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Smoking/Vaping on a Cruise

DaisyleeDaisylee Posts: 114Member
Okay, I am going on a cruise at the end of next week... on Carnival.  First time for me and I don't know what to expect as far as smoking or vaping goes.  I haven't had an analog for about 50 days now, and I'm worried that if I want to vape on deck or such I will have to go to some designated smoking area... or perhaps its not allowed at all.  I can't seem to find any information on smoking  on the cruise website other than its not allowed in certain types of rooms... spa rooms... but I don't have one of those.  And it wouldn't matter as I am not planning to smoke... but I am planning to vape in my room and on deck also if I don't have to go to a smoking area... if they even have one of those.  I just can't be around intense smokers right now... I still have dreams and a daily craving for an analog, but I"m not around it much as I am the only former smoker in my family and group of friends... so the urge passes nicely with a vape or two.  IN terms of the rooms, will the outlets allow use of my PT? 

Has anyone been on a cruise who has some experience on smoking / vaping they can share with me?


  • WhoWantstoKnowWhoWantstoKnow Posts: 315Member
    I can't speak from experience. However there is no law about vaping on cruses either. I think if you step away from the main crowd you should be fine. Make sure you bring any cards or info you have on e-cigs if you have to explain. You might get told something, however if you give them a good argument and they think they might effect how much money you are going to spend with them, you should be fine. Wish I could give you more solid advice then that, but e-cigs are still very new so a lot of this is 'try and see'.

    Have run on your cruse none the less.
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