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I hate to do it, but...

I have to make yet another complaint about V2 customer service. This is so disappointing to me considering how highly I regarded V2's customer service prior to a month ago. Before you judge me for being a petty, complaining person, let me state that I am not. This was not how their customer service has been in the past... it's always be one of the best. I don't know if policies or personnel have changed, but it's enough now for me to seriously go back to finding another vaping vendor.

I actually have two complaints. The first is related to my previous problem from a couple of weeks ago. After stating my complaints here on the forum regarding a battery, Samantha was quick to jump in offer to get things made right. Within a couple of hours, I had a voice mail and an e-mail from customer service, apologizing for the way I had been treated and was told a replacement battery and shipping label to return the old one was being sent to me. Well, that was three weeks ago, and I still haven't received anything. Apparently they weren't as concerned as they said they were.

Now for the issue today. On Friday, as soon as I saw the new EX carts were out, I immediately placed an order with priority shipping. I was running short on product and have been very excited to try this new cartridge. Expecting the package no later than today, I checked the tracking number and saw that USPS had my package out for delivery IN THE WRONG CITY. I immediately got online to chat with customer service. Unfortunately, I think I got the same person that flat out refused to help me a month ago. Her name is Carissa, by the way.

I explained the situation to her and she responded that I would need to wait until Monday to see if my package arrives. If not, then they could re-ship on Monday. When I told her that this was not acceptable, she responded that priority shipping takes 4-7 business days and that Monday was day 7 and she couldn't do anything before then. There are two problems with this. First, it's not the right answer to give a customer. Second, she doesn't know what she's talking about. USPS states on their own material that priority shipping is 1, 2 or 3 days, period. I've had dozens of packages shipped from all over the country by priority mail and NONE has ever taken more than 2 days to get to me. Her response? "This sometimes happens where they mix up a package and we just have to wait to see if it gets delivered".

At that point I simply closed down my chat session. I'm a business man. I have about a half million customers. Every single one of them is important to me. If something isn't right, I do everything in my power to make it right, even if it's not my fault. I always want my customers to know they are my first priority and I will go out of my way for them. Up until recently, this is the way I have been treated by V2. It's one of the main reasons I've continued to do business with them.

The right answer from Carissa and the right thing to do for V2 seems obvious in my mind. They simply re-ship the misdirected order (today) along with a return label. Should the other package finally make it's way here, I simply slap the return label on it and send it back. Instead, V2 wants me to wait until next week before they will even consider helping me out. Before the replacement package arrives, I will likely be out of product.

Perhaps V2 has simply gotten too big too fast and one customer doesn't matter to them any more, but the only company's I EVER do business with are the ones that treat me with respect and show me that I do matter to them. Extremely disappointed in you V2... you were better than this at one time.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey gotjackson, I am looking into this right now. You are right - this should have been handled better. Let me get with a CS manager and I will be in touch shortly. I am really sorry about the way you have been treated. It is our #1 goal to treat everyone as the most important customer. Obviously we dropped the ball here. 
  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    Sorry to hear your about your service issues @gotjackson‌. It really does surprise me! I have chatted with Carissa before and she was always great! And @samantha has always been prompt and helpful. I have to believe that this is an isolated incident. I'm not saying that you are wrong or shouldn't be upset, but maybe another representative would be able to help the situation. I wouldn't want you to give up on V2 and their great products. Some times it's best to start clean with someone different.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey gotjackson - we are overnighting your battery and a label today so you should get it no later than Friday. You should have been contacted via email and telephone by now. Please confirm this when you can. 

    We are also checking on the 4-7 shipping time frame to make sure we are telling customers the same info that USPS is. We are also following up with the CS rep to make sure everyone knows to be a bit more delicate with how and what we say to costumers. 
  • gotjacksongotjackson Posts: 46Member
    Samantha, you've always been more than helpful, as have most of the people I've talked to at V2. I feel like I'm having some kind of bad luck run right now with you guys. Thank you for getting the battery overnight. 

    Unfortunately, as far as the recent order goes, if you are still planning on waiting to see what USPS does with my mis-directed package, I'll probably run out of product before you guys re-ship to me next week. Unless of course USPS gets it figured out and the package does indeed arrive tomorrow or Friday.
  • gotjacksongotjackson Posts: 46Member
    Just received a phone call from customer service. Sounds like they are going to take care of everything, which I appreciate very much. For now, I will continue to spread the good word about V2, both the products and the service. As I mentioned in the OP, I've never experienced anything but exceptional service until recently. With this recent phone call, I have been reassured that the exceptional customer service will continue into the future, which would be great.
  • gotjacksongotjackson Posts: 46Member
    I should probably have pointed out in the previous post that they are actually going above and beyond what I would have expected them to do to make this right. Thanks for going the extra mile.
  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    @gotjackson‌ so glad they took care of you! @Samantha to the rescue!! :O)
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    Yeah @samantha!  You really rock!  I've haven't seen an issue posted on this forum since I joined in February that you haven't jumped into and made right.
  • llouderllouder Posts: 89Member
    That's why we love @samantha! :)
  • New_VaperNew_Vaper Posts: 637Member
    Samantha does an amazing job running the forum and helping everyone out.  V2 has incredible customer service!
  • LexieCatLexieCat Posts: 177Member
    @BillyBob, think you meant to say "it's honestly NOT the fault of V2."

    Yeah, my own feeling is that there could be a little more care taken on the shipping end so that so much "sorting" doesn't need to be done after the fact.  I'm sure the vast majority of shipments overall are non-problematic, but it does seem to me that a way higher number of issues have occurred for me with shipping errors from V2 than I generally get making online purchases.  

    It isn't enough to lose me as a customer, but it is annoying when you have to make contacts/return packages, etc.  At least the CS response is usually good, and ultimately takes care of it.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,233Member

    gotjackson, another example that V2 does highly value each and every customer.

    I have had zero shipping issues in over 20 shipments but its good to know it gets fixed if I do.

  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @BillyBob sounded like you needed your first vape of the day to wake up, right? (hee, hee, hee...)
  • CHERFCHERF Posts: 12Member
    Gotjackson,  I generally don't jump into these posts, but in this case I felt like I had to when you mentioned Carissa.  I've had a couple of chats with her which were successful on my end, but there was something about her attitude that was off putting.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but the chat did leave me a little unsettled. That said, I do love V2 customer service and I'm glad you're sticking with them, for now anyway :)
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