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Why does my juice turn dark, almost black!?

Hi all!

I'm vaping V2's Mint Tea in a clearo, why does it turn a really dark, almost black color as I vape it? I am not using any variable voltage battery, just a standard batt.

Thanks for yer help and all replies in advance!


  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    Some juice changes colors when heat is applied.
  • sdoddsdodd Posts: 1,174Member ✭✭
    Mine does too..but it shouldn't change the flavor.
  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    Good question @yer_daddy

    I had wondered that myself. Seems to be an indication that gunking is about to occur.

  • sdoddsdodd Posts: 1,174Member ✭✭
    I find sweeter juices turn darker faster too.... and gunk more :(
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    It's partially the juice but also the sugars and particulates being cooked on the coil element.
  • FacePlantsFacePlants Posts: 6Member
    Another possible cause of darkened liquid, if you're using the LiquiMax blanks at least, can be the coil itself. If you remove the small metal cap above the element, you'll see the wick material passing through the coil. After only a few uses, the coil begins to look dark and almost rusty. This rusty material will then leech into the wick and start turning your juice dark. This happens to me regularly with sahara juice which is nearly clear at first and will turn totally brown if I continue to use the offending cartridge.

    I've found two things to help make this problem a little better, or at least take longer to happen. First, when I start out with a new blank, I remove the metal cap over the coil and check that it isn't all bunched up to one side. About half of my carts need the coil spread out (carefully!) so that the loops of the coil aren't close enough to touch the loop adjacent. Secondly, as soon as I start to see darkening liquid or taste that not-so-fresh taste, I'll do a quick cleaning of the cartridge.

    My method of cleaning involves a simple medicine syringe with a rubber collar on the end. The collar is just the right size to fit tightly on the syringe on one end, and to fit a LiquiMax blank into the other. With the threaded end attached to the syringe, I dip the cartridge into almost boiling distilled water and suck up then squirt out the water through the cartridge. I repeat this about 5-10 times (until the wick looks nice and white again). I save up about 10 cartridges that are looking/tasting funky then clean them all at once. One nice thing about the new blanks is that they're way faster to dry out since they have much less material to actually hold onto the water.

    If you're comfortable with the cleaning process, you can actually use a battery to dry them almost instantly. Shake out all the water you can. (Helicopter-arm centrifuge style). Then with the coil cap off, hook it up to a battery and hit the button for half a second at a time. As soon as you stop seeing water vapor come off, STOP. If you do this for even a second too long you'll see the coil get red hot and burn lines into the wick. Trust me, it smells terrible and renders the cart useless if this happens.
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