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top 5 things that make the peeps on this forum special

joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
edited June 2012 in General Chatter
1. Great senses of humor
2. Always willing to answer questions and help
3. very generous people here
4. all vapers!
5. I've made more friends from strangers than anywhere else on the internet
6. always welcome new people with open arms
okay, so more than 5 and I'm sure I could list more! :)


  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    and fyi, the new 15% off code good until 8/31 is dogdays
  • CocoPuffCocoPuff Member Posts: 337

    I'm new but I'm going to add my five. This could be a great thread.

    1. Plenty of positive attitude.

    2. Resourceful.

    3. Supportive.

    4. Diverse in background yet sharing in a common goal.

    5. Welcoming to newbies (bears repeating)

  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    great! thanks for adding @cocopuff
  • AbsintheurAbsintheur V2 Veteran Posts: 6,429 ✭✭
    Strange senses of humor
    Warped senses of humor
    Witty senses of humor
    Dry senses of humor
    Unusual senses of humor
  • CocoPuffCocoPuff Member Posts: 337
    Hightened senes of humor ;)
  • EarthpigEarthpig V2 Veteran Posts: 4,754
    Lack of negativity towards others, sticks out to me. 
    I think X-smokers are old enough to have some respect for others, and those who won't play nice, get put in their place.

    And your points are on the mark.

  • CynsonyaCynsonya Member Posts: 5,367
    Agree with all of the above! Everyone (almost) that is here is just awesome and a special thanks for that code @joyfulrivera!
  • CocoPuffCocoPuff Member Posts: 337

    Whoops! *sense :::eyes fingers::::

  • truckertrucker Member Posts: 287
    I don't have a sense of humor... AT ALL!! i just try to use humor that makes no sense! heheheehe. I got problems with number 2. I try to help butta i donno anything so 99% of the time is useless :P  
  • CocoPuffCocoPuff Member Posts: 337
    Your posts put a smile on my face, trucker. That's Never a useless skill.
  • FuryFury Member Posts: 204
    Above all else, a lack of snobbiness that a certain other vaping forum seems to have.
  • truckertrucker Member Posts: 287
    ohhh nonononon @cocopuff ; U got a smile already. maybe u just dont use it that often hahahahaaha
  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    thats why sense of humor is #1! :D laughter is like medicine...
  • murphyinsightmurphyinsight Member Posts: 834
    One thing I like is that we can (most of the time) not agree with each other but still talk about it in a respectful manor, without negativity.  I like a good healthy debate sometimes, I always end up learning something, even is it is to remember that people can disagree without being rude.
  • emelesteemeleste V2 Veteran Posts: 5,293 ✭✭
    Agree with all the comments so far on this thread.

    I think the reason I keep coming back is the sense of "belonging"....a feeling that I'm not somewhere trying to break into a clique, but am somewhere I am accepted for who I am.  And I enjoying helping people and sharing things I've learned...just as I've learned a lot from so many here.  I know how lost I felt when I was a newbie, and how nice it was that people reached out to me and answered my questions and sorted out my confusions.  I want to do that for others.  Pay it forward.  

    Most of all I love the laughter and humor here....and the conversations.  I dislike snobbishness and cliques and arrogance.  This is one of the very few forums I've frequented where there is very minimal displays of "the in crowd"  vs "newbie".  
  • JmanJman Member Posts: 3,050
    1. Prompt responses on 'need to know' questions. Promptness matters to nic addicts.
    2. Humor galore. 
    3. Generosity of fellow vapers (same as joyfulrivera's #3)
    4. Discussing all the teeny weeny little things that go into vaping, which at some point my mind seems to deeply care about.
    5. CS staff engaging us here in open forum. Not often, but when it happens, it usually helps. 
  • Shar53Shar53 Member Posts: 735
    There is a wonderful comradery with this group and it includes all who want to join.  
  • CocoPuffCocoPuff Member Posts: 337
    That was what I was trying to get at Murphyinsight. You stated it much more clearly.
  • mrtmrt Member Posts: 5,021 ✭✭✭
    There is a wonderful comradery with this group and it includes all who want to join.  
    You mean that there is a waiting list for membership?
  • dBdB Member Posts: 739
    edited June 2012

    >:D<  Don’t post much on the social threads, kind of shy…LOL, but can’t resist this one.

    1. The awesome folks here.  Everyone so willing to share their knowledge...learned most everything I know about vaping right here and love being able to pay what I know forward.

    2. The diversity of expertise and the experience you all have in general…whether it be in’s and
    out’s of V2, other vendors options, mixing and DIY, mod enthusiasts, the political battles of vapors, or general life experience…we got it all right here.

    3.  The understanding that we’re all at different stages in this vaping thing, but we’re all in this together for a common goal and looking for the best vaping experience we can get.

    4. How we encourage each other to stick around and partake in the discussions and how welcoming the
    forum is.  The long-time vets and the noobies alike.

    5.  Last, but not least…the great humor here and the good natured fun we share.  Keep it up, You guys Rock!

  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    very well said, all of you!
  • Shar53Shar53 Member Posts: 735
    There is a wonderful comradery with this group and it includes all who want to join.  
    You mean that there is a waiting list for membership?
    One bad thing about this group, picky, picky, picky!! =))
  • suzieQsuzieQ Member Posts: 438 ✭✭
    edited June 2012

  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    lol, yeah right! :D
  • emelesteemeleste V2 Veteran Posts: 5,293 ✭✭

  • ziggyziggy Member Posts: 146
    Yep...having others express their opinions on the same types of experiences and issues you are having is always helpful especially where smoking/vaping is concerned.
    What we have here is like a VAPING BOOTCAMP....only different.... :))
  • emelesteemeleste V2 Veteran Posts: 5,293 ✭✭
    Why so grumpy @ziggy ??  That avatar is looking pretty fierce!!  
  • Shar53Shar53 Member Posts: 735
    See that is why I posted about the Avatars back a while.  They can give a whole different impression of what a person is feeling.   Poor Ziggy's looks mean!  The one I had looked crazy (maybe someone knew who I was?)  :))
  • emelesteemeleste V2 Veteran Posts: 5,293 ✭✭
    You know you can make an avatar pretty easily...and for free...at http://pickaface.net   That's what I did for my current avatar.  Or you can just find a nice picture you like and use it (love the hula dancer, @Shar53)  It's not hard.  And has be better than the weird ones the Vanilla people give us!
  • Sally53Sally53 Member Posts: 1,074

    Someone is always here, that is what is cool....someone is always ready with an answer, a cup of coffee or a smile. 


  • ziggyziggy Member Posts: 146
    @emeleste. Because I am GRUMPY! :)>-
    No actually I never really noticed it until you mentioned it. It's what got assigned to me when I signed up..guess I will have to look into a different one(tho looking at it now I am kinda liking it) :D
  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    haha! its def got attitude! Don't mess with me \m/
  • marni_V2cigsmarni_V2cigs Member Posts: 1,153
    :) we do have some great peeps here

  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Member Posts: 1,410
    yay! @marni_v2cigs commented on my post :) such a great bunch!
  • ziggyziggy Member Posts: 146
    It was probably because she likes my avatar so much.....moooo......ha ha ha..... :-c
  • MrjoojMrjooj Member Posts: 1
    I have recently tried this http://www.theavatarmaker.com/  for avatar and have made really good avatars 
  • samanthasamantha Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,768 admin
    I recognize many people on this thread... any of you all still around?:) If so, hiiii!!
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