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Anyone having problems with their throat/vocal cords?

DaisyDaisy Posts: 15Member
As a musician, I have noticed that when I sing, my voice sometimes completely goes away.  This is scarey!  It doesn't happen the first few minutes I sing, but after two or three songs, I notice a dryness in my throat/vocal cords and then my voice abruptly stops.  I habitually drink about a gallon of water a day, no coffee, occasionally a soft drink.  One of the reasons I stopped smoking regular cigarettes was so I would have a better range.  The V2 cigs have improved that, but now I am dealing with this.  Any comments?  And thanks.


  • amoreamore Posts: 2,194Member ✭✭
    edited October 2012
    Hi @Daisy,

    I am NOT a Doctor but I think you should see one if this is a frequent occurrence, because it could be something serious. You didn't give details like how long does your voice go away for and other things a Doctor would know to ask.

    Here is a Health info place to read for some info and it says when/why you should see a Doctor if this keeps happening.

  • KenKen Posts: 463Member
    @Daisy , HELLO, and welcome to the forum. First of all, let me preface the following statements by letting you know that I have C.O.P.D., so my info may be totally useless to you  I've been vaping since I quit smoking in March. I talked to my Pulmonary Doctor in April about mucus build up on my throat, and vocal chords, and he informed my that it is a common problem with ex-smokers, and that eventually the problem would diminish with time. I saw him again in August, and my situation at that time was wavering from mucus laden, to dry, sore, and very scratchy, I was very hoarse. He, again told me that the situation would improve with time, and slowly, I am feeling better, not so hoarse. Again, my situation with the C.O.P.D. makes it hard to say our experience is similar, however, the important part is my doctor's comment that what I was going through was common to ex-smokers, and temporary.
    Hope this helps,
    Hope you feel better.
    Just curious (I'm a guitarist) what genre of music?
  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 15Member
    @ amore:  there is just a "hitch" in it.... I'm just a singing along and then I squawk!  It is not as if my speaking voice goes away, just my singing voice.  I can sing again after I swallow... for a note or two and if I am VERY careful (by lowering my chin toward my chest), I can continue singing but not with gusto.  If I drink a BIG glass of water, that sometimes helps but it is hard to do that during a song!

    @ Ken:  Thanks for your comments.  I quit smoking tobacco in January, and have been previously (years ago) diagnosed with COPD.  My problem isn't mucus buildup but lack of moisture in the vocal cords, I think.  Sometimes I feel like gargling with olive oil to see if that will help!  This was not a problem prior to "vaping" and if I cut back about 6 hours prior to the gig it isn't as problematic.  Genre:  Old time, some bluegrass, old rock 'n roll... whatever.  I play upright bass.  What genre do you play? 

    Thanks, guys.

  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 15Member
    Yikes!  I didn't know it would put the whole thing on!!!!  How do I get it off????  (the video)
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    Press the thing that looks like a gear at the top right, click edit, highlight and hit delete should work.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    @Daisy hover your mouse cursor over the upper right of your post, then click the star thingy, then click edit.
  • amoreamore Posts: 2,194Member ✭✭
    Leave it there please @Daisy :)
  • BeaglesBeagles Posts: 79Member
    Hi @Daisy,

    I've noticed my throat gets very dry from vaping. I am a dispatcher and I work 12hr shifts, that's a lot of talking! I heard of a herbal tea you can buy called "throat coat" it's got slippery elm in it and is supposed to be very good for a dry throat. I've heard it's used by singers for that very thing. I bought some when I had a bad sore throat and needed to keep working. I can't recommend the taste but it worked well, with honey it tasted and worked better.
  • RaskolnikovRaskolnikov Posts: 40Member
    Daisy said:
    As a musician, I have noticed that when I sing, my voice sometimes completely goes away.  This is scarey!  It doesn't happen the first few minutes I sing, but after two or three songs, I notice a dryness in my throat/vocal cords and then my voice abruptly stops.  I habitually drink about a gallon of water a day, no coffee, occasionally a soft drink.  One of the reasons I stopped smoking regular cigarettes was so I would have a better range.  The V2 cigs have improved that, but now I am dealing with this.  Any comments?  And thanks.
    English is NOT mi primary language and I think its written "scary" not "scarey" 

    currently reading "the Idiot" from my Idol "Fyodor Maijalovich Dostoyevsky"

  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 15Member
    @ mert, DaddyCat, and amore:  ok.... let's take a vote....  should I leave the video there or not?  I only wanted to send it to Ken... didn't know it would be that IN YOUR FACE!!  Kinda scarey... which, @ Raskolnikov, is a varient spelling of scary...   you must have a bit of Spanish also as "mi" is "my" in that language.

    @ Beagles... I have tried a Slippery Elm product for this and it did seem to help a bit.  Will try the "throat coat" you mentioned.  And the symptoms you described are what I am experiencing.  I have made a tea of ginger root, honey and cayenne pepper and it seems to help, too; however it is hard to sing and drink at the same time!  I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one dealing with "dry throat".

  • jlpjlp Posts: 633Member
    You also might have to lower your nicotine and or PG content. My situation is different then yours but I have Eustachian tube disorder, my ears will start ringing if I start vaping to high of a PG content and also the nicotine content can sometimes set it off also, I searched for a vendor that gives me options on PG and Nicotine content. The ringing stops when I vape a lower amount. At this time I am mixing in the others until they are all gone...don't want to waste them. But PG is a big source to dry you out. Right now I am mixing in 30 PG/ 70 VG and also 11 nicotine strength. Even with the smaller amounts of PG and Nicotine, the flavor is there for me. Of course this is just a suggestion and what works for me.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    Daisy up to you, I didn;t listen to it.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭✭✭
    @Daisy, I enjoyed the video. I hope you leave it here. Your partner sure is a bouncy fellow! :P
  • amoreamore Posts: 2,194Member ✭✭
    I already voted for you to leave it, @Daisy
  • KenKen Posts: 463Member
    edited October 2012
    @Daisy Great stuff, leave it up, thoroughly enjoyed  the whole video, as long as everyone is smiling, it's fantastic music,THANK YOU!
      Yeah, with the whole dry scratchy vocal chord thing, the point I was trying to relay (in a very sleep deprived state) was that I suffer both extremes, and the doc said both are normal, and temporary for someone with C.O.P.D. that has recently quit smoking. After six months of vaping, both have diminished by about 50% as long as I stay away from vegetable glycerin based e-juice (V.G. made the whole situation worse)
      I play the mandolin, guitar, and bass also, however my bass looks slightly different than your stand-up (I have a  black '75 Rickenbacker 4001). As far as genre, Classical, Spanish (I like to "zone out" on 2 part harmony, but that's just "mi" LOL), 60's Rock & Roll, Folk (playing James Taylor on a 12 string is satisfying for me), Renaissance Period acoustic pieces, Blues (ABSOLUTELY), Bluegrass (I have to be in the mood). I like what I consider to be the more "technically advanced" Rock bands of the 60's - 80's like Kansas, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, to some extent Rush, etc.,and Southern Rock is always fun to play. Can't really say I can appreciate Jazz, it seems to be a little too "unstructured" for my liking, don't much like the message in the lyrics of (if you can understand them) Rap.
      I'd actually like to pick up a nice key board, and some lessons now that the cooler weather is coming on, my son keeps trying to get me interested in his ukelele, but I don't look that good in a grass skirt anymore!
      You keep the great music coming our way, my sister,
       Vape on,
        GOD Bless,
    @Raskolnikov A bit scarey (oh, and by the way, "scarey" is a correct alternative spelling to "scary") when someone pops up out of the blue simply to play spell check police! Dostoyevsky may make a great idol for you, although he wouldn't even make "mi" list of honorable mention. BUT HEY, this IS America, so, read away! I mean, it's not like The Militsiya, or The Politsiya are going to be blowing your door off the hinges to drag you away in the middle of the night to parts unknown, never to be heard from again simply for reading banned literature, RIGHT!
  • nancynancy Posts: 465Member
    Hi all. I have had four vocal cord surgeries, and about 96 others.I stopped cigs almost a year ago, and feel like I am being waterboarded. My throat and sinuses are about drowning me. Since my sinuses were destroyed by too many surgeries in the '80s, hard to say if this is telated to vaping. But, I swear I am producing more crud vaping. PG at 80% is too drying. VG seems to make me even worse. So, in my case, I thinkthe lump in the throat feeling, etc, is the vaping. No choices here. i cant go back to smoking.
  • DaisyDaisy Posts: 15Member
    Thanks, all, for adding your experiences to this conversation. 

  • MSmith447MSmith447 Posts: 255Member
    No complaints here so far -- I actually feel better vaping compared to smoking my regular cigarettes. 

    Just my two cents. :)
  • shadowsxckshadowsxck Posts: 206Member
    I'm a singer and will sometimes do some pretty heavy vocals. I noticed since PG dries out my throat that I have to drink more water before picking up the mic. I already drink a gallon plus a day. Better than smoking though since I would have to take a break between songs to catch my breath.
  • AngelsRUsAngelsRUs Posts: 1,710Member
    As a singer/musician myself who switched to vaping so she could sing without getting hoarse or having voice sound barroomy....haven't had any issues while vaping.  Only when smoking.
  • PunkbirdPunkbird Posts: 30Member
    Hi. I have been vaping for almost two months, and I'm an ex-smoker. I have been feeling that, besides a slight soarness in the throat, the vape has irritated mi mucouses, more precisely my paranasal sinuses. It kinda feels like a headache but it isn't one. So, okay, maybe I'm worrying a bit about what the propylene glycol might be doing to my sinuses. Anyone felt anything similar? @Daisy‌? Anyone? Can't wait to see @Raskolnikov‌ 's spellcheck. English AINT my first language either but who cares. Lol. Thanks.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Punkbird - this thread is over 2 years old so some of these members may not respond b/c they haven't been on in a while.

    I will say that you should stay hydrated. The more you vape, the more water you should be drinking. PG can easily dehydrate you and irritate your throat. This is very common. Just hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We always recommend going to a licensed doctor too. We are not medical professionals and in no way claim to be. 

    Here is some more info on PG also to help you gain more insight: http://www.v2.com/blog/2012/01/what-is-propylene-glycol/

    (You will see it is found in many foods, make up products, toiletries, etc.)
  • RockoRocko Posts: 184Member
    This is a hard thing to convey because everyone reacts differently to things.  I am a drummer, but did backing vocals when I was more active (before children).  I'm mostly glad I can practice longer at the drums because I can breathe better.

    I honestly think it is learning how to sing again, but without the stress to our throats.  Since I've switched to v2, anything I sing in the tenor range is flat.  I am a half step off on any mid to high note.  I can still sing the bass lines on key, and can hit low E again for the first time since 2000.  Even the screaming type vocals are different now, but the same issue.  I can do low, but not high.  I've been trying to remember everything I learned years ago from breathing to posture.  Before we packed up the house, I was using my daughter's keyboard as a guide.

    @Punkbird, I had some of the same issues as you.  The feeling of a headache and my sinuses were the main ones for me.  I dropped my nicotine levels in the juice and it went away.  I consider myself a heavy vaper and I was a chain smoker when I was on analogs.  I go through roughly 5 mL on a workday and I don't bother counting on days off.  With analogs, there is a lot of other stuff that affects our bodies that we never really cared about at the time.  Now that we're down to a few ingredients, our bodies react differently.  Try a five pack of prefills that are lower than what you are currently using and see if it helps any.  Good luck.
  • PunkbirdPunkbird Posts: 30Member
    Thanks @Rocko‌ and @samantha‌ . I'm actually feeling better since I eased down in blowin the vapor out of my nose. I am currently vaping one prefilled cartridge per day, and i do plan to step down the nic level a bit on my next order. Thanks
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