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Anxiety and Vaping

   I started to vape in Nov. 2013 sadly i lasted only a month until anxiety and panic kicked in. I scoured the internet for what the reason could be. The assumption was the nic level in the e liquid. So I played with it all the way down to 6 no such luck especially since i was a 1 1/2 pack of analog a day kinda guy. I swore off electronic cigs and found myself back to analogs the very same day. So for those who are seeking answers and suffer from the same symptom here is what I found.

  Back story tried patches,and gum lasted 9 hours I have a weak will. Then came Chantix which had me smoke free for 3 months Success!! However i was miserable the whole time symptoms that plagued and stood out were anxiety and panic attacks of which i never suffered or had my whole life up until that point. I said enough took myself off, within three days i was a analog smoker again. Then i purchased a V2 e-cig starter kit i figured what the hell I've tried everything else. It worked smoke free for a month some anxiety but normal anxiety like i still wanted a analog but never enough to light up one. After about a week i was good ON A ROLL. Then about a month later anxiety kicked it. I racked my brain why all of a sudden and out of the blue I'm panicking. So i thought long and hard what was different for that month vs the last week. 

   Here's what i found. I was vaping e liquid i picked up from a local vape shop right then is when chaos in my body ensued i played with nicotine doses and a big fat nothing. Still anxious still panicking. So last month i put v2 juice back in and nothing, no panic, no anxiety. A month later im analog free.  So if you suffer from this and cant find the why for me it was the e liquid. Its either the PG or VG too much of one or the other. So now i stick with what i know is safeand that's the V2 e liquid not sure what the ratio is they mix at but if you experience these symptoms think about your  e liquid. 


  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    @juggernaut, this is an EXCELLENT story, and I relate to so much of it.  I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks even if I wasn't quitting smoking.  But when I did, boy did I go through it!  I had a similar experience with switching to V2.  Somehow, their liquid satisfies my cravings to the point that I don't really want an analog, which means I don't go through the panic of wanting a cigarette and not having one.  This story made me happy, I have to say.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    edited May 2014

    juggernaut, I'm no chemist but it is a reasonable assumption that different ingredients in e juice could affect people in different ways.

    Your story about the different methods you tried using to quit would be perfect for @desertkat's Ecig Success Stories Compilation.

    Congradulations on your success and welcome to the forum!

  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @juggernaut It is so cool that you have found the mixture that works for you!  I relate to the panic (I would panic with the analogs if I didn't have at least several packs left.) which I experienced almost immediately every time I tried to quit analogs.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    great convo about vaping + brain health/wellness.
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