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Updating Discussions

katstimekatstime Posts: 40Member
edited May 2012 in Entertainment and Humor
When I go away for a time, no new discussions. I do sign out. Is there a way to update? Today I got discussions from May 6. Not acceptable, not learning anything from V2. Comments please. am I doing something wrong?


  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    I see several new threads @katstime and 100 new replies this AM. What are you using to view the forum (hardware and software) might be your browser settings.
  • Sally53Sally53 Posts: 1,074Member
    Maybe rebook mark you link ?  Sometimes that helps
  • emelesteemeleste Posts: 5,132V2 Veteran ✭✭
    The forum isn't "booming" quite like it was a couple of months ago...but it's still hopping along.  The darker font thread titles are the "new" ones that you haven't read yet.  Once you look at it, the font will not be boldface anymore.  If you comment on a thread and others post after you...there will be a little box shown how many others have commented since you last looked at the thread...and the font will be boldface again.
  • cmackdowncmackdown Posts: 53Member
    I find I have to refresh instead of use the back button on my browser.
  • TAP352TAP352 Posts: 953Member
    I've noticed that some threads that are new don't have the new new posts counter besides them. For example this thread didn't.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    A thread will have the number of new replies after you view it the first time.
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