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Using Other Cartridges for the V2?

missblack69missblack69 Posts: 9Member
edited October 2010 in I Love My V2!
I am waiting for two packs of cartridges which were supposed to come with my starter kit but are on back order. I also ordered a 40 pack with mixed flavors, (also trying the new peppermint as i am a menthol smoker and want to try another minty flavor) which are on back order as well. I spoke with V2 customer support and they are in high demand which i understand as i love my V2.

BUT I was thinking...I am going to run out of cartridges soon! So would I be able to use another cartridge from a different company to hold me over until i receive my order?! The smoke shop over here sells "fifty one" brand cartridges and if they fit on my V2 battery, could I use them temporarily?

Just curious...I don't want to have to go buy more disposable cigarettes due to the cost and I definitely don't want to start smoking cigarettes again!


  • mrose1202mrose1202 Posts: 7Member
    I'm in the exact same boat. I'm down to my last 5 menthol carts and I absolutely don't want to go back to tobacco!
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    We are receiving over 250,000 cartridges next week.... and then again the following week... I assure you any delays are very temporary... if you contact support we can send you some emergency cartridges until your backorder ships next week... we are currently fully stocked on quite a few flavor/strength combinations (i.e. Congress, Menthol light, etc.)... We are doing everything we can to never be out of stock on any flavor..
  • nadznadz Posts: 48Member
    if the cartridges fit when you screw them in, they should work. go ahead and take them to the mall and check it out.
  • missblack69missblack69 Posts: 9Member
    Thank you very much for the posts...I apologize if I seem as if I am complaining. I am super happy with my V2! I'm sure the cartridges I ordered will be here soon and I can't wait :)

    Oh and I found cartridges from cig2go from a local smoke shop and they fit and work fine to hold me over. Very expensive though.
  • mrose1202mrose1202 Posts: 7Member
    Andries -- I just got a message back from Stephanie about sending out 10 complimentary carts. Thank you!! I can't believe how awesome your company is! Like I replied back to her, I'm telling all my smoker friends about V2 and how awesome your customer service is.
  • KellieandmikeKellieandmike Posts: 1Member
    I just contacted customer support about the couples kit I ordered Friday Oct. 15, and was told it had not shipped and would not ship for 2 weeks because there are no carts? Really would like to have known. I have also not been able to get through using the phone #
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    mrose- thanks for the kind words... we try our best :-)

    Cartridges have arrived...Yippee!... we are working to get a uniform message out through customer service... everyday the estimates were changing, so for a few days we were under promising (saying it would take longer just to be safe)... it will take us through the weekend to catch up because we have thousands of backorders (mostly Cowboy 18, Vanilla, and a few others), but no worries now, the start of the x-mas stock has begun to arrive and we have a ton more arriving everyday now, so all will be going out... as for the phones, the only reason you would have a problem during normal business hours (9:30am - 8:30pm PST, 12:30pm - 11:30pm EST) is if all the lines are busy... we are fixing this also... we ordered another 8 phone lines 2-weeks ago, but we are still waiting on ATnT to install them :-(

  • KC_StarKC_Star Posts: 6Member
    I posted in another thread, but I ordered some cartridges from litecigusa.com because their cartridges were supposed to be compatible with KR808D-1 batteries (same as V2) but the cartridges produced very little vapor. A waste of money! Just a word of caution if you are looking for other vendors. litecigusa were less expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for.... I love V2!!!
  • dillydilly Posts: 11Member
    I ran out and went looking for different cartridges to fit on my V2 but could find nothing around here. hated to start back on cigs. but had to It has been over 2 weeks now and have not heard if my order is being sent or not. Somebody needs to sell these things in a store they would make a killing.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    The cartomizer situation has been pretty problematic, especially since I'm playing "distributor" for 5 other people I've turned on to V2s. It's all a sign of extreme growing pains for a small company that's growing (perhaps) too fast - but that's for reason. A great product and excellent customer interface.
  • KC_StarKC_Star Posts: 6Member
    Dilly, you might find cartridges in a local smoke shop that fit V2 batteries (KR808D-1 batteries). But I'll warn you that one other brand I tried "sucked" (lol) so good luck finding something that produces the same amount of vapor and taste as V2's. If anyone does find a good vapor producing cartridge, please let us know. With the V2 cartridges being on backorder, it has been very frustrating. And It's always good to have a backup.
  • dillydilly Posts: 11Member
    thank you I found a place at the mall and they sell e-cigs i think it is and the juice for them I tried the few smoke shops around here and they don't carry any of this stuff....they should I think this will be a great buisiness. I just saw a video of how to fill the cartridges so may go buy some of their juice and try this. Just called V2 and told 2 days before my shipment will be sent out. I was not sure I really could get use to these things...but now I like them better then cigarettes.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    KC - I've tried a couple different non-V2 KR808D carts. You're right, they sucked. The best substitute is a refilled V2 cart. I use juice from ecigxpress.com
  • xoxoxoxoxoxo Posts: 1Member
    I am very concerned,I don't know who you guys are talking about concerning great customer service because so far I have not been able to actually talk to anybody! I placed an order almost 2 wks. ago and still have not received them,150.00 is a lot of money so I guess I will have to contact my credit card company if I don't hear from them by Friday,too bad,I really wanted this to work.
  • badcarnivorebadcarnivore Posts: 1Member
    This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. How can they screw with people who are trying to quit smoking. They NEVER have my cartridges in stock ever. They don't even send out an email saying they aren't in stock. Everytime I contact them, they say they have too many orders to fill. If that is the case then QUIT TAKING ORDERS! Just fill the ones that you have or something. I shouldn't have to be telling you how to run your business. Quit making excuses V2! I want my order!
  • cejcej Posts: 1Member
    I was getting close to running out, so I ordered from vapor4life. i got the premium smokeshop sampler 2, and found the closest to the cowboy was the 555. I did the regular delivery and got my order in 3 days. The good part about the company is that they only display items in their drop down boxes that they have in stock and they do fit the v2 battery. The bad part was that the throat hit wasn't as good. So today I'm ordering from their wow menu which is suppose to be better than their premiums (more expensive too, but currently on sale). In the meantime, I still have my v2 order holding until i find something else as good. P.S. If you click on the customer service option in V2, and talk to someone on-line, they have immediately connected with me and have been very friendly and helpful.
  • ecwriterecwriter Posts: 1Member
    V2 compatible cartridges are available on www.themagicmist.com
    I tried them out and they are good - work well with V2. I read their reviews and they seem to have good prices and quality too. 
  • charly1954charly1954 Posts: 144Member ✭✭
    mrose1202 said:
    I'm in the exact same boat. I'm down to my last 5 menthol carts and I absolutely don't want to go back to tobacco!

    I know this is a very old thread, but for anyone who reads it I wanted to add this info.

    V2 Carts are refillable so there is no need to worry about running out of carts if you are low. Simply keep on hand your favorite V2 juice for those emergencys when u r about out. Once you start refilling you probably won't stop.

    Some carts will last longer than others, depends on the juice to how fast the coil gets gunted up. Some carts I know I have refilled 30-40 times while others I get only 15-20 before the vapor volumn goes low.

  • SmokeFree4LSmokeFree4L Posts: 14Member
    V2 is such a young company & I think they are awesome. So they had some draw backs what company doesnt at itsifant age? The customer service is great! I think what they r doing to help ppl get off the cancer stick is HUGE! Im so greatful & pround of their sucess. V2 you rock! Keep up the good work. You r well worth the wait. I got your back. I promote you to everyone I know who smokes. I even made a video I posted on my FB in honor of the wonder you have brought to my life. If I could hug you I would. Love you guys!
  • Gracey217Gracey217 Posts: 6Member

    I just contacted customer support about the couples kit I ordered Friday Oct. 15, and was told it had not shipped and would not ship for 2 weeks because there are no carts? Really would like to have known. I have also not been able to get through using the phone #

    Good luck! I had to threaten a lawsuit, exchange 37 emails, numerous chats and calls, just to get a refund... Not a resin, not a return of my points used..,, and not the replace et battery I e been waiting 4 months for. They even told me they DID send the battery... But to the wrong address. Woops! But that was a month ago, it's in stick, and still nothing! I've been getting orders for years at only this address!!!! I used to think V2 was great too! Miss those days! :-((
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