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Why Doesn't My Post Update the Discussion?

vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member
edited April 2013 in Vaping Regulation Updates
I just posted to the "New Internet Survey on E-Cigs" discussion, but on the forum main page, it still shows (at least on my screen) that the last post was made April 9 and doesn't indicate that there's a new post. Am I doing something wrong? Somebody doesn't like me? Or am I in a time warp and today is indeed April 9?!


  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    It's not you, it's the forum software. All threads are "bumpable" unless forum admin either manually makes them unbumpable or (perhaps) sets a timing mechanism so that after a certain period, the thread is unbumpable. 

    I just checked another thread near the one you posted on and it has latest post from 4/11, when on thread list it too shows 4/9.

    With some forum software (and thus some forums), it is considered bad form to go back and post on older threads because that suddenly bumps years old discussions to the forefront. Can't bump those threads here. So with V2 forums, I'd encourage going back many pages and poking around at discussion from years ago. You might actually find some relatively recent comments and even start up a discussion again. 

    Just bookmark a thread discussion (star it) and maybe PM some people to get others in the know. 
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    Thanks for the info, @jman, and for your patience with a newbie. However. I hardly think the "new survey" thread is an "older" one, being just 8 days old! Not years, or months. Original post was on April 9. I've seen threads bumped to the top of the list with new post after inactivity of a month or more.

    If admin manually rendered the "new survey" thread unbumpable or set a timing mechanism on it (after one day? surely a record...), I'd appreciate @julie_V2cigs or another moderator coming on and explaining why it was done. (And respectfully suggest that when they do this, they post a notice to that effect on the thread.)

    This is an important survey and I believe forum members deserve to be kept up to date on it.

  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    There is nothing stopping you from re-posting the link.

  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member
    I plan to do so, but that wasn't really my point...
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    I know that it was not your point.  Asking why does not really do anything.  So just re-post it (as you did).  There are many other threads that do not bump up.  It happens.
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    Chalk it up to my unquenchable curiosity, but I'd like to know why some threads do not bump up, and I know I sure as hell won't get an answer if I don't ask the question! Now, while waiting to see if an answer is forthcoming, I'll move on... ciao

  • c1toborc1tobor Posts: 96Member

    Yes, my "warm fuzzy" feeling is wearing of quickly.


    What good is a "website"/"forum" that doesn't update?

    Ridiculus, and I "just" got my V2 stuff......

  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    Oh dear, @c1tobor, don't let this glitch, which seems to apply only to one or two threads, (or my little hissy fit) affect your warm fuzzy feeling about this forum!!! It's populated by many people who are friendly and more than willing to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise. You'll find lots of news and good advice here.


  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    only one or two threads??????

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