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Broken EX blank (I think?)

Is it broken? I pulled my e-cig (long battery and EX blank) out of my pocket, right after getting back to my desk from a vape-break (my company added a "no vaping indoors" section to their smoke-free policy, D'OH!!!) and found that the screw-on tip of the EX blank had detached. It didn't come unscrewed, it snapped right off where the black tip meets the top metal rim on the EX blank. The lower section of the tip with the screw-threads is still completely screwed into the blank. So yeah, is it broken? Is repair possible? Is this a known issue with the EX blanks? Anyone know if we can order extra tips separately?


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member
    Yes, it is broken. I have never had a tip break in nearly two years of blank use. Tips are not sold separately. If you can find a way to unscrew the remaining tip just use a tip from another blank. Good luck..
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member
    @rbaker1009 is right.  Once the top snaps off, there's no fixing it.  Sorry, @VishKal.
  • a1961karena1961karen Posts: 13Member
    edited June 2015
    @rbaker1009 I have had about 10 of the EX blanks break off lately.  I assume a defect or they are possibly being manufactured cheaper.  Not happy considering how much i have spent with V2!
  • Emilie_2003Emilie_2003 Posts: 22Member
    I have had that happen to me with at LEAST 6 of the ex-blanks since I started ordering them in january. (I recieved my starter kit dec. 24 of last year). And was quite upset when they did this. Some of them did this only after filling ONE TIME! And a1961karen I COMPLETELY agree with you! I think they are being made cheaper and with less quality. And I too am LIVID considering having nothing but problems since my starter kit!
  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    FYI to all...I've been using the EX Blanks since November 2014.  Of my first orders with the short wicks I have had 1 break...the clear part no the top tip but that's the one that I dropped.  I sit with 6 that are filled with various flavors that I use with OEM brands of juice and flavors with no issues, but have used the rest with V2 juice and have just had a second begin to crack...that's the second of 4 others with long wicks.  I have never had a mouth piece break, so I am either handling them with kid gloves or have had the luck of the "Italians" with me all the way.  :))  I use my EX Blanks with EX batteries and have had one battery replaced for not holding a charge for more than an hour.  Other than that I've been a happy camper and hope everyone realizes...this is plastic...gets brittle with time and there is no fix. I'm careful not to drop them, don't bite on them and clean them more than I may need to, but losing 2 in more than 6 months isn't IMHO a bad record at all.
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