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  • joyfulriverajoyfulrivera Posts: 1,410Member
    too late, someone already started that here: http://forum.v2.com/discussion/5454/smokers-aid#latest
    pretty crazy stuff though!
  • robryleyrobryley Posts: 52Member

    =)) =))  I don't care who you are, that's funny right there!!!    (unless you were in traffic)
  • VbiegsVbiegs Posts: 155Member
    An all I can think is "I wonder if they gave him back his ecig". Lol.
  • JimboJimbo Posts: 312Member ✭✭
    What was interesting was the papers reporting of the fact that E Cigs are harmless and are allowed to be used on public transport. Also the police spokesman saying that no crime had been committed. Seems that the UK has a different attitude to USA, Australia etc.      I wonder how long that will last.
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