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throat burns/running through cart.'s too fast what am i doing wrong?

hi all,

I'm an elec cig newbie, I still don't understand all the terms/lingo. But, i've been smoking ecigs for a couple years, bouncing from brand to brand. 

I've been using v2 regularly, I used to really like them, but something's wrong. I'll get maybe 10-20 good throat hits off a new cartridge (2.4 nicotine/red) and then the rest is just blowing smoke, there's no satisfying throat hit and i get a severe burning in the back of my throat. 

It hasn't always been this way though. I may be inhaling too much and too often. I'll literally have an ecig in my mouth vaping away and i never put it down. I don't take a few inhalations, then put the ecig down for an extended length of time. i'm sure to give it a rest if i feel the cartridge burning up. 

i ditched my long cig battery (automatic) yesterday because regardless of charging and recharging (for 5 hrs) all I got even off new cartridges was a burn in my throat each time I inhaled. 

so I went and got a cheap v2 starter kit at the liquor store, enjoyed a fresh battery/cartridge - -  it produced really great throat hits and vapor over and over. once that was gone i recharged the battery and opened a new cartridge. 

but w/ that new cartridge (and the 4 more new ones I opened tonight) I keep getting this painful throat burn. regardless whether I take a slow dep inhhale, or a few short puffs. 

am i smoking these wrong? i've thrown $55 bucks out the window this week on new cartridges that don't even last much less produce  a throat hit. 

can someone instruct me on how to properly inhale v2's? i think i'm inhaling too much n' too fast. or am I overcharing the battery? 

sooooo frustrated! (and yes, I cleaned out the battery w/ qtip, there's no nicotine residue lingering around. help help help!


  • MartineerMartineer Posts: 423Member ✭✭
    edited November 2013

    First, if you are using prefilled carts, they just don't have enough juice in them.  If you have the eliquid, top off your carts before using them.  Then, forget prefilled, and reuse them by filling with eliquid.  It is cheaper and you know the cart is full.

    As far as inhaling, draw into your mouth, don't just inhale straight into your lungs.  After you draw into your mouth, then inhale into your lungs.

    As far as the battery, personally,  I prefer manuals because you preheat the coil before taking a hit by holding down the button for a second.  Many prefer auto batteries, I am not one of them.  Also, you can't overcharge the battery.

  • flipperbangflipperbang Posts: 368Member ✭✭
    excellent advice @Martineer. @newarknewbie, it may be possible that you're using a quite a high nicotine content which is understandable for someone coming off analogs but if you're vaping constantly (I do the same) you might want to try a lower nic level. Sometimes nicotine can be a bit of an irritant. I totally agree w/taking a draw into your mouth 1st...that may quell the harshness.
  • EarthpigEarthpig Posts: 4,754V2 Veteran
    Ok, I'm going to be a little abrasive here, but for your good.

    Your over doing the nicotine and looking for a thing called "Throat Hit". 
    That isn't the intent of e-cigs. The intent is to match your smoking experience.

    Throat hit is just "Harshness". You didn't do that with cigs. You smoked and occasionally the hit might get you. 
    2.4 mg is the max made unless you go to an unsafe company. You shouldn't be woofing down on 2.4 mg juice. What if you smoked at the same intensity as you are vaping? Would you have throat issues/etc?
    Personally I think nobody should use 2.4 mg. It might be ok, to get off cigs, and then back up to a lesser mg. , but most individuals have issues with that nic level...let alone the mindset and overuse you describe.
    Slow Down !
    You are actually addicting yourself worse than if you were a smoker due to overuse. A better and less harmful addiction but an addiction none the less.
    Always remember this....This is "Harm Reduction", NOT "Harm Elimination!" 

    There is truth to pre-filled carts not being totally filled. As a rule, these carts hold about 20 drops (depending on viscosity) of e-juice. 
    Pre-filled you generally get 15 to 18 drops. 1 carto is near equal to a pack of cigs, depending vastly upon your inhaling habits. 

    Yes you can fill your own, but I don't suggest that right away. Remember nicotine is a dangerous drug in high concentrations ad it can be harmful if poured in your lap or on your skin. Caution with the higher mg juices,

  • usernameusername Posts: 149Member ✭✭
    Try a clearo and a VV/VW type unit. You can tailor the whole thing to what tastes best and feels best on your throat. V2 juice is even better out of a glass clearo and some decent wattage control driving it.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi newarknewbie - the nicotine strength may definitely be your issue. The best thing to do would be to get on the phone with one of our CS reps and let us troubleshoot with you. We don't want you wasting your money and if you explain your situation to a CS rep, they will likely offer a great resolution to your situation. Please call us at 877.37.VAPOR as soon as you can to resolve. If you are against this, please PM me and we'll get your situation figured out. 

    Best regards,
    Samantha ;)
  • I had similar experiences with v2 carts. Now I vape v2 liquid from an ego t battery and carto tank and every drag is great. V2s battery/carts can't handle heavy prolonged vaping. They make excellent e liquid though.
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    Drink lots of water
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