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filling/storing cartos

I am still pretty new to all of this.

It seems that if I fill a carto and not use it for 3 or 4 days, it does not last as long - may be my imagination?

I fill them all the same amount, and store them in a V2 case with a BP on the battery end, and condom on the other.

Is there anything I can do different, am I just imagining it, or do I simply need to refill a days worth everyday?

 am quite happy with V2, and have cut back to 4 to 6 analogs a day (depending on when I get to sleep? lol).

I have 10 I have cleaned once - boiled 5 minutes, then soaked in rubbing alcohol for 2 hours (shaking every so often, then boiled again for 15 minutes, and let dry for 2 days. That seemed to work very very well.


I cannot get everclear here in Ohio - and the vodka simply does not seem to help - I know the warnings on Isopropyl - but with boiling them after and giving 2 days for everything to evaporate, I feel safe and the taste is fine.

SO - how many do you fill at once, how long do they seem to hold up, and for how long after re-filling?

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