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My one and only disappointment

My friends and family know all too well how much I rave about V2. The products are excellent and the customer service has been outstanding. Until recently.

I received the new EX batteries a few weeks ago and loved them immediately. Great design, except for one flaw in the construction -- the small rubber ring that holds the cap on.

I've had this ring come off a few times and the last time it happened, I couldn't find the ring. Now the cap for the battery has nothing to grip onto and just slides off with gravity.

I contacted customer service asking if I could BUY replacement rings to have on hand when this happens. I was told that they don't sell or ship the rings separately, but that they would be happy to sell me a new battery. What??

This is a new battery that I just purchased, which has a design flaw, because of which the battery is no longer useful to me if the cap won't stay on and they actually want me to buy another battery! Are you kidding me?

My disappointment is so much bigger because of the usual high level of customer service and support I've received from V2 in the past 16 months. I've been stunned for the past couple of weeks at their response, sitting here wondering what to do about it. I love their products, but if this is their new way of doing business, I may have to find an alternative for my vaping. I sincerely hope this was just an anomaly.


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,233Member


    My EX Battery came with 3 extra rubber rings that were attached to the plastic packaging. I thought that was pretty forward thinking of V2. It would be possible to overlook and throw away the extra rings since they are pressed into the plastic packaging.

    Did you find the extra 3 when you opened the packaging?

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @gotjackson, I am going to get this taken care of asap. I don't know why the CS phone conversation went the way it did. I am looking into this now and will PM you with a resolution momentarily.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. 
  • gotjacksongotjackson Posts: 46Member
    Just wanted to say thanks to Samantha and the V2 team for making this right. Your customer service has always been exceptional and your immediate action proves to me that you are still committed to that same level of service.

    Please keep up the good work. Still waiting for the new EX carts... hopefully soon?
  • tomvaitomvai Posts: 16Member
    Well from my current experience those o-rings can wear off pretty fast, so it would be good if replacements rings would be available in the future(Searching for o-ring at a grocery stores seems too unpractical for me). I've "destroyed" the first o-ring in a matter of days, because the sleeve's end is sharp and can damage the ring if you're not careful putting it on.

    Now for me personally this is not such a big problem as I actually don't like to use the sleeve. Imho it imho makes the e-cig end to thick and imho ugly, and for me its a purely cosmetic add-on as the dag on both the EX blanks as on the regular carts is excellent with or without the sleeve. So even if you destroy the o-rings the battery is still fully operational you just can't use the sleeve anymore.

    Personally if I was v2 I'd either scrap the sleeves in the future versions of the EX batteries all together, or I'd design them in a such way that the o-rings would no longer be required.
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