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Do you all consider the day you started vaping as the day you 'quit smoking'?  Is it really quitting smoking if the eliquid has nicotine in it?


  • streamhawkstreamhawk Posts: 177Member
    it is to me. I call it being tobacco free, but still intaking nicotine. The benefits of vaping as opposed to smoking are far greater than the terminology I use.....
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    I am a non-smoker who uses nicotine. So yes I consider the day I quit smoking/burning tobacco the day I became a non-smoker. My physician agrees with me.
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    I agree, smoking and nicotine use are two different activities. I vape. I do not smoke.


  • JmanJman Posts: 3,050Member
    It really is quitting smoking if you don't smoke. As I choose to do both, I'm fairly clear on when I'm vaping (inhaling vapor) and when I'm smoking (inhaling smoke). 

    If smoking were instead called "inhaling" then it wouldn't be so accurate to say I've quit inhaling nicotine when people vape. 

    But it really is about the 4000 other ingredients that come with smoking that has delivered us into a world where smoking is 'evil.' 

    4000 ingredients is a lot of stuff for such a small package. At first glance, it appears like 3 ingredients: filter, tobacco, paper. 

    Was just thinking yesterday that smoking would certainly be more appealing if it too were allowed 10,000 flavor choices. I'm thinking if vaping is allowed to continue that way, smoking ought to. And if smoking isn't allowed to, then well ANTZ may have a point (when it comes to vaping). As I think their point is stupid, I'd like to see cigs come in cinnamon flavor. 
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    I came to the realization I had effectively quit smoking the day after I received my V2 order and I tried to smoke and was literally gagging on my cigarette. The fact that I literally can't stomach smoking an analog is all I need to say I quit smoking. Add to that the benefits of sense of taste returning and being able to smell things I never could before. I vape, I don't smoke. (and actually I get quite mad at those who aren't educated on the subject of what vaping is even suggesting I am a smoker)
    ^^What she said. When I learned my body had changed and that smoking analogues was not possible anymore, then I had the revelation that I am a bona-fide non-smoker. And not all vapers use nicotine, and I think the majority of vapers I talk to stepped down their nicotine use drastically.
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    I quit smoking a few days after I started vaping. I don't consider vaping to be smoking, as others have explained, it ain't smoking if nothing is burning.
  • MatthewCMatthewC Posts: 1,129Member ✭✭
    edited May 2013
    “smoking“ is the inhalation of combustible material...in order for something to combust you need -all-3 elements of the fire triangle...heat, fuel and an oxidizing agent (mainly oxygen)...the battery and atomizor DO produce heat...there IS air involved...but there aint no fuel (eletricity isnt a fuel; a fuel is burned to produce heat/energy...its a vicious cycle)...so there is no combution...so ya CANT “smoke” your e-cigs...unless you take a lighter to your battery......DO NOT TAKE A BIC TO YOUR BATT...DO NOT “SMOKE” your e-cig!!!
    [-X :[email protected] #-o
  • c1toborc1tobor Posts: 96Member


    I still smoke, but have "drastically" reduced those numbers.  If you don't need "fire" to light it....your not smoking, period. 

    Firemen should be the real victims of "second-hand-smoke".........


  • AlisonAlison Posts: 22Member

    I refer to myself as being an ex smoker and that I have been tobacco free for 1 month. I don't know what to call myself now, a vaper? vaporer?

  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    hi @Alison, we are vapers (you're a vaper, I'm a vaper, we're all vapers) we vape when we inhale/exhale our vapor. :D
  • AlisonAlison Posts: 22Member
    Thanks for clearing that up for me @DaddyCat I've been stirring on what to call myself for a while now when people ask. hahaha
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    You're welcome @Alison, btw the cool kids call e-cigs "Personal Vaporizers". Kind of nice to remove "cigarettes" from our activity.
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    DaddyCat said:
    You're welcome @Alison, btw the cool kids call e-cigs "Personal Vaporizers". Kind of nice to remove "cigarettes" from our activity.
    Yep, that's the terminology I use. I find if I tell people I have a personal vaporizer and it works like a nebulizer, they don't say 'no' to me using it in their homes or their general vicinity. Just the mention of the word 'cigarette' turns many people off.
  • happy_vapeyhappy_vapey Posts: 918Member
    i agree with all of the above!
    Its not smoke and really should not be lumped in with smoking like it is
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭

    From a different perspective... while I agree vaping is not smoking, the OP's question is legitimate and merits addressing from this perspective.

    Am I still smoking?  No.  Did I quit smoking?  No.  Let me explain.  "Quitting", when viewed as breaking an addiction, is important to emphasize.  None of us who vape regularly have truly quit smoking.  Rather, we have transferred our addiction to vaping.  For some of us, that's a tremendous leap towards truly quitting.  For others, there may be no intent to pursue quitting any further.  It's a question of personal perspective.  I've had others ask me when I quit, as well as when I stopped smoking, as well as when I intend to quit altogether.


  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited June 2013
    I will respectfully disagree (ya knucklehead provocateur) I'm not smoking when I vape. I have absolutely quit smoking. 
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Yeah, like I said, different perspectives.  Objectively, I can totally see your point, and do agree to the extent that yeah, we've all quit smoking if we're not actually smoking, and we're not.  But, I also see the merit in a perspective that says, well, a lap-band doesn't mean you've beat your food addiction, or methadone is just your transfer from (pick an opiate).  The latter perspective can seem a little harsh when it's not phrased as "way to go, good luck moving forward", but means essentially the same thing.  Personally, I don't think I have any intention of NOT vaping, even if it's 0 nic. I quite enjoy all of the flavors.
  • MatthewCMatthewC Posts: 1,129Member ✭✭
    edited June 2013
    Well I dont say I'm a smoker...dont say I'm a vapor, either...I'm Matthew...folks dont really ask...but then again I dont realy interact with to many people on a regular basis...my parents know I dont smoke...everybody in church too...my son...my ex wife...all (32) of my FB friends...my 8 followers on Twitter...you folks...I have been tabacco free for 31 days...but my nicotine addiction is still there (down to 6%)...but I do not smoke...
  • c1toborc1tobor Posts: 96Member
    I'm with DaddyCat.  If I "drink" something with nicotine in it....am I still a smoker?   :-??
  • supersteve00supersteve00 Posts: 30Member
    To me smoking is firing up a cigarettes, inhaleing carbon monoxide and many other harmeful ingredients. An ecig doesnt have all of that. Nothing is wrong with being "addicted" to nicotine, im sure most of you are addicted to caffine, one and the same to me. I have no fear of harming my kids with second hand vapor, no such thing. You cant vaporize an analog cig and you cant smoke an ecig. So yes i have quit smoking and i dont consider myself a smoker. Btw its been 6 months and its awesome
  • vaperaniavaperania Posts: 116Member

    ^^^^ What @supersteve00 said. ^^^^

    Be careful when using the term "addicted." Many differing definitions, depending on your point of view. Some people love to say nicotine is "highly addictive," when in fact it may not be. Tell some coffee drinkers that they're addicted to caffeine, and they'll either deck you, or laugh and say yeah, but it's a good thing... I'd say public perception is that if you're "addicted" to nicotine, it's evilevilevil, but if you're "addicted" to coffee, that's cool, dude...

  • NailzNailz Posts: 237Member ✭✭
    edited June 2013
    When people give up smoking using patches or gum, are they still smoking because got nicotine in them, no they are not, only reason some people still class vapers as smokers still, is the appearance of smoking and that is all it is.
  • zoydamaszoydamas Posts: 107Member
    Nope. Once you quit ciggerettes you are no longer a smoker.
  • gotolamgotolam Posts: 525Member
    zoydamas said:
    Nope. Once you quit ciggerettes you are no longer a smoker.

    huh?  What are you doing when you light up a stogie?

    If you guys feel the need to make yourselves feel better by saying you're not smoking, that's cool.  Call it what you want.  I like to say i'm smoking, which has a the benefit of  being a real word. 

  • NailzNailz Posts: 237Member ✭✭
    I have to say otherwise, there is smoke with a stogie, so yes smoking, but there is no smoke with vaping, so it is not smoking, but my wife is the same as you, she says she is still smoking, she just changed her brand, but no smoke, so not.
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Smoking, and more broadly, addictions in general, are not so simple.  In very technical terms, with only logical actually literal reality as the measure, no, vaping is not smoking.  But the psychology of addiction is FAR more complicated to that.  If you stop smoking meth are you no longer a met addict?  What if you're shooting it instead?  If you're not shooting meth but have switched to speedballing, have you successfully quit meth?  From the position of addiction as psychological, vaping is very much the same as smoking, which is why vaping is such an easy transition for most.  Is it still smoking?  Well, from a literal perspective, no, obviously not.  But it IS addiction transference.  So, if someone tells me I haven't really quit smoking, I do see where they are coming from and I don't completely disagree.
  • Stephanie_206Stephanie_206 Posts: 45Member
    edited June 2013
    Holy 'smokes' !!!  (ha! couldn't resist) ....

    I seemed to have started some controversy!!! Good discussion tho and I thank everyone for taking their time to reply and for their opinions and perspectives..... even as differing as they all are. It sparks ones mind to think about their 'addictions', 'transference'  or however you chose to refer to it.

    I have not smoked an analog since I got my kit, and as a matter of fact I have gotten several of my friends and coworkers to purchase starter kits from V2 as well. I am not sure just exactly what I will call it for myself yet. Quitting smoking, vaping, transferred addiction of nicotine etc. I will just figure it out as I go along I guess. :)
  • dcsurvivordcsurvivor Posts: 333Member
    I started vaping (and gave up cigs) on April 14, 2011. Within 6 months I was on the lowest level nicotine, and that is where I am today. I can do no nicotines here and there, but prefer the low level nicotine. No regrets....only that I wish I had done it sooner. I consider myself to be totally tobacco free, and so does my doctor.
  • flipperbangflipperbang Posts: 368Member ✭✭
    I agree with you all. I tend to relate most things to music. With that being said..... "Oldies" wasn't always oldies, "rock" branched off into a slew of different genres, and at some point wasn't Ozzy the devil?
    DaddyCatDrewsky for that one.) I think all us here can still call them ecigs
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    Agree^ I too use PV it's much more PC :D
  • streamhawkstreamhawk Posts: 177Member
    As long as no one gets PO'd about their PP not taking PDQ for vape purchases
  • Crystalplus2Crystalplus2 Posts: 890Member ✭✭
    I think our posts need more acronyms
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭

    =)) as if........ lol
  • MatthewCMatthewC Posts: 1,129Member ✭✭
    edited June 2013
    If we're gonna have MORE acronyms SOMEONE needs to make a PDF chart PDQ...I get my VV's/VG's/PG's/VP's/VD's/VIP's confused
    WTF OMG JTT!!!! :-bd =))
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    CC & BW
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    Good grief. Let's not devolve into chtspk.
  • ArticigArticig Posts: 81Member ✭✭
    I haven't puffed a real cig in 25-26 days.. When I got the kit, I had four cigs left on a
    Friday. I started vaping, but smoked the last four cigs about one a day, and was
    totally out on Monday. Haven't had one since, and ain't really missing it so far.
    Which is fairly amazing considering I was a solid 40 year pack a day+ smoker.
    I'm taking addicted, and thought I would never be able to quit without going stir
    crazy. But with the nic vapor, it hasn't been bothering me much at all.

    I notice the nicotine effects me differently. When smoking real cigs, you don't really
    feel the nicotine at all, and don't notice it.
    But I feel it with the vapor. Maybe because all the other trash is not there to help
    hide it. I seem to prefer not to use too strong a nic level. 12 is the strongest I've
    used so far, and it seems like plenty. I think 24 would make me feel kinda skitzy..
    I vape zero if I feel like I've had enough, and I mix them up to make whatever level
    I want. IE: I bought 75 carts of Sahara zero when they were cheap. I use those as my
    zero base and can add other juice if I want to make a low nic mix. I bought 50ML
    of coffee 12 which mixes great with Sahara zero.. And I like the coffee on it's own.

    I also have some of the clear blanks, which I kinda like. Good hits, and I like being
    able to see how much is left. Also, they don't seem to lose flavor as they run down
    like a cart does.
    When I smoked, I made my own with a Supermatic machine, and I used smooth
    pipe tobacco after the extortion taxes kicked in on cig cut tobacco.
    So real cigs were very cheap for me. About $1.15 a pack..

    So vaping actually costs me more.. I've already spent quite a bit on all this stuff,
    but I'm pretty well geared up now.. IE: two large batteries, Notebook cig, two sets
    of chargers, including a car adapter, enough carts and juice to last a good while.
    So the cost should taper down to mainly just juice and whatever..
    With all the carts I have, I'm in good shape for a while, even if I only got 5 fills a cart.
    But I expect to get much more than that, as I don't let them run dry.
    When I first tried a disposable, "a finiti" which actually wasn't too bad, I was kinda
    skeptical I would be able to give up the smoke. But danged if it didn't work.
    I don't think nic patches alone would have cut it. I really don't.. I need that fake
    smoking thing going on..  
    Well, there it is..  :/

  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    Welcome Articig! I've seen some of those cigarette machines and they're wild. They look kind of fun, actually. Cigarette rolling/filling has come a long way since I rolled my own in my youth. Glad you got set up with the vapes and are on the way to a healthier life!
  • ArticigArticig Posts: 81Member ✭✭
    I had to quit unless I want to be in a box in another ten years..
    Hard to do, cuz I like it.. I still like it. But it was starting to really
    get to me. IE: getting short winded when doing hard work, etc..
    Would be looking at definite COPD and Emphysema if I kept puffing.
    Yea, the old Supermatic saved me a lot of $$$ vs store bought.
    Really rugged and has seen a few years of hard use.
    It's been pouting lately.  lol.
    The home made cigs are better too.. I could use any tobacco I wanted.
    But that and being cheap just made me puff way too many.  :(

  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    edited June 2013

    :bangin:  care to reconsider that gem of an analysis @SirSmokem
  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Agreed.  In another thread you said that medical references were part of your library?  Are you a med student?  I would suggest you investigate all of the OTHER additives to tobacco, and all of the compounds produced and inhaled during combustion.  Nicotine, in and of itself, is the LEAST harmful compound in cigarette smoke.  As a vasoconstrictor and stimulant, it temporarily increases heart rate and blood pressure.  Very long term use can sometimes result in atherosclerosis-like symptoms.  Other than that, there aren't any other proven detrimental effects of which I, or my doctors, am/are aware. 
  • CynsonyaCynsonya Posts: 5,367Member
    Nicotine is the worst thing in a cigarette? :-O Who knew???
  • MatthewCMatthewC Posts: 1,129Member ✭✭
    edited June 2013
    When people lock themselves in a garage and put a rubber hose from the tail pipe of there car the their closed window its the rubber of the hose that kills them...Q.E.D rubber hoses should be BANNED...SORRY...sometimes the sarcastic sailor just cant shut up =))
  • Crystalplus2Crystalplus2 Posts: 890Member ✭✭
    Dihydrogen monoxide, DHMO, had killed many people and has caused a lot of damage. It is a hazard and should be banned as well.
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    Well, that poses a dilemma then. We need dihydrogen monoxide to live, so...maybe we should all take classes in it's proper use so we don't end up dying from it.
  • MartineerMartineer Posts: 423Member ✭✭
  • LKatLKat Posts: 7Member
    To jump in here - for the last 478 days, I haven't smoked a single analog cigarette. Do I consider the day I started vaping to be the day I quit smoking? Yes. Do I consider it to be the day I quit nicotine? No.  
    I breathe easier, no longer smell like a horrible ashtray. My vehicles and my home no longer have a smoke smell, and I am much healthier than I was before I quit smoking.  At this time, I'm not even considering giving up vaping, and I haven't switched from 1.2% nicotine this whole time. What non-smokers think is really their problem - they never had to deal with the addiction to nicotine, and I truly hope they never will. I would have saved myself so much money and heartbreak (yes, I do mean heartbreak - a couple of relationships ended - well, barely got started, actually -  over my smoking addiction - hard as that might be to believe - and otherwise, they were really decent guys - well, at least I thought so then).
    I don't consider myself a smoker anymore. I vape. And I'm proud to say that after having been a smoker for 30 years. I feel incredibly lucky to have found an alternative that won't lead to COPD, emphysema, and the other nastiness associated with smoking. 
    So, I think it's in the view of the user, not the view of everyone - or anyone - else. 
    478 days smoke free and proud of it! 
    :) :)
  • Crystalplus2Crystalplus2 Posts: 890Member ✭✭
    Haha @Drewsky ; ;)
  • APKhaosAPKhaos Posts: 152Member ✭✭
    Dihydrogen monoxide is OK so long as you don't breathe it. I can cause temporary skin damage [see prune skin]
  • DaddyCatDaddyCat Posts: 6,786Member ✭✭
    Nice to see you again @LKat and congrats on being so successful with your vaping. I'm also still using 1.2mg and see no reason to change.
    Love the Dihydrogen monoxide stuff, it's almost as classic as knock knock jokes.

    Knock knock… Who’s there? Dwayne… Dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub, I’m dwowning!
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