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best way to clean EX Blank

I have done a few searches, but can't find a clear cut way to clean the EX Blank Carto's.  Seems like the best way is to soak in Everclear, and then let dry.   Maybe run hot water through it when done? 

I have 1 EX Blank that has completely stopped working.  Has anyone had this happen and able to fix it?


  • kdoddskdodds Posts: 2,571Member ✭✭
    Eventually, they will have to stop working completely when the coils no longer heat the liquid.  But, this is usually only after MANY fills.  Other than cleaning with (consumable) spirits and/or water, there's really not much else that can be done with them.
  • ApecApec Posts: 11Member
    I am soaking the one in Everclear now.  It was really dirty inside.  It was odd.  It had, like thick goo inside.  But what do I do after the soak?  Or if the soak does not get the "goo" out. 
  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    I'd rinse it out with the kitchen sink sprayer, if you have one. Just don't run the water too fast or you'll have a lot of back-spray.
  • NailzNailz Posts: 237Member ✭✭
    People have different ways to clean them, me I do the same as Drewsky, I 1st use the kitchen sparyer to clean out as much juice as possible, then they go in a vodka soak for over 12 hours, then I rinse them again with hot water and then leave for a few days to dry, know some just dry after the vodka soak, but I don't want to risk getting a vodka taste afterwards.
  • SimmySimmy Posts: 11Member

    After a week of lots of use, about 3 refills a day for 7 days, there was enough "goo" to lower performance to a near standstill.

    I just soaked and rinsed in hot tap water, kept rinsing till all the goo out.  I gave it lots of good spins to get every bit of water out, and let it sit for two days.

    Just refilled it today, took awhile to get it going good, but seems to be working as good as new now.  :-)

    Of course, being my first test, I don't know how long my cleaned out EX Blank will last....



  • ArticigArticig Posts: 81Member ✭✭
    I tried cleaning one about a week ago. Just used plain water. For the most part
    it worked pretty well, but I think some everclear would have helped ungunk the
    atomizer, coil, etc.. It was harder to hit than usual, and it did that before I washed it.
    I did some semi dry burns with it, and it was working pretty well for a few days.
    But then the coil gave out and it was kaput.. RIP..  :(
    I think next time, I'm going to give it a long soak in the spirits to clean it up,
    and less of the dry burning. I think it was likely all the semi dry burns I did that killed
    the coil.

  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    I don't dry burn mine at all. I let them air dry 2 days and they're ready to go.
  • ArticigArticig Posts: 81Member ✭✭
    The main reason for the dry burning was to try to burn up the encrusted
    gunk that seemed to be built up around the coil. I was thinking it had built up
    to the point that it was restricting the flow, and making it hard to draw.
    The dry burning did seem to help, and made it easier to draw. After I did
    that, it was working pretty good for a few days, and then just went kaput with no
    warning at all.  The coil was a goner. :(
    I'm hoping maybe using everclear will clean that stuff up so I don't have to
    do that. I think I can get everclear here.

  • DrewskyDrewsky Posts: 1,947Member ✭✭
    Yeah, I use a vodka soak for a few hours then rinse, then let it air dry. I used to soak my coils for two days, but I found 4-5 hours does just as good a job...possibly because I clean them so frequently.
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