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Hello everyone! 

I am excited to finally announce and bring back (all the V2 Forum Veterans should remember this) a new version of the V2 Fan of the Month! Every month we will be hosting a V2 Fan of the Month raffle right here on the forum. Each month that we host the contest, we will ask a unique question related to V2 and anyone will be allowed to get the chance to win a FREE V2 Online Shopping Spree by 1) signing up for the forum (if you aren't already a member) and 2) answering the unique question on the appropriate V2 forum thread.  The question will always be highlighted in red.   


Are you our biggest fan? Your loyalty to V2 could win you $250 in store credit! To enter the V2 Fan of the Month Contest, tell us why V2 is your favorite e-cigarette brand over other brands, RIGHT HERE on this V2 Forum thread! Our team will choose the winner based on authenticity, creativity and uniqueness. :) If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or ask right here on this thread. 


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*Contest ends Sunday, April 27th at 11:59PM EST. Winner will be announced sometime next week right here on the forum. All contestants must be of legal U.S. smoking age to enter and/or win. Contestants in other countries where e-cig products are accepted/legal can enter and/or win. Please refrain from using profanity, promoting affiliates or competitors as this type of behavior may result in disqualification. Please refrain from making any health or smoking cessation claims as well. The V2 team has the right to disqualify an entry at any time for any reason.


  • CrepesAndVapesCrepesAndVapes Posts: 36Member
    After the start of the new year, I noticed a lot of my friends online had resolved to quit smoking. One friend in particular, had a lot of success. In one post he mentioned that he was using ecigs to help kick tobacco. I started doing some research, and eventually bought different brands of disposables to try. I did a lot of research before I finally decided on V2. And even then I was hesitant to buy. I was unsure i had the willpower to quit analogs. But the retail gods sent me a sign in the form of a killer deal on groupon. My mom, and mother in law both ended up ordering kits as well. Initially I found it really easy to vape instead of smoke, but my husband was still smoking (we smoked the same brand). And I soon found myself grabbing cigarettes from his pack, and only using my v2s sparingly. Luckily, one day the weather won, and we were stuck indoors. He asked if he could try out one of my batteries and carts and that was that. In nearly two months we went from smoking a carton and a half a week to maybe one pack shared over the course of several days, that we stupidly buy after a beer and pizza once every two weeks. Cigarettes are pretty gross to me now, so every time I light one I think, "why the heck did I do that? It totally wasn't worth it." And I put it out, run back inside and nurse on my V2.
  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    I have tried 2 other brands on ecigs. First one tasted horrible and had very little vapor. The second one just plain didn't work. So I saw a V2 starter kit with 1 battery, USB charger and 1 Red 18 cartridge. Bought it and a 5 pack of Red and didn't smoke an analog again! After a month I decided to check out the website. Super easy website to browse and chat with representative while shopping! It was a great experience going through the website. Bought a starter kit with 2 more batteries, PCC, 3 different flavors. That's when I found the best e-liquid ever! Congress!! V2 liquids are the best tasting, fullest flavor liquids ever. Got a few EX blanks for a fun way to Vape and have loved it ever since! I had a battery go bad and with the lifetime warranty, I just called customer service and a new battery arrived later that week! V2 doesn't bombard you with a hundred different flavors or 25 different batteries or confuse you with a complicated website. What they do offer is a high quality product with high quality service! They care about their product, customers and service! Simple and effective!
  • btaylorbtaylor Posts: 16Member
    I just have to start off by saying I have been cigarette free for almost 4 years! I didn't start with V2 I started out with safe cig :( but soon they closed etc, I needed to make a change fast!!!! I had seen that a lot of people were recommending V2 so I though I would give it a try best decision ever:) V2 was way better then safe cig for all these reasons. The batteries are freaking amazing the hit,and time the batteries last can't compare to any other ecig!! I smoke the red18 mg perfect for me love these,and love the ability to buy in bulk!!! I also like the fact that they have sales who doesn't love to save $$!! V2 offer such a variety of battery choices I have them all and more!!! V2 also has such a variety of cases, and charging cases to choose from I also have them all lol!! Last but not least my heath has improved since I no longer smoke cigarettes, no more coughing all night :) I highly recommend V2 to all my friends, and family and some have switched to V2 and love it!!! So pick me I am your biggest fan!  Brandy Taylor
  • icequeen2727icequeen2727 Posts: 14Member
    I started using V2 a few years ago and I was hooked instantly.  V2 offers all the benefits of smoking (for me stress relief :) without all the harmful chemicals.  Their warranty is unsurpassed by anyone and when I need instant help, I can click online chat and my question or problem is instantly taken care of.  I have used every battery type they make (love the new EX) and I have boxes in stock so I never run low on cartridges.  I can live without a lot of things but not my V2s!!  The flavor varieties (my favorites are Sahara, Chocolate, Red, AND Vanilla) are excellent and they are always seeking customer opinions about what products they could provide next or how they can improve existing products.  V2 feels like family.  A trusted friend that is always there when you need them.  I highly recommend them to anyone and if you are not a vapor, I say "What are you waiting for?"
  • BevyjoBevyjo Posts: 1Member
    I have smoked for 36 years. I knew I needed to quit,but I just always loved to smoke. It git to the point that I was getting winded alot. I had seen ads for e-cigs,so I bought a disposable.Ittasted o.k.,but didnt last long. I saw V2 ad on facebook. So I tryed them. I LOVE my V2! Ive been smoke-free for 5mo. I dont even crave smoking any more! And I can breathe again! V2 has changed my life,in so many ways. I didnt realize the events I would skip because I smoked! Ive always loved smoking. Now,I love vapeing! I tried a few other kinds but nothing compares to the taste of my V2.And the customer service is top-notch! Any little problem or question I have,they handle right away! Im proud to be a part of the V2 family!
  • AnnieAnnie Posts: 5Member
    The thought of being able to smoke without smelling like an ashtray, is what attracted me most at first.
    There was no question, after doing research, V-2 was the way to go.
    I have been EXTREMELY happy with my choice, and have had no desire to try other brands.
    The products are without equal , the customer service is extrodinary , the employees are helpful, kind, professional and always a pleasure to work with.
    I have marketed the product to other's, and have gotten many to order.
    In my opinion, V-2's are without equal, and I intend to use them for many years to come.
    I love you guys !!!!
    Ann Reck
  • archerarcher Posts: 171Member
    V2 was my second attempt at quitting smoking with ecigs. The first attempt went badly, the flavors from the first brands of e cigs I tried didn't come close to tasting like menthol, the amount of vapor didn't match analogs, and the batteries were good for a couple hours at best. I spent a lot of money but still kept on smoking, finally deciding I couldn't afford to smoke and vape at the same time, I stopped vaping.

    I read an article about V2 online with a lot of very positive reviews, I still wanted badly to quit smoking so I decided to give it one more try, surely all those glowing reviews couldn't be wrong. Soon I had a review of my own, the V2 menthol is awesome, the batteries, especially the new EX, last much longer, and the vapor production and throat hit are as close to analogs as I could possibly hope for.. The rest is history, I'm a full time vaper and a very satisfied V2 customer.

  • jgriviellejgrivielle Posts: 1Member
    edited April 2014

    I had been smoking on and off for 45 years at least, when I started using V2. It has made a total change in my life.  V2 is the absolute best Ecig on the market today, and the customer service the best in the business.  Whenever I have had problems, they are solved quickly, and with curteously. Their lifetime warrenty is also the best.  I had a problem with one of the batteries that I was using, and when I called V2 they told me to return it and they sent a replace out the very same day.  This is how customer service should be.

    I started out using the one-time only batteries that I found in the grocery and drug stores.  None of the products I tried had any type of flavor that resembled a cigarette. Neither did they give any satisfaction. The battery did not last long, and it was an expensive proposition using these single batteries.  Then one day, I was at my cousin's house and her son who was in his early 20's was using a V2, and I asked him about it.  He told me how satisfied he was and since he had a couple of extra batteries, he gave me one to try  I couldn't believe how satisfying it was. It had flavor, and I could also feel the nicotine in the cartridge was very close to the feeling you get when inhaling the "real stuff". He let me keep the battery and a few cartridges to get me started, and when I got home I went online and ordered a starter kit.

     That was 2 and 1/2 years ago, and it has been the best decision of my life.  I have recommended V2 to other members of my family, and many friends. Sometimes people on the street will stop me and ask about my Ecig.  I always recommend it, and refer them to your website. It is so good to not smell smoke in the house or on my cloths.  My husband is very happy because he never smoked, and hated to smell it in the house.  I use my Ecig everywhere. 

    Signed....A greatfull customer
  • AnnieAnnie Posts: 5Member
    Plus, V-2's are much less expensive
  • KelKuzKelKuz Posts: 3Member
    I always knew there were 2 different classes of people that smoked cigarettes. There were "smokers" and then there were SMOKERS. "Smokers" were the people that said things like "I haven't had a cigarette all day, I just haven't felt like it" or "I only smoke when I drink" or "I had a really bad cold so I didn't smoke for a week" or "It got too expensive, so I just stopped." Me...being a SMOKER, never had a day where I didn't feel like it, smoked all the time and once had the flu where I couldn't leave my bed for an entire week but STILL managed to smoke. It stopped being something I actually enjoyed but still felt this compulsion to do. I began to hate the smell, the taste and what it was doing to me regarding my health. I was 32 years old and was on 2 different types of asthma medications and was still waking up in the middle of the night wheezing like a 90 year old emphysema patient. But I was a confirmed SMOKER. I was ashamed, I smelled and there was this part of me that hated myself for not being able to stop this thing that was killing me. In January of 2013 I had an appointment with my pulmonologist. After the exam he took me into his office and told me that because my blood pressure was so high from smoking and my asthma medications and my breathing was so horrific from smoking that it was going to cost me my life. Sooner rather then later. He told me that he...being over 30 years my senior...was going to outlive me. So when I left and went outside I was so incredibly terrified by what he had said...that I smoked a cigarette. That is how insane the addiction was. I had mentioned to him during our appointment that I had heard about e cigs and thought about giving them a try and he gave me a great big emphatic "DO IT!!!!" I researched and researched and researched and decided to give V2 a try because the reviews they had were stellar. I got my starter kit in February 2013 and gave it a go. Now remember, I was never a "smoker." I was a SMOKER. But I promised myself that I would give it a week and only vape. And here is the real kicker. It was easy. I simply stopped smoking and started vaping. No real cravings. No real anxiety. 2 days after I stopped smoking, I no longer needed ANY asthma medication. No lie. NOTHING. And then...my blood pressure became normal. I didn't smell. And for the first time in a LONG time, I was no longer ashamed of myself as a SMOKER. I became a proud VAPER. Instead of sulking away with my head down after a meal, I held my head proudly as I informed people about the beauty of Sahara, Menthol and delicious Coffee. I got my health back, my self esteem back and actually found happiness in vaping. Something that real analog cigarettes were depriving me of for all those years. And I found it in YOUR product. I have tried other e cigs. I won't lie. But V2 gave me what I needed to fight what I thought would be one of the hardest fights of my life...and then they went and made it EASY. I will always be grateful for your product. It saved my life...even my Doctor would agree. If anyone is thinking of making the switch, do it. From one SMOKER to another...you can do it and you will love yourself for it.
  • MysticMystic Posts: 1Member
    Plain and simple, V2 saved my life. I was a heavy smoker, nearly 2 packs a day. I smoked for over 34 years. There were several hospital stays because I couldn't breathe. I was diagnosed with COPD. A friend of my sons introduced me to electronic cigarettes. I was fascinated because of what cigarettes had done to me. I tried several different brands, including Blu cigs and 21st Century. I did a lot of research on the internet, the more I read, V2 seemed the best fit for me. I will admit, I did have a few "real" cigarettes in the beginning. The only thing they did for me was to make me cough and smell bad. I no longer cough and no longer smell like an ash tray. I can't stand the smell, I can smell it instantly now that I am a non smoker. My husband tells me he feels that if I would have continued to smoke, I wouldn't be here. I tell everyone I can about them. Thank you V2 for saving not only my life but also those who have made the decision to switch to V2.
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    V2 was the only ecig that had a flavor (congress and sahara) that gave me the tobacco flavor I liked enough to keep using long enough to get used to vaping so that I could quit the analogs.  I had tried for 10 years to quit a 20 year smoking habit with all the cessation products (gum, patches, chantix, etc.) and none of them got me further than two or three days at most.  So almost 30 years after starting such a stupid habit, I was able to give it up completely, quickly and happily, without feeling I was going to explode under the pressures of my job while trying to quit smoking.  I couldn't be happier now!  Thank you V2!  
  • CHERFCHERF Posts: 12Member

    Sorry, but I can't tell you why V2 is my favorite over all other brands.  See, I started with and have never left V2.  Why would I? They are THE best bar none.   In July of 2011 a coworker of mine had me try his V2 and it rocked my world.  I said to myself "self, I could quit smoking with these", and that is just what I did.  The customer service has been nothing but superb; any questions or issues I've had were addressed in a more than satisfactory way.  I have referred numerous friends to V2, some with success and some unsuccessful, but they all have commented on how good V2 is compared with other brands they've tried.  So......why would I try anything else?  Keep on keeping on V2, keep on keeping on!

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,233Member
    edited April 2014

    There are a lot of product and company choices when ones choses to vape. These are my reasons for choosing, and remaining, exclusive to V2.


    V2 and Vapor Couture are stylish. When I choose clothes, home décor or cars style is a number one priority. I do not see other products that convey style like V2.


    Finding a balance between style and performance can be delicate. V2 delivers both. V2 has moved quickly when any product was not up to their high standard.


    V2 consistently delivers a superior level of support. A lifetime warranty is just the beginning of customer support. V2 staff have shown a sincere desire to make me as a customer satisfied every time.  I do not find this level of support even at much higher price points.

    Vision & Leadership

    VMR products is clearly an innovative company. This shows in the hands on leadership of J. Andries Verleur . I have been with V2 just over a year and I have seen dramatic improvements to the product line. The customer incentive program V4Free has been implemented and the innovative Zig Zag Vaporizer is soon to roll out. 

    Industry Presence

    I like the fact that VMR Products, LLC is a founding member of the Smoke Free Trade Association and that J. Andries Verleur is on the board. I'm impressed by the marketing efforts, I like the decision to not use celebrities.

    I am simply impressed with V2 in all areas.

    The vast majority of companies seek to compete, smart companies seek to make the competition irrelevant.

  • katewynnkatewynn Posts: 1Member
    I have to say that yes, I am your biggest fan! I have had prior vaping experience, and every time, every brand I tried...it just wasn't satisfying. It wasn't good enough. Either it was too harsh, it wasn't harsh enough, it had a funny taste, the battery was sub par, the liquid was gross, the cartridge waa faulty, etc. I won't name the brands, but there was at least one significant problem with each of them. I have to say I was ready to give up on vaping. Then I discovered v2. I had read some great reviews, and I figured after some research that it was worth trying. Boy, am I glad I did! I was even more impressed when I called customer service. See, my starter kit that I ordered had come with a regular case as opposed to a charging case. I called customer service, and the man was very nice, apologetic, and quick to fix the issue. He sent me the accessory I originally wanted at no extra charge, priority mail, and legitimately thanked me for my business. Ever since that day, I have has no issues with anything I have ordered. I espexially appreciated the sampler pack option to test out all of the mainstream flavors v2 offered. They were all deliciousin their own unique way! I could go on and on. I have gushed about v2 to everyone I know who was interested! I have no complaints, no doubts, ans no regrets. Thank you, v2! You are the best!
  • saltyeggsaltyegg Posts: 3Member
    First of all I am 31 years old turning 32 in june.. I began smoking when I was 17 years old. In recent years I really wanted to quit smoking and have gone through 9 months not smoking one cigarette but I've failed and caved in due to personal life issues such as relationships and unemployment. I found v2 cig through searching on google because I've over heard a few of my co workers smoking Ecigs bought from the grocery store but I wanted the best experience just as in many of us. My first E-cig was the V2 menthol. I must say although its one of the most simplest flavor but it is truly the best (in my opinion). I just can't get enough of it. But I was also curious about other brands and unless you try them you never know. So let me be honest despite v2 cig was my first E-cig purchase, I went on to try other brands such as Halo, Mount baker vapor, Eon smoke, Blu e-cig, and high caliber. I'm not going to lie about they are all bad....Some of them were good and some of them were so-so and ect... After trying all those different brands I can say for myself I always go back to v2's menthol and classic menthol. I think these flavors are amazing and refreshing. Not to mention I love the customer service from V2 cig. V2 cig is not the cheapest but I believe in you get what you paid for. V2 takes pride in providing top of the line products and top of the line customer care. I can go on and on raving about V2 cig but this is just only my personal opinion. Just like how this company started. Great things comes from a small package!
  • nevadakimnevadakim Posts: 1Member
    I am definitely a HUGE fan of V2 and am always spreading the word about V2 products & your excellent customer service.  I quit smoking July 2013 and began using V2 shortly after.  Let me just say that V2 has made the transition from cigarettes to vaping sooo easy!  I haven't "cheated" once since I began using V2 products and feel much healthier.  I can run on the treadmill without coughing and don't wake up in the morning with a cough and sore throat.  My skin looks better and I have alot more energy.  I smoked for almost 30 years and am so thankful for V2.  I tried other brands at the beginning but quickly realized that V2 offers the highest quality products for a competitive price.  I am a loyal V2 customer and thank you very much for providing such a great alternative to smoking cigarettes!
  • clippnclippn Posts: 1Member
    V2 SAVED MY LIFE!!!! I was a smoker for over 25 years. i STARTED SMOKING IN THE aRMY BACK IN 1982. After I retired from the military I tried everything under the sun to try and quit smoking. Cold turkey, nicotene patches, gum, candy, meds and numerous classes but nothing worked. Then 3 years ago I discover these things called e-cigarettes and started doing my research and I found that for the money, without sacrificing quality, V2 seemed to be the best option for me. So on May 21st, 2011 I started using V2 E-cigs for the first time and quit smoking that same day and have not had a single cigarette since.....it was like a miracle!!! My life completely changed. My health improved so much and next thing I knew I was back running again and playing ball like I use to do. My Doctor was impressed how much my over-all health had improved. My life improved too.....no more smelling like smoke all the time and no more mess....my wife was so happy! My sex life improved too. My life has never been better and I seriously believe and tell everyone I owe it all to V2 E-cigarettes. I've convinced at least 10 of my old Army buddies to quit smoking and start using V2 over the past several years. Everyone has thanked me for turning them on to e-cigarettes and V2. It changed their lives too. I haven't smoked in almost 3 years I only vape and I owe it all to V2....THANKS SO MUCH!!!
  • AliciaBreaAliciaBrea Posts: 34Member
    V2 was our first and last choice! having said that it, its hard to compare to other companies. Though i have hit other peoples Ecigs from time to time they never made me want to purchase one..... then i started doing some research on them really wanting to quit cigarettes... found V2. Thanks to all the reviews, help, suggestion, ect. that happen in the forums and checking out the products vs other companies V2 sold me, it looked like the hallelujah answer  me and my mother had been looking for ! WE love everything so far, from the batteries to carts to the flavors to the people bother customers and staff! I have smoked for 10 years, my mom 30+ and had tried everything to kick the habbit. though only a couple of weeks in, neither me or my mother have picked up a reg cigg, already down in nic levels, feeling great, exercising again and loving it. Even when we get down to 0 nic i couldnt imagine not vaping still, and will continue to use V2 :)
  • petecole333petecole333 Posts: 2Member
    It can be quick; but I like to take my time.  I unscrew the top of my new EX Blank and gently set it aside.  I methodically push down the cap on my Sahara 24 Platinum E-Liquid and rotate.  I dip the tip into the golden liquid and squeeze the air out letting it fill three fifths up.  I tap the tip against the mouth of the bottle a couple times.  Once to catch any drips, and once for good measure.  Then I grip my EX Blank firmly between my thumb and middle finger and hold it at a 60 degree angle.  I insert my syringe of golden Sahara 24 taking care to line it up directly between the two wicks inside the EX Blank.  My hands steady, like a surgeon, I press the liquid down with three even applications.  Then I tap the tip against the mouth of the EX Blank three times.  Once to catch any drips, once again for good measure, and yet again... for luck.  I set the syringe back in the Platinum E-Liquid, then slowly, but firmly screw the cap back onto my EX Blank.  I'm sure to tighten the E-Liquid cap back on, I would never forgive myself for spilling it over.  I complete my endeavor by uniting my EX Blank with my EX battery.  Deep breath out, E cig placed between my lips, deep breath in... sweet vapor out.
  • dragonflys75dragonflys75 Posts: 1Member
    One of your biggest fans? Yes Iam! After wasting TONS of money on huge batteries and leaky tanks and I had to push a button to smoke!?! we wondered in to a small tobacco store and the hevans open and shined down on the V2! Now this little shop was the only one we knew of that carryed the rechargables and tanks... oh soo sleek, sexy even! 3 month later ahhh! A broken tank! Our little store sold out! So i hopped on line to see if I could order! Oh boy could I! A kid in a candy store I tell ya! We ordered our tanks and since a battery or 2 and i had dreamed of V2 becoming more well known, cause I mean lets face it theyre the best of the best of the best! So now when I pass a vape store (growing like weeds) i stop and ask if they carry V2 and there candy and when they say No I then dance around showing them sure wonders of my V2! Hope they all start to keep them in store so the world will know its awesomeness! Heres to ya V2 love your #1 fan. Adrienne :)
  • I smoked for 6 years ended up in the hospital for a week with a breathing tube in I tried other competitors nobody offered what v2 cigs could offer so after 3 other brands and failing with them, I went to v2 cigs now I have been 1 1/2 years analog free feel like a new person thanks again
  • sandyc532sandyc532 Posts: 471Member
    I've been smoking for more years than I care to admit. My husband and I decided to give ecigs a try. I did some research online and V2 had the best ratings. We tried a number of other brands disposables while waiting for our couple's kit to arrive. The other brands do not compare to V2. We are now V2 lovers. We have been smoke free over two months now. V2 is the easy company to work with also. Had a battery go bad they replaced right away, no hassles. My daughter has also switched to V2s. Love this brand and company.. #1 fans.
  • blackdogzblackdogz Posts: 1Member
    I'm new to this. Did a Lot of research on e-cigs over the past week. All fingers seem to be pointing at V2. Will be ordering a starter kit next week....
  • bnbrandenburg91bnbrandenburg91 Posts: 18Member
    I honestly wish I could say that I had to money to buy V2 products. I have tried other big name electronic cigarettes and they just weren't giving me what I needed: an electronic cigarette that was as close to a combustible cigarette as I could get and a hands on, friendly customer service team. I have talked with one of your representatives, and he was a great guy and made me sure that this is the next product I want to try, along with your fantastic customer reviews and wide range of different products. I have been trying to quit smoking for over a year and it has been an utter failure at this point, I'm so disappointed with my results and my partner is also getting very frustrated, we have both had relatives die from lung cancer and I want to be around for a very long time. I think V2 is my last resort to finally kick my smoking habit for good, unfortunately, the timing is terrible. I am in between jobs right now and I am getting ready to move and start a new chapter of my life, in other words I am almost broke and cannot afford to buy a V2 kit. This store credit would be a blessing if I got it and I could finally get the kit I have been wanting for months now and my partner would be so happy to see my finally quit smoking for good. 
  • KerriKerri Posts: 19Member
    Hi all! I feel I'm the biggest fan of V2 Cigs because I brag about this company to everyone I can. I do it on Facebook and Twitter and tell all my friends and family. One of my sister-in-laws now vapes using V2 also. And two of my older sons do too.
    My son bought me the Starter kit for my birthday, the best gift I have gotten in my whole life. I smoked since the 6th grade and now I am 43 years old. I just got 1 year smoke free with V2. I'm very proud of myself for quitting. It wasn't easy but a lot easier than going without anything. My clothes, house, hair, car don't smell anymore. I don't have to worry about getting lung disease or any other diseases out there. I used my e-cig all day and still smoked nights and mornings. Then after a month I stopped the night one. A month later I gave up the morning cigs. which were the hardest. But I did it! April 6th 2013 is my quit date. So I just got a year. I know a lot of people who smoke and I tell everyone about v2cigs.com. I have about 4 batteries and I use the V2 Ex blanks and fill them with my V2 Red flavor which I have come down from 2.4mg to 0.6mg over the last year. I LOVE MY V2 :)
  • BigBlueBigBlue Posts: 3Member
    I just wanted to tell you all how impressed my husband and I have been with the V2 products.
    We were both smokers, he smoked for over 42 years and I for 37 years. 
    We got our kits around April 3rd, and after finishing the cigarettes we had, have been smoke free for 4 weeks now!
    We really are enjoying vaping, my husband is constantly saying how he's glad I convinced him to try them.
    We had tried 2 other brands in the past, and they were not nearly as good, just had no flavor or were too harsh.
    We ended up just putting them on the shelf and saving them for emergencies only.
    I have now given those away.
    We have already 'upgraded' to the longer batteries and e-liquid with ex blanks!
    We do have a couple of suggestions, and I think they have been made before.
    We would like to see rebuildable ex blanks, and rebuildable larger tanks. It seems we are refilling quite a bit. :))
    As to what we vape, we use the classic menthol, coffee and chocolate for now. Thank you for making such a great line of products!
  • Pattijo4uPattijo4u Posts: 4Member
    I found myself laying in a hospital bed not being able to breathe , but still wanting a smoke and a few days later  my boyfriend brought me a V2 throw away , which at that time had no clue what it was , finally after being able to go sit outside at the hospital , I took my first step to getting my life back and took a puff off of your V2 , and have never smoked a real cigarette since then , this was  January 7th 2013 ... Wow what a difference V2 has made of my life , I can now breath easy , smell better with my nose , food taste so much better and the best is that I am so proud of myself , it has been over a year now .. Because of V2 I have conquered what I thought to be impossible  .. I have a few tears of joy streaming down my face right now , but they are happy tears  ... Thank you V2  for real !  :-*
  • CMooreCMoore Posts: 4Member
    I started V2 cigs right before a hospital stay.  Now I've been tobacco free going on 3 years.  I like the red best but use other flavors on occasion.  V2 is the best value and best vapor that I have found.  You can't beat the great customer service.  I have dealt with other companies and they don't come close to V2 service.  Although a relative sells 12 different brands of Ecigs along with V2, which I have tried, we all smoke V2.
  • redwtuderedwtude Posts: 3Member
    After I woke up one morning and realized I could not breath, I knew I had to give up smoking, I toyed around with a few brands, I wont name them here out of courtesy but they were name brand, the story is very similar to the 3 bears, I tried one brand, and it was good but it was just to mellow, barely felt the hit in the back of my throat that I got from cigarettes.  Then I tried another one, and again it was ok but very very harsh on my throat, then I talked to one of my coworkers who used V2, I decided I would give it a try and bought a kit, I was very happy when I got the juuuust right hit I was looking for.  I started out with the cartridges, but then soon moved onto the blanks, and though Ive had one or two issues, they have always taken care of me, thanks guys :-)
  • ChefvaperChefvaper Posts: 37Member
    My story begins a year ago almost exactly.
    I had been a 1-2 pack a day smoker since I was underage(not sure if I should put what age) but anyway, ever since I had turned 18 then 19 my smoking had increased more and more. Always smoking. I had tried several e cigs at times but really liked them or felt anything or cared about them.
    One day, I got a call from my wife and found out amazing news. She and I were pregnant. With so much happiness while driving home from work, I threw my cigarette butt out the window, and know it my luck, a cop was right behind me, got pulled over, and got a $400 ticket.
    With this ticket over my head putting me in debt, and now knowing that I have a son on the way I had to do major thinking.
    I knew I had to quit smoking, I don't ever want my son to know what that is or smell it or even possibly get sick from the smoke.
    I knew I had to quit but I had tried before(several times) and it always resulted to me picking up a pack saying this is the last one.
    I soon invested in a big bulky tank vaperizer. It worked, but broke and he tanks always leaked and got my mouth numb. So now out $50 bucks and $400 ticket and a court date and a a son 6 months away from being born. I began to stress.
    On my way to the counter to buy another pack, I saw a new e cig. Blu cigs, looked good and worked great. Had been the best I had ever (before V2) bought the blu cig pack and did that, eventually it began to not work so well, and wasn't strong enough.
    Time passed and I did research and found v2 cigs. It looked promising but was money I didn't have.
    So i waited. Went to my court date. And I didn't what no one would ever do, I admitted guilty to the charges of smokin and littering. The court room seemed more quiet then it was with guards shshing. The judge looked at me like I was an idiot. then asked me. Why is it that a 19 yr old boy is bluntly claiming guilty on this charge. Are you sure you don't want to fight it.
    I told him, no sir, I don't, I commited a crime and I deserve this, I take this is as my first step towards quiting to smoke and have begun to research electronic e cigs to help my habit. See cause I'm a line cook at a restaurant and my life is very stressful from the kitchen.
    He was speechless
    I told him, that I have a son on the way and about to be in debt.
    He looked at me and looked at his papers.
    He told me, well what you have said today is very different from then norm, and you are a strong willed person, and very mature. Here is what I am going to do, I can not completely drop your charges, but I can reduce your fine. How much does this electronic cigarette cost that your looking at.
    I told him about the v2 and it was about $100 for the starter pack.
    He looked at me and told me I'll take $200 dollars off your ticket, go get that starter kit, you deserve it.
    He slammed his gavel and smiled. I thanked him and happily went to the clerk to set up my payment plan.
    Ran home and took what little saving I had and my credit card and made the charge and bought the V2
    Ever since then I have been so grateful that I was able to purchase this product. Not a day goes by that I don't thank that judge and my son. They both helped push me to quit my nasty addiction. I have never had a problem with V2, they have the best flavors, best batteries, best vapor, thickest smoke, and above all the best customer service, I have gotten my warranty covered on my battery, and been treated like a King, my money has never gone to waste and I have had my son about 3 months ago, I am happy to say that I feel like a better person, healthier"" (ish) and smell better (wife said so) I recommend v2 to all my friends co workers and family, they are still trying to make the change to e cigs, it tough but I'm helping them, just like those two helped me.
    What makes v2 the best, is that they have the best overall customer service, best product, and honesty, in all honesty the best thing that has happened to my life that has changed my life. It has helped me feel like a better dad to my son, whom I love and my wife whom I love as well.
    V2, I will be a customer forever, and I will always tell anyone I can that you are the best all around e cig company.
    Thank you so much for helping me, and thank you for havering this company. With out you guys I would probably still be smoking and have gotten no where with a $400 dollar debt and a beaten up soul.
    Thank you
  • LindersLinders Posts: 5Member
    3-1/2 years ago I had just recently retired and decided to finally quit my 40 year smoking habit. After all, I was becoming a grandmother, my husband had quit several years earlier, and frankly, I could not fathom continuing to spend my retirement money on smokes. I was sick of running outside everytime I needed to smoke. I hated the smell of myself and my clothes. Much like the others here, I did research, and spend hundreds on other disappointing brands before I came across V2 and decided to give it a try. I picked a date, stocked up on V2's, and on that date, I quit cold turkey with only the help with V2. I never had once picked up the real thing since. My family was beyond excited, they always said I would never quit, after all, I did watch my mother and my brother pass away from lung cancer and even that didn't stop me. But I did. I quit. I was enjoying my retirement, in love with my new grandbaby and we moved into a new home. I was feeling on top of the world. In Jan of 2013 however, during a routine physical, they discovered a tumor in my right lung. My perfect little world crashed. Although I had been smoke free for 3 years, I had not stopped smoking soon enough. After 2 weeks of CT scans, Pet scans, lung biopsies, depression, panic attacks and a loss of 12 pounds from stress, the diagnosis was in fact lung cancer. My entire 2013 was filled with doctors, surgeons, hospital stays, chemo and more scans. My right lower lung lobe and tumor was removed in March of 2013 with success I'm proud to say. I want to tell you, through out my entire year's journey, I had my V2 with me at all times. I carried it with me to all my chemo treatments, my doctor appts, my scans, and even used it while I was in ICU after my operation. With my doctor's approval. Not only did V2 saved my life, it saved my sanity. My doctors had told me had I not quit smoking when I did, I may very well not be here today. I was just given my one year CANCER free scan results last month and as I write this, my V2 is still in my hand. Thank you V2. Thank you.
  • llouderllouder Posts: 89Member
     I didn't use V2 to stop smoking, but rather to not start smoking again.  I had smoked for 43 years and after my second attempt at using Chantix, I was smoke free for 3 years.  I was doing fine until my husband was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. As his illness progressed, my desire to have a cigarette increased immensely and was a battle I dealt with daily.  After talking to someone who had an ecig, I decided to try one even though my husband was afraid it would make me start smoking again.  I bought an ecig from the gas station and knew I was on the right track, but also knew there had to be something better.  After researching online, I decided to give V2 a try and hit the jackpot!  The flavor and nicotine strength was just what I needed and customer service was an extra bonus.  My battle with wanting a cigarette was over and I could focus on what I needed to.  Thanks, V2!
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,172Member
    AM I . . . YOUR BIGGEST FAN. I BELIEVE THAT I AM. I found (discovered) V2 in January 2013 after having tried other brands of e-cigs that I purchased from various sources (convenience stores, gas stations, etc.), none of which were tasteful or satisfying. I assumed that e-cigs were not meant for me, yet I just didn't want to give up.

    I originally ordered the V2 Economy Starter Kit because I had invested so much money into other brands that I disliked, and did not want to waste more money on something that would not work, again. I told my family that I had to try one more time. I told myself that If this, (V2), were to fail, then I was just going to give up, believing that at least for me, there was no hope.

    The disappointment in this product DID NOT arrive. I have been an exclusive V2 user now for 15 months and have never looked back. I succeeded and shall continue on my journey with V2.

    The kit arrived and like a kid in a candy store, I couldn't wait to try it. I read through the instruction manual and immediately put a battery on the charger. Within the hour, the battery was charged, I was charged and the trial run began.

    I anxiously / nervously put a cartridge on the battery and inhaled. What? I liked it. I liked the taste. I liked the draw. I liked the feel. This was it . . . This was the e-cig that I wanted, the e-cig I had been looking for.

    I ordered more products from V2 . . . Additional battery, tried different flavors and found the flavor(s) that I enjoyed, then of course the accessories (something to carry the arsenal in so I would always have access to my V2).

    Advanced to the eLiquids and the EX Blanks and found even greater enjoyment of this product line. For some reason, the eLiquids had more flavor and with the EX clearomizer, I had more control.

    Since purchase of my first kit, I have purchased five additional kits, four of which I have used as gifts to others that have shown an interest in trying e-cigs. None of these gift recipients have ever shown disappointment in this product and they have all continued usage of them. My most memorable Starter Kit gift recipient is one of my co-workers. She had just returned to work and was telling me she had purchased an e-cig (not V2), and she stated that it was awesome. I had a spare battery in my locker and I always keep extra cartridges with me, so, on our next break, I said to her "Try this.". Her reply was "Oh my, this is wonderful". I gave her a couple cartridges and the battery and told her to try it out for a couple days. When she returned the battery to me she told me she really liked it. I gave her a "Smoke For Free" coupon which she immediately handed back to me, telling me she couldn't afford to purchase another kit. That evening I ordered one and when it arrived, I gave it to her as a gift. The smile on her face and the look in her eyes was precious. It felt good to pay it forward.

    I cannot promote V2 enough. With the product line offered by V2, one finds value and a quality product. One can buy cheaper, caveat emptor (buyer beware), or one can pay more ( not necessarily better). Add innovation and foresight, and you have a company that takes what they have and builds upon it. Improving the current product line to make it better and looking forward to the next product, knowing that their customer base is ready and eager to advance further in this journey.

    I have found that V2 listens to and encourages dialogue and input from their customers, whether that input be positive or negative. Based on that input, they make improvements to their product line and correct the wrongs.

    Customer Service is superb. Whether dealing with Customer Service via telephone, e-mail or live chat, I have always been met with a very courteous and knowledgable staff.

    Add to this, the V2 Forum. Like an extended family, here on the Forum one finds advice, support and encouragement.

    There are many e-cig companies out in the world . . . there is only one (1) like V2. My loyalty is to V2 and shall forever be. To V2 . . . Thank You.

    Steven Ellsworth

  • KatFreqKatFreq Posts: 496Member
    In October of 2013, I made a very desperate decision to try ecigs as a smoking alternative to my nearly 2 pack a day habit. Knowing my numerous past fails, which included all the usual gums, patches, hypnotism, medications, and a staple in my ear, I had that underlying fear and dread of another fail coming at me. My plan to try ecigs had to work. I started with some regular convenience store brands, while still using regular smokes. Alternating seemed to be going well. The expense, and a stirring desire for something more, had me headed to the internet at full speed. My Intensive research to finding the ultimate, cost effective, quality product, led me to V2. V2 was a company always in the top 3 choices, for best all around product for quality, customer satisfaction, price, and innovative excellence. I found your site, I read your blogs, and on your forums, i found a wonderful, warm, friendly, and dedicated community of mostly satisfied V2 users. Impressive too, were the not always satisfied users. What I saw here, was a company that quickly jumped in to make things right for those few dissatisfied customers. I could not possibly go wrong with a company that surpasses all others, in every aspect. My choice made, my starter kit was quickly ordered. Failure not an option. By November10, 2013, I was officially, after 40+ years of smoking, a non smoker! This shocks me still. I quit smokes. By example, and the praise I have for this product, I have converted 4 people to V2. My dedication to V2 has my family accusing me of working for them. The smoking had caught up with me over the years. The coughing, chest congestion, left me gasping at times. Now,it all stopped. This is my first winter in years without bronchitis. So much to be greatful for, thanks to V2. My most difficult journey is about to begin. This has been my goal. I am about to do what I have avoided for so many years. Arthritis has fully engulfed me in the last 15 years, and has me totally disabled for the past 2 years. V2, as a smoking alternative, has given me the courage to go ahead with multiple joint replacements, so badly needed. So, this summer, armed with my V2 lanyard, batteries, and carrying case (hopefully by then a battery charger), I will face my biggest fear, a chest xray that is required before any hospital stay. I now have the courage to ride this one out. Thank you V2 for giving me hope that my life can have some semblance of normalcy, which I never thought possible.
  • DetchiDetchi Posts: 71Member
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    V2 has not only saved my life, but the lives of my wife and my friends. When I was diagnosed with severe heart disease the Doctor insisted I quit smoking immediately. After 25 years of a pack a day habit I thought I was facing an impossible task. Patches, gums and pills had all failed me in past attempts to quit. My wife suggested I try e-cigs, so I did. The first set I tried was from a small start up company that tasted terrible so I decided to look around for something better.

    That's when I found V2 and their Sahara flavor. The quality of the product is exceptional and allowed me to leave cigarettes behind forever! The few times I have had issues with an order V2's customer assistance has been phenomenal, replacing my purchase quickly and tracking down the problem internally, to ensure it wouldn't happen again.

    I have been a loyal customer of V2 for years now. The times I have looked elsewhere to try a new product have ended in disappointment (like the soft grip battery I purchased from a "V" competitor that died within the first week!). My wife eventually switched from a pack a day cigarette habit over to V2 and was able to eventually quit all together.

    Every friend I have that used to smoke now orders from V2. They all have similar stories and rave about V2's customer service and product quality. It's commonplace around my office to hear people happily announcing that their V2 order has arrived.

    The best part is my Cardiologist is happy. My last round of testing came back excellent. I can jog now, something I couldn't do when I smoked. I have more energy and as a result find myself on the move much more than I was when I was a smoker, drained of vitality and motivation.

    Thanks to V2 I am looking forward to not only a longer life, but a better quality life.
  • TCHTCH Posts: 3Member

    I've been smoking for 23 years, so on my birthday this year, I decided to try some disposable e-cigs from my local gas stations.  I tried all three brands available, but only loved the V2.  It only took three days for me to "accidentally" quit smoking, and I soon was buying out all the disposables at my gas station.  I decided it was time to order a starter kit.  I've tried most of the non-tobacco flavors and really like them.  I've also tried two other brands of carts, and nothing compares to V2.  I've now graduated to V2 ex blanks and e-juice, and love them even more!  I can't tell you how happy my family and pets are that they aren't around my nasty cigarette smoke any longer, and my clean smelling house and clothes love me too. 

    I started the same process of trying disposables with my mom and dad too, and I'm happy to say my mom has quit smoking and is an exclusive V2 customer, and my dad is still half and half but there's always hope to totally convert him!

    V2 has an awesome product, and great sales!  I've been smoke-free for 6 weeks, and I will never smoke again.  I wish they would make some other flavors of disposables for gas stations so more people would try them, and also wish they would put a needle type tip in the e-juice for easier filling.

    Customer for life--love V2!

  • CaroleCarole Posts: 2Member
    Before choosing V2, I did my research, and decided that V2 was my best bet to use for my desired end result of quitting smoking.  The prices, warranties, customer satisfaction, choices of product, etc., were the best.  That was three and a half years ago.  Since purchasing my first V2, I have not smoked even one analog cigarette, and by "weaning' myself down to lower levels of nicotine, I have achieved the result of having had NO nicotine for three years this month!  I had tried many other methods of quitting nicotine, all without success, and V2 was so easy, I still find it hard to believe.  The very best part?  When my husband looks at me and says "I'm SO proud of you."
  • FearNoArtFearNoArt Posts: 17Member
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    My loyalty is with you V2!  For seven months now, I have been solely using your products.  They are without a doubt at the pinnacle of what an e-cig should be.  Your high standards of customer service, design, consistency and affordability all play significant roles in why V2 stands at the forefront as a leader in e-cig brands. 

                    V2’s strong warranty and customer service is simply the best I’ve experienced.  Time and time again, V2 has gone above and beyond the call to please their client-base.  In fact, this is the only company that has shown me that they truly value my business and feedback.  When the EX battery was released, I was one of the first customers to purchase it.  The first one somehow got a large dent in its side while being carried in the soft case.  I phoned V2 that evening, and within five days had received another replacement in the mail, no questions asked.  That right there is stellar warranty.  Only a month later, I got an email that I would receive a complimentary, newly designed EX battery for being one of the first to order it.  To this day, I consider this the most thoughtful act a company has ever done for me.

                    Another overlooked aspect is that of V2’s design.  I am an artist; therefore, beauty and design are very important to me in the products I seek out.  Out of all the numerous e-cig companies, I have yet to see one that comes close to the sleekness and modernity that V2 design stands for.  The batteries and cartridges, whether they are classic batteries/carts or EX batteries/blanks, are strong yet lightweight, designed in such a way that they deliver excellent stats without looking over-decorated.  Paired with beautiful finishes and wonderful details (tiny LEDs, refined logo, and chrome-like additions), I find myself feeling proud to vape in public with the design that is V2.  Along with their streamlined website layout and forum, we can all find the products and answers we need when we need them.   

                    The consistency of V2 products, from their e-liquids and cartridge performance to vapor production and battery-life, stand above all the other e-cig brands out there.  I have tried every flavor V2 offers, and taste is spot-on.  I am always amazed at the consistent, high-quality e-liquid formulas.  Even when a new flavor is released, not only does it taste just like the product name, but often I find it tastes even BETTER than the real thing.  For such a small unit, the battery-life is superb and lasts nearly an entire day when vaping constantly.  On top of that it always delivers strong, thick vapor production. 

                    Affordability is the final point that makes V2 my favorite e-cig brand.  My favorite is when delivery-day arrives—unpacking each liquid and EX blank from its own sleek box, everything wrapped—showing the care and attention V2 gives to their products.  They look very expensive and high-end, but are the most affordable AND high-end product I’ve found.  Being a full-time artist makes this aspect extremely important, as my unsteady income forces me to look for creative ways to keep my vices.  Being able to actually afford these attests to V2 wanting their great products to be accessible to everyone, starving-artists included!  

    All of these aspects enable me to confidently help others make the switch—thus far four friends and family members made the change to V2 cigs.  I hope to make it 100. After all, your company has definitely proved its worth.  

    Thank you to all at V2 for helping me make the change.  

    Your Biggest Fan,

    Evan D'Orazio

  • archerarcher Posts: 171Member
    I already have an earlier entry, so please feel free to disqualify this.......but reading through all the entries, including mine, it struck me. This isn't about smoking anymore....many of us left that behind months, even years, ago, This is about vaping, and why do we do it? And why V2?

    Vaping is pleasure, pure and simple.......it really isn't a replacement for anything but an end in itself. I vape, because the flavor, the whole experience brings pleasure and makes my day that much better....like chocolate, wine, steak, lobster......I seek these things because they bring me joy and a sense of satisfaction. Why V2?, V2 is the belgian Chocolate, or  vintage wine, or the prime cut of beef......the lobster flown in from Maine......sure there are adequate substitutions for the best quality experience, but I have never been one to settle for second best, and from what I read here, neither is anyone else. 

    The fact that this quality vaping experience comes at an affordable price, in attractive packages, with top of the line customer service, and exciting innovations.....that is just the icing on the cake....we are all here for the same reason, we love vaping, and V2 caters to that love in the very best way possible....I suspect they will have millions of #1 fans, and that number will continue  to grow.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi all - Just fyi - this contest ends at 11:59PM EST so that means contestants have less than 2 hours left to enter. 

    Talk about AMAZING testimonials! You all are definitely going to make this tough on me + our team when choosing the winner. :X

    We will announce the winner right here on this thread this upcoming week. I am aiming for Wed. I know you all will be eager to hear the winner, so wanted to let you know now. :)
  • ErinloreErinlore Posts: 1Member
    V2 is saving my life. V2 is contagious because my daughter saw me using V2 and now she is using them. Now V2 is saving her life. My son saw us using V2 and now he is using it also. V2 is saving his life. We have all decided to grow old together. It's a family affair!
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
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    So it took me so long to post my response because I've been to busy vaping :D Actually, vaping has turned into my absolute favorite past-time and I just got to say that I give V2 all the credit!

    Without getting off-topic, here is my story. In June of last year, I was looking to try my first ecig and I was way overwhelmed by the many brands and types of vaporizers out there. I knew I wanted something that resembled analogs but I was nervous about which company to trust since I was ignorant on the legit companies out there. My searches on reviews kept leading me back to V2 and at there was a sale of starter kits going on so I took the chance and ordered the Standard Kit. Best best best thing I ever did.

    So, going back to the question of why is V2 my favorite e-cigarette can be summed up as follows: The batteries are built like a tank. Apparently (dont try this at home), if you drop a V2 battery in a tub of water and are like a ninja like me in getting in out of said tub, the battery still works :) Oh, I was soo upset because this was my fav. blue shorty and thought it was ruined but I dried it quickly, let it sit a few days, reset it and it still works like a champ! Speaking of my fav. blue battery, thats my second reason for choosing V2 over other companies since their batteries (especially the Ex line) are more stylish than any I have seen elsewhere on the market in a cig-alike. I have 7 V2 batteries and all look great and perform great...the two times I have had to replace one (due to malfunction and not my tub dropping issues), CS replaced amazingly quick and painless.

    Ok, so what about their juices on why they are my choice over others? All I have to say is mmm, vanilla and chocolate lol. My all day vape is Congress but at night, I love the desert flavors of Vanilla, Chocolate. I actually havent found a V2 or Zig Zag flavor I havent liked but yes, like my batteries, I have my favorite V2 juices that no other company can hold their own against. There was one company's chocolate I tasted that well, tasted like chocolate if it was burnt and scraped off the bottom a pan so yes, V2 blows competitors out of the water on flavors.

    In summary, if I win the shopping spree, I plan to work through continuing my collection of EX batteries, try the EX carts that I havent been able to afford yet and stockpile on platinum juices....you can guess the flavors lol. Thanks for reading the ramblings of a fan :)

  • LongLiveTheNote14LongLiveTheNote14 Posts: 1Member
    I chose and promote V2 over other brands for several reasons. Number one, it was the only e-cig I found that satisfied me like the real thing and actually helped me become smoke free for four years now. Number two; the slim discreet design, I love the look and feel of V2. I can carry it to and from the restroom at the office and it looks like I have pen in my hand. Number three; the vapor is astoundingly like the real thing without all the nasty carcinogens that come with it. Number four; no odor. I found other e-cigs to put off an odor in vapor that I didn't like. I don't get that with V2. Number five; ease of use. I am on the go constantly so the disposable cartridges are the best for me, I can't imagine having to stop and fill up with a liquid, etc. I don't have that kind of time. Lastly, I've stayed with V2 and have not been tempted by others because of the excellent warranty and VIP loyalty program. I like the fact that it is a company that rewards and respects loyal customers. I'm definitely one of V2's biggest fans!
  • DevVaperDevVaper Posts: 54Member
    The question is "Why I choose V2". One word: @samantha. There are a lot of choices for my vaping needs.  I initially chose V2 because it has the best over all reviews on the net for "standard" e-cigs. I didn't want to go mods, I just wanted a replacement for analogs. Why I continue to choose V2 is because of customer service. Hence, @samantha and everyone else at V2 customer support. It is simply the best of ANY organization I deal with on a regular basis.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
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    I am happy to announce that @FearNoArt won this contest. Before everyone beats me up, ALL of your stories were amazing and greatly appreciated. In an effort to prevent bias, I had our ecommerce team collectively read the entries and choose the winner on their own, without my input. @FearNoArt received a $200 store credit. For those of you who didn't win, we greatly appreciate you participating and most importantly, for choosing V2 as your go-to e-cig provider. I will be announcing another version of the V2 Fan of the Month contest this month (May) so you will all get your chance to win again! Please check out the winning story below... Thanks again and have a great weekend! 

     PS - I will be at the Brew at the Zoo Event in Miami tomorrow and will be taking many pictures and posting them on V2's social media as well as in the forum. We encourage anyone in the South Florida area to come out to this V2 sponsored event and stop by the V2 booth and say hello + pick up some freebies/enter contests! 

    My loyalty is with you V2! For seven months now, I have been solely using your products. They are without a doubt at the pinnacle of what an e-cig should be. Your high standards of customer service, design, consistency and affordability all play significant roles in why V2 stands at the forefront as a leader in e-cig brands. V2’s strong warranty and customer service is simply the best I’ve experienced. Time and time again, V2 has gone above and beyond the call to please their client-base. In fact, this is the only company that has shown me that they truly value my business and feedback. When the EX battery was released, I was one of the first customers to purchase it. The first one somehow got a large dent in its side while being carried in the soft case. I phoned V2 that evening, and within five days had received another replacement in the mail, no questions asked. That right there is stellar warranty. Only a month later, I got an email that I would receive a complimentary, newly designed EX battery for being one of the first to order it. To this day, I consider this the most thoughtful act a company has ever done for me. Another overlooked aspect is that of V2’s design. I am an artist; therefore, beauty and design are very important to me in the products I seek out. Out of all the numerous e-cig companies, I have yet to see one that comes close to the sleekness and modernity that V2 design stands for. The batteries and cartridges, whether they are classic batteries/carts or EX batteries/blanks, are strong yet lightweight, designed in such a way that they deliver excellent stats without looking over-decorated. Paired with beautiful finishes and wonderful details (tiny LEDs, refined logo, and chrome-like additions), I find myself feeling proud to vape in public with the design that is V2. Along with their streamlined website layout and forum, we can all find the products and answers we need when we need them. The consistency of V2 products, from their e-liquids and cartridge performance to vapor production and battery-life, stand above all the other e-cig brands out there. I have tried every flavor V2 offers, and taste is spot-on. I am always amazed at the consistent, high-quality e-liquid formulas. Even when a new flavor is released, not only does it taste just like the product name, but often I find it tastes even BETTER than the real thing. For such a small unit, the battery-life is superb and lasts nearly an entire day when vaping constantly. On top of that it always delivers strong, thick vapor production. Affordability is the final point that makes V2 my favorite e-cig brand. My favorite is when delivery-day arrives—unpacking each liquid and EX blank from its own sleek box, everything wrapped—showing the care and attention V2 gives to their products. They look very expensive and high-end, but are the most affordable AND high-end product I’ve found. Being a full-time artist makes this aspect extremely important, as my unsteady income forces me to look for creative ways to keep my vices. Being able to actually afford these attests to V2 wanting their great products to be accessible to everyone, starving-artists included! All of these aspects enable me to confidently help others make the switch—thus far four friends and family members made the change to V2 cigs. I hope to make it 100. After all, your company has definitely proved its worth. Thank you to all at V2 for helping me make the change. Your Biggest Fan, Evan D'Orazio
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