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Reusing cartomizers

LeifLeif Posts: 120Member


Remember a few weeks back when I discovered the link between the two cartomizer models (hard top and soft top) versus performance?

Customer Service made good on that (thank you again, Stephanie), but it'll still be a few days before I get my new order, so I decided to try reusing cartomizers.

The last few weeks I've been saving the cartomizers where I noticed diminishing taste before they started tasting burnt. I had a total of 26 (20 hard-top from V2, 6 from Bloog), so today I boiled them in bottled water three times (about 15 minutes each).

I don't have a lanyard (and leather doesn't mix well with water anyway) so I made a makeshift spinner from an old syringe (previously used to refill an inkjet), clear packing tape and thin gauge speaker wire. (Hey, whatever works, right?)


After boiling and rinsing the cartomizers, I tried blowing from the mouth end to get the excess water out. It worked, but it was rather labour intensive (hey, I've only been off tobacco smoke for 6 weeks) so I realized I could use the spinner instead. All it took was spinning 2-3 laps (centrifugal force is your friend) and all the water was gone.

I then placed them in my fan oven (convection) on a cookie form, set the oven to 80 degrees (that's 176F for my American friends) for an hour or so.


Then, I took one of the former V2 menthol full cartomizers out to try it.

I took the white rubber cap off a brand new V2 cherry full. It's the soft-cap cartomizer type -- they have never worked acceptably for me.

Then, I put a rubber top with butt-plug into the clean menthol cartomizer, "connected" it to the new V2 cherry full cartomizer, put the whole shebang into the syringe, and spun vigorously for a few seconds. Then, I put the newly filled cartomizer onto my battery.

Moment of truth...

It worked perfectly!

Excellent cherry vapor -- the reused V2 Menthol cartomizer works SO well -- night and day compared to how the soft-top cartomizers cherry usually comes in works. No trace of menthol taste either -- pure cherry.

Obviously I'm not willing to do this forever (that is, pay for cartomizers and still have to mess with them myself), but for now, while V2 are working through their QC issues, this will hold me over!

Can't wait to try V2 Coffee and Cowboy in bloog cartomizers -- that will be interesting. :)



  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    It's a pain, eh?
  • VaperLoverVaperLover Posts: 491Member
    Leif....DUDE!...Nice instructions, coupled with great visuals...Very cool. Although, I have to say, I haven't had the same problems with the soft cap cartos that you're describing...I actually prefer them. That being said, you're bound to come across a bad one every now and then. It's nice to know a remedy when one's needed. I appreciate you're effort in sharing the knowledge. Thanks!
  • LeifLeif Posts: 120Member

    You're most welcome, VaperLover :).

    For me it wasn't a case of the soft caps being bad now and then -- every soft one was consistently poor, and every hard one was consistently good. It still took a while for me to see the pattern -- at first I thought it had to do with the flavor. Repositioning the center post helps, but they're still not as good as the hard top ones for me.

    Since my first post I've filled a few:

    Cowboy Full -> Bloog MaxxFusion -- excellent vapor, ok taste -- i think i prefer this one in V2 hard top

    V4L WOW Coffee 18 -> Bloog MaxxFusion -- INCREDIBLE. Much better taste than I ever had with V4L cartomizers, and CLOUDS of vapor. This one is a winner.

    V2 Coffee Full -> V2 hard top -- pretty good, MUCH better than in V2's soft top (which produced pretty much no vapor for me), but not as good as V4L's coffee for me.

    V2 Vanilla Full -> V2 hard top -- GREAT. I've never had this much vapor from vanilla before -- great throat hit and it tastes great! Sipping from the carto feels almost like sipping a vanilla shake, except it's warm instead of cold. I refilled a V2 Chocolate Light carto -- it's gonna be hard keeping track of this.

  • Leif...so u basicly just spun the juice from one cart to an empty/cleaned one? Forgive me I tend to b a little slow on occasion lol
    I read your post like 3 x before " I think" I figured it out. Yikes ....
    I to have seen the same issues with the cap difference ....love the taste from the cherry, but just can't get enough out of it. I also noticed that the batting in my cherry ones is only about half of the cart. I tried adding tobacco juice to the cherry carts to get more of a hit and all I did was flood it and it really didn't help at all.
    Very interesting
  • MaryBMaryB Posts: 23Member
    Thanks Leif !! I have 2 bunk carts, so this tip will definitly be easier than trying 2 spin one out, transfer juice, and spin into another !!
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Sounds like you all are considering saving(spinning) used juice.
    It's cheap. 

    Consider bacteria
  • MaryBMaryB Posts: 23Member
    @ Earthpig  LOL  No thats not what I meant. That would be just plain gross. I have some that won't work and their just sittin there full of juice. And I didn't want to just throw them out. I meant this would be a good way to get the liquid out of the broken cart and into a clean or new, empty cartomizer. The " spinning out and in" was from a video on the Reverse Taryn Spin, but I haven't tried it yet.  I think this would be alot easier and faster.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Ok good. Mary.
    Sounded a lil weird @ 1st.
  • LeifLeif Posts: 120Member

    You got it, TotallyHemp! I transferred juice directly from a full cartomizer of the bad kind, to an empty/cleaned cartomizer of the good kind.

    The syringe + speaker wire was just the next best thing to a lanyard, since I don't own one (yet).

  • CarolGCarolG Posts: 562Member
    Genius, Leif! 
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member

    use drip tips..love em...dont have to worry bout the caps at all.....so glad i started.....they do fit great on the cartos and the flavor is awsome, so is the throat it.......


    hey v2, how bout along with ejuice,   u wanna consider drip tips too.....i dont drip, i just use them cause i tried it out once on my carto and it blew me away the difference without any cap

  • LeifLeif Posts: 120Member

    Goin4nosmoke, doesn't that make them excessively long? I can imagine the XL battery with a mega cartomizer and a drip tip, it's gotta be like a foot long :).

    I just ordered an eGO with atomizers and drip tip, and 25 different sampler size tobacco flavours from a different company, for the purpose of trying the flavours out before filling cartomizers with them. I so have a new hobby :).

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member

    ooooo  but its soooo good leif :)     and yeah it does make it a little longer but i put small ones one my ecig and put the bigger ones on the other things i have.....

    it looks soooo slick with silver drip tip, take off paper off carto and use a silver battery    it looks beauty


    what notrab said lol :)

  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member

    p.s.  and yes its an awsome hobby aint it   lolool   its an addiction but much better then ciggys

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