no hotter) for several hours. The cartos must be completely dry before refilling.

    I'm not sure who was saying to be worried about cartos drying out, seems a bit inaccurate. Or they were warning you to not vape the carto empty (dry).

    It is important is to keep moisture out of the carto's e-juice. Propylene Glycol  (most popular e-juice) attracts moisture and it's a good idea to keep the condoms on the cartos when not in use so your e-juice does not get wet with water.

  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member
    Thanks again. Heard about the vodka, just dont have any, have to get. Thanks
  • superflyginsuperflygin Posts: 350Member
    I have never cleaned a carto and have managed to get as many as 10 refills off them.  As long as I don't use a high percentage of VG I'm good.  Is anybody getting more refills than that out of their carts?  I would think trying to clean them would upset the filler.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Got 18 out of one and then misplaced it. I was trying to seen how far it would go. The thing was essentially shot by that time, and the draw was tightening up but was still working. It was with pg/vg @ 50%, and a tobacco flavor.
    Generally I get about 6 before I retire em,
  • sunshinewsunshinew Posts: 136Member

    @DaddyCat, (or anyone else)  if I use vodka to clean carts, do I need syringe to expel vodka? or will it dry on its own?


  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited May 2012

    @sunshinew you do  not need a syringe to expel the vodka but it will dry faster if you can shake the vodka out like shaking an old thermometer or better still make a lanyard (if you don't have one) it really easy and is good for removing fluids from your cartos (bad juice, water or vodka). 

    If you don't spin the vodka out with the lanyard I would guess it might take several hours for the carto to dry. If you place them some where warm they will dry much faster.


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