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Where in the world are you from V2 Vapers?!



  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    @Fstop that's the amazing thing, after smoking Marlboro Red for 35 years I instantly knew V2 Red tasted nothing like it. But I gotta say I like the taste of V2 Red vapor better. There's that hint of sweetness about it that gives it that something extra or special. Over the years, in a pinch I would smoke something different than MB but it was never satisfying or made me not even want to smoke it. But V2 Red satisfies my craving and doesn't make me want to puke like some analog alternatives have in the past. This reason and the fact that vaping an ecig satisfies the physical act of smoking is why I think I will be able to quit this time. Nothing yet has fulfilled both of those needs.
  • DallasladyDallaslady Posts: 19Member
    Started Vaping V2 September 2012 while living in Carrollton, TX (just 30 minutes from Dallas), but now vaping in Chattanooga, TN, y'all!!  Nope...not the only Southerner.  From here, returned here for a while after traveling full time in our RV for almost a year.  

    I got a lot of California and Oregon folks onto V2.  One of my CA friends has a daughter in NY and now SHE''s vaping, as is her husband.  Both V2 users!  

  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    edited September 2014
    44 Days w/o "combusting"!   @ChipMac, now that u mentioned it Red is rather sweet, more so than I prefer in my tobacco, Sahara less so, & Congress is perfection to my taste buds ;)  For me it's Congress 1, Sahara 2, & I really love them in a combo. I didn't think a V2Cigs could replace standard cigarettes either & I still miss the smoke some times more than others at which times I will vape more than usual, eat lots of hershey almond bars, eat a pc of pie, drink tea, yell at my sweetheart of a dog.
  • jennjenn Posts: 389Member
    I didn't even know you could search for V2 eliquids now on the store locator. But same here.. I could only find starter kits & carts
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    :) @ jenn, greetings @Dallaslady, I love being on the road. 
  • SirVapeALotSirVapeALot Posts: 321Member
    outside Asheville, NC
  • RoseNguyenRoseNguyen Posts: 4Member
    Well you get v2 vapors from all over the world but I am from USA California San Francisco . 
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    Greetings to the good old Bay City @RoseNguyen, welcome from San Antonio Texas ;) 
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    Welcome, @RoseNguyen!   Sorry about the other posts!
  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    edited September 2014
    Greetings from Bremen IN!  
  • jennjenn Posts: 389Member
    Woo! Another Hoosier @Arak‌ :-h
  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    Hey @Jenn!
  • corcorcorcor Posts: 3Member
    North Central Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains. Just a short drive from the tiny town of Flippin, AR where the kids go to Flippin High School and cheer for the Flippin Bobcats. They're served and protected by the Flippin Police and the Flippin Fire Department, and on Sundays you might find some of them at the Flippin Church of God. :)
  • jennjenn Posts: 389Member
    @corcor‌ Lmao!! Well I'm glad your Flippin here! :D Welcome!
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,213Member
    HaHa fabulous @corcor!
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,408Administrator, Moderator admin
    lol Welcome @corcor! Glad to have you here in the V2 forum :)
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    LOL @corcor!  Welcome to the forum!  :)
  • RayRay Posts: 2Member

    Hi all!  New to the forum but been using V2's for quite a while now. I've tried a bunch of others but keep coming back, so I guess I'll stay.  I'm from Titusville, Florida. Don't know where that is?  No problem - not many people do.



  • jellytoastjellytoast Posts: 421Member
    Welcome to the forum @Ray :)
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,408Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Ray and welcome! I know where that is! About 5 ish hours from Miami! I use to pass it on my way to Tallahassee (where I went to college). Glad to have you in the forum! :) 
  • shirleekcrossshirleekcross Posts: 59Member
    I'm in Seale Alabama
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    Welcome to the V2 forum to everyone that is new.   Congrats to everyone for not smoking today, 0 cigs : 59 days today thanks to V2 and all the folks here....  so greetings from San Antonio Texas
  • rottsyerottsye Posts: 67Member
    Aiken, S.C. for 60 years.
  • uglytrucklinguglytruckling Posts: 71Member
    I live right outside Memphis, but am currently working in Afghanistan.
  • closenreclosenre Posts: 37Member
    Wilson, NC here! Just East of Raliegh. Originally from Peoria, Illinois 
  • stefi01stefi01 Posts: 15Member
    Born in the uk and used v2 there but now live in fresno calif
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,156Member
    Welcome to the Forum @stefi01‌, glad to have you join the family of great people from whom you can learn alot and journey with on your way to a "smoke free" lifestyle. Questions are answered promptly by others who are knowledgeable and have experienced the same situations. Your input to this Forum will be greatly received. One thing I have learned while a member of this Forum, is that you are never alone.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,408Administrator, Moderator admin
    Welcome @stefi01! Glad to have you apart of the V2 family & forum. :D
  • becca58becca58 Posts: 49Member
    Tucson, AZ.  Originally from the very northeastern area of Ohio. Been there, done that, not doing it again.
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    Regards becca58, I'm in San Antonio Texas,  originally from NY.  Welcome
  • larry39280larry39280 Posts: 4Member
    Pearl, MS here.  Originally from South Louisiana.
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    Welcome @stefi01, welcome to the far side of our Atlantic  @closenre, regards to Wilson NC  @uglytruckling, love mephis B!Q Ribs,  u stay safe out there.
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    Welcome to the fray larry39280, loved old Golden Meadows, LA
  • uglytrucklinguglytruckling Posts: 71Member
    Welcome @larry39280!
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    Boise, Idaho
  • desertkatdesertkat Posts: 1,343Member
    @daytripper  Hey, are you a Boise State Broncos fan?
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    Absolutely! Bronco Nation rocks!
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    edited October 2014

    :-h  Hello @everyone from Cowboy Country
  • sandyc532sandyc532 Posts: 471Member
    @daytripper‌ too cool. Finally another Boise V2 fan. We are from Boise also. Daughter goes to BSU.
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    @sandyc532 way cool, another Bronco Nation peep! My 38 yr. old son has Downs Syndrome and did some BSU studies, so he's a huge fan that wears BSU football attire everyday and his room looks like an official  Bronco's store! Perhaps we're neighbors....I'll PM you later!  :)>-
  • garlicbreadgarlicbread Posts: 1Member
    Northeastern CT
  • shortwizardshortwizard Posts: 11Member
    Near Charlotte, NC.
  • JayTeaJayTea Posts: 46Member
    New York and planning to winter in NE Arizona. Anyone live there? Would like to text with.
  • MoniqueMonique Posts: 3Member
    samantha said:

    So I wanted to start a thread to see where everyone is from? This data MAY help us determine IF we hold a V2 Vapers Conference or perhaps join another bigger vaper conference in the future. It will also help determine where the central ground would be.

    PLUS - I think it would just be cool to find out where everyone is from and/or where they currently live! Some of us may be very close to each other and not even know it!

    I'll leave the first comment with my hometown/current location in 3 2 1.....

    Ontario, Canada!!
  • DR78DR78 Posts: 11Member
    California over here! Any west coasters? So neat to see so many people from all over the world.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,213Member
    Hi @DR78. I'm in Tustin Ranch, CA
  • jellytoastjellytoast Posts: 421Member
    Hey @DR78 California here too :)
  • Eric95MEric95M Posts: 60Member
    Olney MD (about 15 miles from DC).  We're moving to Hernando Beach Florida in a bit.
    I hate the cold.  Was stationed in Grand Forks ND in the Air Force.  I HATE cold now.

  • LoonsLoons Posts: 15Member
    Milton Keynes, Bucks - UK
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,408Administrator, Moderator admin
    Another Florida V2 vaper! Yay! 

    And we are getting more and more UK customers here in the forum... great to have you all! :)
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