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Refilling Cartridges

chuckmivchuckmiv Posts: 5Member
edited October 2010 in Product Q&A and Problems
I was the owner of a blu e-cig, but was overall unhappy with the vapor production (plus it stopped working)
However when it was working I could fill the empty cartridges with my own homemade flavors.

I was impressed with the v2 reviews, but looking at the cartridges it doesn't seem like I can refill them seeing as how there is an atomizer attached to each one.

I guess the point is would I be able to take off the cartridge, replace the batting, refill the liquid, then put the same atomizer on or would I be forced to buy new carts


  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    I've noticed online that there are "refill kits" including "juice" (or nicotine solution) available but they seem to be for 3 part e-cigs, the atomizer being separate from the solution reservoir. So it seems a V2 may not be a good candidate for this. I've tried to disassemble a V2 cart on a casual basis, primarily just to see what's inside, but had no luck.

    A couple of friends were also curious about this, but in regards to reloading with something other than nicotine ....

    (I told them this may not work too well if it was possible as the "chemical" in question is quite like molasses in it's natural state and may not atomize very efficiently - but what do I know ?)

  • MarciaSSMarciaSS Posts: 37Member
    edited October 2010
    My husband is refilling V2 cartos right now. He found several videos on youtube.com on how to do it and it's working perfectly. Here's a link:

    I wish V2 would start carrying the juice!
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    edited October 2010
    I stand corrected - I was informed by a customer service person that there are links available to youtube videos showing how to refill cartridges. However I didn't find any specific to V2s. I'll try that link that Marcia posted above
  • eclectic1eclectic1 Posts: 1Member
    Has anyone used the V2 blank carts yet???
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    FYI--- although they are not yet on the web-site, we do have blank cartomizers... if anyone is interested, you can call us to order them!... 877-37-VAPOR
  • kgiggleskgiggles Posts: 9Member
    If I wanted to refill some of my cartridges where would I buy the juice from?
  • missblack69missblack69 Posts: 9Member
    local smoke shops or online e-cig websites.
  • kgiggleskgiggles Posts: 9Member
    Do you have a fave e-cig site that sells the liquid?
  • KC_StarKC_Star Posts: 6Member
    I got some juice and cartridges from litecigusa.com because my V2 sampler pack is still on back order that I ordered on October 1. Do not order from litecigusa.com! They don't produce much vapor!!! I'm still trying to get the hang of refilling the V2 cartridges. This video is the one I watched. http://thehouseofvapor.com/KR808d1.aspx
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    edited October 2010
    back orders are flying out the door now.. only still waiting on Vanilla, and a couple of the 12mg varieties. And those are almost here too :-)
  • ItsMeItsMe Posts: 4Member
    edited October 2010
    I also got some refill 'juice' from VapureELiquid.com to tide me over until my vanilla and cherry V2 carts come in. Well, let me just say, Yuck!!! The juice makes great vapor, but it tastes just horrible! The flavor of the V2 cherry and vanilla juice is soooo much better.

    However, I also just received my backordered Cowboy and Congress carts from my original V2 starter kit order (from Oct 1). The Cowboy are fine - though I won't get them again - I'm done with the taste of tobacco in any form. But the Congress are just plain nasty, nasty, nasty! I won't even finish what I have. Glad I only got one 5-pack of the congress - horrible!

    So far, the V2 vanilla and cherry win for me. I'm waiting for another refill 'juice' order from a different company to arrive. I'll let you know how they compare when I try them.
  • MarciaSSMarciaSS Posts: 37Member
    We're still missing our Cowboy and Congress carts from our orginal starter kit ordered Sept. 29th. Haven't received the sampler pack ordered along with it either. We have faith they're on the way, because customer service told me old back orders are being filled first. We're anxious to try the cowboy and congress. I do love the coffee and menthol flavors!
  • GFridayGFriday Posts: 1Member
    Hi, Y'all! Absolutely love my V2s, especially the Cherry. I have to admit that I would like to be able to refill the cartridges and reduce the amount of throw-away involved. Is there any chance that V2 will carry a refill liquid? I don't want to buy junk from another company, and I love everything about V2 - especially their commitment to every aspect of quality!
  • chuckmivchuckmiv Posts: 5Member
    Thank you for all the responses. They have been most helpful.
    v2, you can expect an order from me in the near future =]
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    FYI- next year V2 will be selling a full juice line!... and the V2 blank carts are very easy to refill... thanks KC_star for that great video post above... that is a very good video on how to fill a KR808D-1 cart.
  • UncleUlfUncleUlf Posts: 3Member
    I found the cart that V2 uses, and the YouTube that explains refilling, V2 uses: KR808D-1
    This is a very simple task, can't wait so I can order my eLiquid at same place/time as my other V2 products.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    I've been experimenting with cartomizer refilling for a week now, and am starting to get the hang of it. It's a good alternative to not vaping due to shortages. It does require work and patience, so if you're not into a little "sweat equity", stick with standard carts.

    Tips & Comments:

    - Most important thing in the process - DON'T "over vape" the cartridge you're going to refill. Ruins the batting and the atomizer
    - Don't rush the filling process. The batting takes some time to fully absorb the "juice"
    - Most interesting flavor "invented" - almond & bourbon

  • DooterDooter Posts: 6Member
    I have found that if you let the carts completely dry (for about 24 hrs) after thoroughly rinsing them out, you can get about 20 drops of e-liquid in them. That lasts me a good half a day of regular vaping. Also, after filling them, let them set for about 15-20 min before vaping - this seems to ensure that you get good vapor from the first few puffs (rather than a gurgly splatter of e-liquid, lol)

    Also search on youtube for the refill method using the cap - you essentially push the e-liquid up thru the bottom of the cart, ensuring that all of the filler gets saturated.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    Dooter ~ I tried that "cap" or "condom" fill method. It seems to leave a lot of juice in the atomizer airway - giving you a mouthful on the first hit. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong ?

    20 drops is supposed to be about 1 ml - or the specified "load" of a KR808D cart. I'm getting 16-17 drops in from the mouth-piece side to when the batting looks to be saturated. Probably because I'm refilling with the same flavor and not rinsing the cart (I "killed" a couple doing that) - so there's probably a couple residual drops left in them.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    20 drops is definitely a max... V2 fills 18-20 drops in all of it's cartomizers at the factory.... and with the V2 Blanks, we recommend no more than 20 drops.... and always make sure you replace the little rubber ring inside the cartomizer, because this is designed to help avoid getting liquid in your mouth.... and the video above posted by uncleulf is actually a very good video on how to refill the V2 blank cartomizer... even if it is put up by a different company :-)
  • DooterDooter Posts: 6Member
    Johnster - I haven't quite figured out how to get past the first puff and getting spit at by the atomizer. :/ ...although letting the filled cartomizer set for 15-20 min definitely minimizes this.
  • Rmiller0811Rmiller0811 Posts: 16Member
    I have been thinking about buying V2's blank carts and refilling carts since i seem to be going through alot of prefilled carts which is obviously more expensive. Can anyone let me know if Vapor4life is a decent company to buy e-liquid from? its 12.50 for a 30ml bottle and they got a ton of flavors. The e-cig lady reviewed them right under V2 but just wanted another opinion as far as buying the e-liquid from them. Thanks guys

  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 670Administrator admin
    edited November 2010
    V4L has lots of liquid varieties... and I also like iVape.net (because their juice is made in small batches), but probably Johnson Creek is the best out there at the moment... but stay tuned, because V2 will be releasing a premium "American Made" juice line early next year... and of course ours will be the best :-)
  • Rmiller0811Rmiller0811 Posts: 16Member
    yes stephanie was telling me however I need to find juice to hold me over til then cause buying prefilled carts is kicking my wallets a$$
  • Rmiller0811Rmiller0811 Posts: 16Member
    does ivape.net or V4L have better quality juice? Which tastes better and which produces more throat hit and vapor... Johnson creek is like double the price for their juice so ima have to pass on them :/
  • esjamesjam Posts: 9Member
    I have gotten juices from Vapor4Life and FreedomSmokeUSA, and have liked them all! Both places ship SUPER fast, and with FSUSA, they will customize juices for you, which is nice, because sometimes I find that I like a different blend of PG and VG, or want a stronger flavor, which they will add an extra flavor boost for free! :) Both places are reasonably priced and often have discount codes that you can use, too. Happy vaping! :)
  • TexTex Posts: 2Member
    I have just started smoking the v2, trying to stop normal cigs. How's it working for you folks out there?
  • cjmrfixcjmrfix Posts: 16Member
    Tex, I received my ultimate kit this past Friday and it is GREAT!! I'm a anolog cig smoker for fifteen years and after started vaping on Friday and have only smoked 4 cigs since then. As of today I haven't smoke a single cig. Strictly V2's. I can already feel changes..my taste and smell. A friend of mine lit a cig near me and it stank! I'm glad I made the change
  • MarciaSSMarciaSS Posts: 37Member
    edited November 2010
    Tex, it's working great for me and my husband. We quit analogs a couple days after we received our V2 kit about a month ago and haven't smoked one since. It's great to be tobacco free!

    Rmiller0811, we've ordered juice from Vapor4Life, the juice is good quality and they are super fast shipping like esjam said.

  • Rmiller0811Rmiller0811 Posts: 16Member
    ty for the feedback Marcia and esjam
  • ronainsworth68ronainsworth68 Posts: 20Member
    Tex, I havent smoked a cig since I got my kit almost a month ago. I was able to quit the analogs immediately.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Agree on the Johnson Creek fluids, and was impressed with their order, the added containers and their follow up to see if all went as planned(via e-mail). The follow up is unheard of in the online industry.
    Flavors are also great, and it was the first time I ever found dark chocolate, but do enjoy their Red Oak, normal stuff. It has a mild pipe tobacco flavor.(red oak is their vg line)

    Refilling my own now, and still hanging on to the cigs, but I must admit, reading here on this site I need to order up at least 1 battery and some blank cartromizers. The problem I have had from my current e-cig is inconsistent vapor and many failures (at the wrong time) with the cartomizers. I'm looking to order from here soon, and stop these derned fool cigs. It's so far been 3 inconsistent months on the other companies brand.
  • MarciaSSMarciaSS Posts: 37Member
    Earthpig, I know what you mean! The 2 brands we tried before V2 were soooooo inconsistent. It was horrible when we were away from home and couldn't recharge them. Our V2's haven't failed us yet and we're so glad we found them!
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Yeah, from what I'm reading, I'm sold.
  • ShawngShawng Posts: 6Member
    edited November 2010
    Hey all I just got my ultimate kit I ordered it Monday and received it in 4 mailing days ( Veterans Day holiday ) Pcc was B/O but heres is my question? Can I change the flavor of the cart ie. from menthol to cherry? Is there a differance in flavor between Vg & PG based juice?
    A Newbie
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Vg is claimed slightly sweeter, (but I must say I don't notice it), and has a stronger vapor (which IS slightly noticeable).
    I have tried using old carts with a different flavored juice, and it has a slight mixed taste. The old carts don't quite give up the original flavor (at least not the first time around).
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    How many refills can you get from a bottle of Johnson Creek using 18 drops a cart like V2 dose?
  • JonDJonD Posts: 4Member
    20 drops = approx 1 ml. 30ml per bottle (standard)

    That gives you 30 - 32 cartomizer refills per 30ml ( 1 ounce) bottle
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Wow thanks jonD 30 - 32 cartomizer refills that's great.
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Can anyone tell me for sure about Johnson Creek I just last night seen on some well known vapor sites that their juice is destroying batteries they say that there is sediment in the juice and its getting down in the battery.
  • CGallCGall Posts: 11Member
    I haven't heard that but I was going to order from them today. I think I'll hold off. Let us know if u find more info
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    edited November 2010
    Hi all I found this online first let me say I HAVE NOT TRIED THIS MYSELF but I'm kind of thinking I might, sounds simple enough no nicotine is the one I would try. I would be afraid to try dosing my own nicotine leave that to V2 any thoughts on the risk I would like to hear from someone at V2 as well. Any way here it is.

    What Ingredients Do You Need to Make E Liquid?
    The basic ingredients that you need to make your own e liquid are:
    1 – Vegetable Glycerin or Propylene Glycol. These need to be the food grade version of the products when you purchase them. If they are not, then you should not use the chemical for your e liquid. If you need to purchase Vegetable Glycerin, or VG, they can typically be found through e liquid providers on-line in sizes ranging from 6 to 60 ML. Both PG and VG typically come without flavoring or nicotine.
    2 – E Liquid Flavoring: You should only use candy flavorings for your e liquid. Lorann Oils and Capella Flavor drops produce flavorings that don’t contain oils which is said to help your e cig atomizer last longer. You can also find other flavorings to use in your e liquid through a variety of online and e cig companies.
    3 – Distilled Water: You should not use tap water for your e liquid due to the additives that it contains. filtered drinking water can be ok to use, but distilled water is the best.
    4 – Various Additives: to augment the flavor of your e liquid some people use herbs or other additives in their e liquid.
    5 – Commercial Nicotine Liquid: Some people try to make their own, but there are no well-defined instructions for this on the web. Buying pre-made commercial nicotine liquid is the safest alternative for this component of making your own e liquid.

    E Liquid Composition
    If you are making e liquid without nicotine, a starting point for the proportions of you mix is:
    - 15% Water
    - 15% Flavoring
    - 70% Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin

    If using nicotine change the ratios to:
    - 10% Water
    - 10% Flavoring
    - 60% Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin
    - 20% Commercial Nicotine Liquid

    Alternatively, you can take use 1/3rd nicotine liquid if already mixed with water, 2/3rds PG or VG, and then add flavoring to taste. You should not use a greater percentage of nicotine liquid in either case. If you would like to have thicker smoke with your e liquid, then you can use less water with your mix. If you are going to use additives in your e juice, then you replace an equivalent amount of water with the amount of additive

    The Danger of Nicotine Poisoning
    If you are making a nicotine-based e liquid, the dangers of nicotine can not be over-stated. It is a poison and is toxic. You need to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling and make sure you keep it and your e liquid away from children or family pets since it can cause death if they get into it. For this reason, many e cig users that have children and don’t have a secure place to store their e liquid will use pre-filled cartridges from electronic cigarette manufacturers.

  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Another issue with buying nicotine is the concentration levels and then calculating out what is acceptable.
    Differing sales sites have differing strengths. I doubt anybody sells straight nic. At least not from what I've seen. It is generally cut, and the concentration level given.
    Careful with it. If absorbed through the skin, you could cause yourself serious damage, like heart attacks or death. Rubber proper gloves are important. It only takes one major mistake, like pouring a bottle in your lap or some fool thing like that.

    Please be cautious. I hope I'm not overstating this, but would rather be safe than sorry.
  • BigJimBigJim Posts: 44Member
    If you are mixing your own e juice Please DO NOT go by the example above if using nicotine!
    You need to caculate the amount of nicotine according to what mg/ml strenght liquid you are using. If you are using 36mg/ml liquid then it would be fine 1/3 nicotine juice would make 12mg/ml carts. But if you are using 150mg/ml base juice you would end up vaping 50mg juice... not recomended :-)
    Most people that use high mg nicotine liquid will go ahead and dilute it down to safer levels before they mix flavors etc.

    From what I have seen and read the oil flavorings do not seem to be any harder on atomizers, they are just harder to work with because they are Insoluble in water... so you have to mix them with PGA (Pure Grain Alchol) before it will mix in with your other ingredients.

    If you are unsure of the math to caculate the right strength juice there is several online caculators you can use that will tell you how much of what to mix.
    You can find links to them and some E Juice recipes as well as other usefull info at http://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/diy-e-liquid/74109-guide-diy-flavoring.html
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    edited November 2010
    I have seen (online vendor not mentioned) PG/VG mix with 48 mg/ml nicotine. It is UNflavored, and therefor meant to be "cut" and flavored. I believe it was about $20 for 30ml. To cut - PG, VG or PG/VG mix is available for about $15 for 120ml. With that, all you need to do is apply math to get to the desired mg per ml ratio. In this case you'd use 1.67 parts PG to 1 part 48 mg PG to get a 18 mg/ml "load" (or "Xtra strong) What gets sketchy is the flavoring - I haven't seen guidelines on how much to use. I guess it's the usual "season to taste" trial-and-error
  • BigJimBigJim Posts: 44Member
    If you look at the site I posted above... when you scroll down the page they have the major flavor companies listed and each flavor for most and have % guide to use next to that flavor.
    Of course it is not exact... 10 to 15%, 1-5%, 20-30% etc. Taste is kinda different for everyone But at least it gets you in the ball park and helps to keep from wasting as much on bad batches.
  • JondsterJondster Posts: 571V2 Veteran
    I've always thought that bread-making machines are men's toys - gives us a chance to fool around with the ingredients. Now, refilling carts are a new avenue for "taste experimentation".

    The first taste experiment in refilling carts I tried was with pure almond extract and bourbon. Hey, pretty tasty ! I'm afraid to try kahlua as it may gunge up the batting and/or atomizer. Probably also preclude refilling.

    What do you think of Grand Marnier liquor ? Ah .... the endless possibilities
  • ranranranran Posts: 6Member
    RE- Video on refilling--

    In the video there are 2 things removed the white cap and a clear ring. I have opened 2 carts to refill and both have no clear ring to be removed. Are my carts supposed to have the clear ring or is that just the type used in the video?
  • ranranranran Posts: 6Member
    Just checked all 5 carts and none have the ring inside. I also found this vidreo about refilling. I assume there is no internal ring in order for this to work.

  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    Mine only has the cap also no inner ring.
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