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Dr. Farsalinos' worldwide e-cig survey: Update

If you haven't already done so, please consider participating in this survey:



Total participation: 12,152
English: 4530
German: 3087
French: 1542
Italian: 1386
Russian: 640
Greek: 543
Hungarian: 384
Spanish: 53


Dr. Farsalinos says they will probably leave the survey open for a few months but may start analysis of data next month in preparation to publish.


  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member
    Well, I learned something today. Unbumpable doesn't mean dead in the water... :-w
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 2013
    Does it bump?  

    Yes, it did.
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    Update: Dr. Farsalinos has announced that the survey questionnaire will be open until June 25. As of 5/20, over 17,200 vapers have responded.

    If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to complete the survey:


  • streamhawkstreamhawk Posts: 177Member
    Did it, Appreciate the link
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    i appreciate the study, but finding the link on a forum seems to violate the whole random sampling idea.  Itll be interesting to see what the results are!  
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    From the survey intro: "The goal of this research project is to better understand the characteristics of the population using electronic cigarettes."

    It is intended to study a specific population. Nothing random about it!

  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    even within a population you generally hope for a random sampling in there:  people who spend time on e-cig forums are probably different who dont spend much time thinking about their ecigs and just picked up an Njoy at a 7-11.  
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member
    If there was a way to get a truly random sampling of vapers, that probably would be beneficial to the survey results. In any event, I'm sure the report will diligently disclose how, where, and when the respondents were solicited. (Actually, now that I think about the early days of the survey, they did broadcast their "call to vapers" in a range of places, most probably mostly on the internet, but not all on forums.
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    yeah- i know, thats why i filled it out-- any data is good!  When i saw the word "publish" my brain went automatically to reviewers (i do research/write scientific papers as well).. its a reflex of mine.  I know 3 ecig users who didnt take to it very well at all and only use it occasionally as a method to reduce cigs but couldnt quit with it.  Thinking about it, i should probably send them the link too :)
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Any "random" sampling is inherently flawed in its "randomness" as it, at the very core, fails to assume it is immediately eliminating all those who don't like to participate in surveys.  ;)
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    kdodds said:
    Any "random" sampling is inherently flawed in its "randomness" as it, at the very core, fails to assume it is immediately eliminating all those who don't like to participate in surveys.  ;)
    Well now that's an interesting point I never considered.
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Statistics and the surveys and such that drive them are one of my greatest pet peeves.  They're all bogus in one way or another.  Look at the recent "smokers cost more to employ" study.  Presented in "Tobacco Control" journal... um... biased much?  They kindly included "employer savings" from "premature deaths".  What they fail to mention is that there are no conclusive and agreeing studies to prove that their smoking "premature death" figures are correct.  And, while they deduct for "lost performance" due to "smoke breaks", they do not consider that MOST employers do not specifically allow smoke breaks and that non-smokers are entitled to the same breaks.  And, not at all surprising, they do not factor in the increased performance as a result of nicotine's "beneficial" stimulant, calming, and focusing properties, potentially negating and surpassing any break time, in the employers' favor.  Hence, all studies and statistics derived from them which presume to prove a premise are flawed from the outset.  
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    Very true kdodds-- or people LIE and they lie a lot.  But in this case you hope that your population that doesnt want to answer is roughly equivalent to those who answer- but thats inherent and understood.  For this study im afraid those who have had neutral outcomes probably wont be motivated enough to take the study.  
    My issue was just finding a survey on a forum changes your population from ecig users to ecig enthusiasts.  Im okay with that bias though bc much of the good ecigs seem to be doing keeps getting over shadowed by people saying "its unknown".  I know my pallor has improved, my ability to run has improved, and a reversal in a few premature grey hairs! :)

    I also agree with your second point as well: many neuroscientists ive encountered who smoke have had a rougher time quitting bc we know what it does for attention/memory formation/focus during crunch times.  
  • APKhaosAPKhaos Posts: 152Member ✭✭
    Survey done. No lies required :-)

  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    edited June 2013
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