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ideal atomizer ohm for V2 batteries

streamhawkstreamhawk Posts: 177Member
I'm liking clearomizers a lot lately, I have an after market one that I like very much I'm using with my V2 batts, it has a screw on mouthpiece and a slightly larger capacity tank at 1.3 ml. I have seen it stated that the best ohm resistance for V2 batts might be around 2.0 to around 2.2, these are 2.5's, and seem to work great for me. All this falls outside my area of knowledge, I'm wondering if I'm using battery faster with the 2.5, or am causing any harm instead of going with a 2.2 that is offered for this particular clearo, or even a 1.8? What are the pros and cons of what ohm I can run on V2 batteries? What am I gaining or losing at any of these ohm values? Also, anyone know what ohm's the LMax run at? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I go through the learning curve on my vaping tools.


  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    V2 sells 2.6-2.8ohm cartos/clearos. So your 2.5ohm is pretty darn close. The 2.2 etc will give a warmer vape with more vapor but will likely run your battery down quicker. Keep it where you have it.
  • streamhawkstreamhawk Posts: 177Member
    excellent info! Thanx Cynsonya!! And I was mistaken about my info, was taking it from the box they came in, sez 2.6-2.9 on the website. So looks like I'm right in there.
  • LerxstLerxst Posts: 12Member
    Here's a handy chart to use as a guideline. All the pre-filled carts I've gotten from V2 measure out at 3.2 ohms. I run a 2 ohm cart on an eGo type battery at 3.7 volts. It works great and I get warm tasty vapor. With the V2 battery which runs at 4.2 volts, a 2.5 would probably be best suited for more warm tasty vapor. The less resistance you run on your battery the quicker it will drain and will shorten its lifespan as it is cranking out closer to its max output all the time. For me, the satisfaction I get with running lower resistance carts outweighs the possibility of shorter battery life/lifespan. image
  • streamhawkstreamhawk Posts: 177Member
    outstanding! Great chart, appreciate that info a lot!
  • LerxstLerxst Posts: 12Member
    My pleasure, hope it helps! :)
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