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Mixing question

How do you mix your e-liquids?  I don't mean, what do you mix, but HOW do you do it?  Do you mix it in a container?  Stir it?  Shake it?  (Sounds like a James Bond martini question.)

Specifically, I'm referring to mixing flavors of the same type of juice, not doing anything complicated like DIY or adjusting ingredients other than flavor.

I'd like to try combining some flavors, but am not sure how to go about it.


  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @LexieCat I just fill part of my EX blank with a flavor and then dribble in the next flavor (or flavors) and just roll the blank around (with the cap back on) then attach to my batt and vape.  I adjust my mix until I get the right ratio and then just try to remember that for next time.
  • GDS_RiderGDS_Rider Posts: 75Member
    edited April 2014
    @LexieCat,  I use a 10ml plastic bottle with either a plastic or blunt steel needle tip for mixing.  You can count drops from each flavor as you mix using the dropper or use a 3ml syringe for measuring.  Once the eliquids are combined in the bottle, shake vigorously to mix.  The flavor combinations and ratios are yours to determine. 

    10ml bottles with plastic tips you can get from local vape shops (some may have the blunt steel tips as well) or order online.  URL links to samples below...
  • SirVapeALotSirVapeALot Posts: 321Member
    I keep my empties lol
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    I too have a few 10 ml bottles for this specific purpose. I create some weird juice combinations so this way I can do it without wasting much juice if my creation fails lol. Just add to your liking in a small bottle and shake well....it's my lazy, pretend way I DIY :)
  • LexieCatLexieCat Posts: 177Member
    Thanks, guys, very informative.  I'll have to pick up some smallish bottles for my mad experiments. :-)
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