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Bad Cartridges

KarkeykayKarkeykay Posts: 5Member
Is anyone having trouble with bad cartridges?  I have used V2 for about a year now and have been happy with the cartridges until my last three orders.  In each one I have had quite a few bad cartridges.  It is so frustrating.  I don't know of another site to order them.  Does anyone know of another place I can order cartridges for the V2 cig battery?  They reimburse me but I still have to pay S&H every time I order which means I do not get a full refund for them.  Plus they don't reimburse me the amount of what each individual cartridge would cost so I get screwed on the refund  I am so tired of it.  I have to order early and run out quicker than expected.  I also think that the other ones I have are not lasting as long as they did.  I have complained but nothing has gotten better. 


  • sultanofswagsultanofswag Posts: 557Member
    There are several sites which sell KR808D-1, or, simply 808, cartridges, which is what V2 uses.  Try a google search.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    Karkeykay, sadly it is not as uncommon as it should be (poor performing cartomizers). V2 is not the only place having issues with their cartos.  If you were to buy e-liquid you could refill your cartos and end 99% of the problem.  It is really quite easy to do.
  • suzieQsuzieQ Posts: 438Member ✭✭
    True that @daddycat.  I am finding flavor and quality all over the place on prefills from places other than V2 also.
  • KarkeykayKarkeykay Posts: 5Member
    Thanks.  I have done numerous google searches but I was unsure about the battery.  I did notice that other places seem to be more expensive, however, if they can send me carts that work it is probably worth it.  I'm really disappointed.  My last order of #40 is gone and I received it last Monday, one week ago.  They usually last me at least five weeks.  I tried opening them and pulling up the batting and sticking a nail in the hole but that didn't work, plus I don't think I should have to do that as that is why I buy them prefilled.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the e-liquid fill it yourself?  I have tried that and have four different kinds but they just don't seem to work very well, sometimes not at all, and that was after watching a YouTube video showing how to do it.  If I fill them ahead of time they don't work after a few days.  I'm wishing that I could get off of these things so I don't have to go through a panic phase when they are running out.  :)  Could you tell me the other sites you are finding the other cartridges?  paintedhills@live.com  Thank you, Kari
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