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watch your cart at check out

arent2arent2 Posts: 31Member
edited May 2012 in Entertainment and Humor
I went to check out and my cart prices did not match the listed prices.
this is the second time this has happened to me at check out. CS online is looking into it now

ie 40 pack for 66.47 is showing in my cart for 71.12
power cig for 34.95 in my cart is 37.40
lanyard is in my cart at 10.65 listed 9.95

is anybody else having this problem??


  • TAP352TAP352 Posts: 953Member
    I know since I live in Florida they add the Tax on as soon as it hits your cart. Could this be your problem ?
  • arent2arent2 Posts: 31Member

    yep,,, that is it.... that is just wrong.... there goes 30 min of my life I wont get back..lol


  • sultanofswagsultanofswag Posts: 557Member
    It's a 7% difference, so TAP352 is correct as there is a 6% FL sales tax plus another 1% in Miami-Dade county.
  • Carebear45Carebear45 Posts: 293Member ✭✭
    Yep mine always does that as I live in FL......
  • arent2arent2 Posts: 31Member

    cs couldn't figure it out for 30 min

    they even told me I needed to down load google crome.... what a crock...

    well now that I know I guess I cant call cs anymore and get them to lower my bill


    They did it in the past plus I got the coupon  :)


    guess that what I get for being blonde

  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    @arent2....since you now know the issue and cs service couldn't figure it out maybe you could negotiate a "commision" from V2 for getting the answer since it will save them money by not having to credit accounts, lol:)
  • arent2arent2 Posts: 31Member
    i will call them later today and talk to somebody... they need to make it plan for all florida residents to see so they wont have this issue again.
  • BassManStanBassManStan Posts: 214Member ✭✭✭
    Don't feel bad @arent2, same thing happened to me and I'm not blonde. I went from being pissed to being embarrassed in no time flat!
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