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Vaping Wax

Has anyone done any research about vaping wax? I googled it and found a few forums that people were talking about it. Overall it seemed that people didn't think it was a good idea. Kept referring to something about popcorn lung. Just curious about it.


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    When the V2 Pro was teased I took a look online a did not find much. From what little I've read of it @jwc11 it seems to be discussed most by cannabis vaporizers. 
  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    @rbaker1009‌ I saw a lot of that also. Sounds like it is a stronger hit with less vaping. I think I'll pass on it.
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    I'm glad you posted this topic, @jwc11.  It prompted me to do a little research on vaping wax, and almost everything I found was related to cannabis, which is not for me.  People talk of heavy coughing at the start of vaping wax, then building up a tolerance.  There were heated discussions about what they were actually inhaling.  While I was open to trying wax when V2 first mentioned it, I think I'll stick with regular e-liquid.  So far, I've had no side effects from PG/VG aside from having to drink a little more water than I normally would, which ends up being good for me.  The wax, on the other hand, seems pretty controversial.  I like that V2 has an open mind on the subject, but I don't think it's something I would ever try -- even if it were just an herbal wax like mint or cilantro.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member

    nemeigh82, I too think it's very cool of V2 to have an open mind on solid plant matter and wax. Cannabis is legal in two states already and will be in many more soon I'm sure. In my experience marijuana is pretty harmless and is certainly widely used.

    I'm completely satisfied with E Liquid and am not interested in the wax but I get the logic of putting out a product is flexible.

  • jwc11jwc11 Posts: 608Member
    I agree with V2 widening their customer base. Offering a variety is a good thing. That's how they make more money! I am still going to get the V2 Pro. Can't wait for it
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    @rbaker1009, I'm in the same camp: marijuana is totally harmless, and it'll probably be legal everywhere before I retire.  (I'm 31.)  Since it is already legal in some places, and popular even in places where it isn't, I totally get why V2 would want to create a device that could be used as such.  V2's products are really very good.  People are always surprised by the amount of vapor I can pull out of what looks like a pen.  They've got a good thing going, and I'm glad that a new market will be able to benefit.

    @jwc11, I'm still getting the V2 PRO, too!  Even though I won't use it for wax or anything like that, I still want the experience with my liquid.  I can't wait!
  • KatFreqKatFreq Posts: 496Member
    The wax and gels might just end up being something fun. Maybe some of the mint from the yard that grows all summer. Mixed with other fresh, dried herbs. I think I will enjoy the new toy. I will have to keep this in mind when getting the fresh herbs to grow from the garden center. And save my points!
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,217Member
    I don't believe I will or would try to vape wax or gels . . . At least I don't believe it is for me. I really enjoy the V2 eliquids and will definitely be using them (eliquids) in my V2 Pro upon arrival.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    All this makes me think of is ear wax.  Am I alone?  LOL
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    LOL  Thank you, @BillyBob!  I thought it was only me!
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    LOL @sparta!!!   What are you talking about?  Have you had a drinkie poo?  hahaha
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @sparta  Wasn't his name just "Ball of Wax"?
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
  • DetchiDetchi Posts: 71Member
    I'm interested in trying wax because it seems it would be less messy (I don't spill my juice often, but when I do I make certain to spill it on everything!) I'd want V2 to offer a list of ingrediants before I used it as I am particular now about what goes into my body.
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    LOL @sparta
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @BillyBob  You try those and let us know how that works out for you, okay?
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member

  • bonedaddybonedaddy Posts: 44Member
    Is wax the same as essential oil? I don't see wax listed as an option anymore for the v2 pro
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member

  • CallMeTCallMeT Posts: 155Member ✭✭
    @bonedaddy The tank for the essential oil can be used for wax.  It is due to be released this winter.  No product listing for loose leaf / essential oil / wax.  They may add them later?  It's a wait and see thing.
  • craigsdadcraigsdad Posts: 14Member
    i'm here for the liquid but wax and tobaco I think are great for those who suffer from cancer and can use the pro for pot for medical reasons. Myself I am not interested but I don't have issues with those who use pot for what ever reason..

  • CrimsonShadowCrimsonShadow Posts: 87Member
    If it ment the college kids a few doors down could do their stuff and it not feel like you could cut the smelly cloud witha knife I would seriously print soooo many ads and conveniently leave them everywhere.
  • tomvaitomvai Posts: 16Member
    I don't know but to me vaping wax just sounds wrong, like sniffing glue  :))
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @tomvai  Which might be okay if you liked sniffing glue, I suppose...
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @BanillaBob  OMG!  Yes!!!!
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