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I just vaped on a plane

ButtonpusherButtonpusher Posts: 67Member
Went through security with 5 ecigs in my purse, no problem at all. Vaped in the terminal. I was careful on the plane because of the ban.

When the lights went down and everyone was sleeping, I vaped on the DL, covering the LED so I wouldn't draw attention to myself. Ahhh...

Back on the terminal I asked the flight attendant if we could smoke electronic cigarettes. I was told no. He laughed and said he had just heard about them that morning when he got his paperwork. 


  • ThornbirdThornbird Posts: 12Member
    I would go to the restroom if I really couldn't get through the flight without vaping. Hopefully, you would've just gotten a warning if you were caught. But, they can be awfully nasty about people breaking federal laws.
  • LeifLeif Posts: 120Member

    Two words:

    Stealth Battery

    V4L has them. Camouflage pattern, no LED. Looks nothing like a cigarette. Keep the vapor in for a few seconds and almost nothing comes out. I did it on a transatlantic flight while people around me were awake and nobody even noticed.

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