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V2 Pro Series 3 - Red Light of Death

Model: V2 Pro Series 3 - Brushed Aluminum + 3 e-liquid cartridges

: Continues Vaping even after releasing the button. Tested the cartridges on another Series 3 and they were fine. Battery/base unit is the culprit.

-White LED around button lights up when pressed and turns off when released (Normal)
-LED at base of unit does not light up on button press for 1 second and then lights up RED and stays RED for 5-10 seconds as it burns the cartridge (abnormal)
-After 5-10 seconds the unit turns off itself as a failsafe (Normal)

Attempted Fixes:
-Swapped cartridges (No effect). Have 3 e-liquid cartridges and none of them worked.
-Clean the cartridge (No effect)
-Wiggle the cartridge left and right (No effect)
-Clean the battery using cotton swabs (No effect)
-Checked 3 pin terminals in battery to see if there is some sort of blockage. No blockage. (No effect)
-Pulled cartridge out and held vape button for 10 seconds to "reset" it. (No effect)
-Blew in it like a Nintendo cartridge. (No effect).
-Did a "Please fix it dance" (No effect)
-Sacrificed the first born of a first born. (No effect) 

-Pull the cartridge out after your pull. (ANNOYING)
-Buy another e-cig. (About to if I hear another 7-10 days)



  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    I'm having a CS manager contact you now to resolve @nyczducky. Posting this on 2 different threads in 2 different sections is unnecessary and generally not permitted in our forum.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    You can NOT reset a manual battery. Any blinking after trying to "reset" is the auto shut off kicking the battery off.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited September 2014
    Mr. T is correct. lol But our CS reps still tell people to do this - it seems to help psychologically. Or so I've been told. lol
  • nemeigh82nemeigh82 Posts: 2,781Member

    @nyczducky, "blowing in it like a nintendo cartridge" is my favorite.  LOL  Made me chuckle, but I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.  :)  I hope this gets fixed for you!
  • npharpernpharper Posts: 60Member
    It's going into loose leaf mode by mistake because of a bad connection with your cartridge. Wiggle the cartridge, or clean the contacts, and it should function properly.
  • nyczduckynyczducky Posts: 8Member
    edited September 2014
    @Samantha. Thanks for having someone call me about this issue. They apologized for not attending to my issue properly and told me they would send it out first thing upon receiving shipment this week. Apology accepted. I get that you are busy so now that someone is on top of this I shouldn't worry right?

    Well its been a week and still no shipment confirmation. No follow up call telling me they might not be able to ship mine. Nothing.

    I shouldn't have to come on to publicly announce that someone has dropped the ball again at V2 to have something done. 
  • nyczduckynyczducky Posts: 8Member
    @npharper I've tried cleaning the cartridge and battery and wiggling per other posts on these forums. Nothing helped. 

    I bought 3 tanks, All 3 have the burned taste issue despite vodka cleanings. Getting pretty annoyed with the failures associated with the Series 3. 

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Nyczducky - You are absolutely right. I just checked and our CS rep told you exactly 7 days ago that your items would ship. I just sent another email to some managers. I will get this resolved for you today. I am terribly sorry for this entire experience. It's a product fulfillment issue that we have been dealing with since the end of July and it is still not resolved, which many are (understandably) frustrated about. I am trying to do everything in my power to get this worked out for you. And I will have 3 eliquid carts sent to you as an exchange for the burnt taste issue. 

    Will PM you shortly with more of an update.
  • npharpernpharper Posts: 60Member
    I had some bad tanks, too. Not burnt tasting, but leaky.  All were exchanged with minimal hassle.  Sadly, it sounds like you have a defective main unit, too, which is a real bummer. I'd be disheartened, too, but I am very pleased with my S3 when it is functioning properly, so hopefully you will have a positive experience with it once you and CS get all the problems sorted.
  • nyczduckynyczducky Posts: 8Member
    @samantha Did not hear back from anyone. Could I get an update?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    @nyczducky I PM'd you a resolution. Please keep me posted. 
  • llouderllouder Posts: 89Member
    @samantha are there any troubleshooting tips for the S3?  Mine died tonight...it's fully charged, but when I push the button, nothing happens.  There's no lights, no vapor...nothing.  
  • llouderllouder Posts: 89Member
    @banillabob that was it! Now I feel dumb, but I don't understand how it turns off by itself. Thanks for your help.
  • fistyfisty Posts: 254Member
    O M G. @BanillaBob‌ you are one badass problem solver! Lol too funny
  • DSBDSB Posts: 3Member
    Just adding my experience. I had same thing happen 2 or 3 times is all. I now have a black, silver and blue version of the pro (thanks V2 for the silver one with my loose leaf). The original black one i ordered right when they were released at first is the only one that has done the "red light and burn for 5sec" on its own. I took out cartridge and wiggled it as well as cleaned it off. Does not happen often so I am not worried about it. Not sure if I am correct, but I assume it is the leaky cartridge that may have caused it since cleaning it and moving it left and right worked to stop it right away. Again, has only happened a couple  times, and I vape about 2-3 carts a day.
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    edited October 2014
    @BanillaBob, It was in the morning as I was leaving. But I was so worried my S3 died yesterday. It's battery died, so I plugged it in. But since I was leaving in a couple minutes I wanted a couple last second hits. So as I am taking my second hit, it cuts off after 3 seconds. So I figure that the power use of a draw is more then it's immediate draw and I might have hit the end of the battery completely. But after I get out of the shower (10-15 minutes) I still couldn't take a hit, hit the button and no light. Thought it was dead. But I left it plugged in and figured I would worry about it when I got home.

    The whole day I am wondering if I should post something in here or get a replacement started. I waited a month for it in the first place have now 5 carts that would be waiting for the new S3. Then I read your post. Still don't know what tripped it into locking off. But that was it. When I got home it was nothing but S3 chain vaping all night in celebration. So thanks for that heads up.
  • nyczduckynyczducky Posts: 8Member
    edited October 2014
    All 3 of my carts have burned out due to this stupid issue with the battery. And one of the 3 chargers I bought have failed completely. I only detach the V2 from the charger holding the dome part of it to avoid cable issues. Guess that didn't help as it happened anyway. For a premium product, it is way worse than the original V2's in terms of reliability. 

    But back to the original issue...

    So I've been told 7-10 days again. This is the 3rd time. Its been 10 days. No shipping confirmation. So is it normal policy to string along your customers? Don't tell me 7-10 days over and over again and not deliver. If this doesn't get resolved soon, I'll be escalating this to the BBB and State Attorney General's offices in NY and FL. It seems clear to me that the only way to get results is to light a fire under V2 publicly. 

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited October 2014
    Hi @nyczducky - I just responded back to your PM about this issue. I will have a final confirmation by the morning. There are 3 likely outcomes: 

    1) We have the product in stock and can overnight it to you
    2) There may be an additional waiting period (1-15 biz days is possible but I do not know yet)
    3) We can issue you an immediate refund

    I am hoping to hear back from managers and option #1 will happen. I am very sorry for miscommunication and severe delays. I would be frustrated if put in the same scenario too so I do understand and offer a sincere apology. But I understand you just want this corrected; I am working to have this addressed asap. Will PM you in the morning. 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited October 2014
    Hi @sparta - can I assist you with anything? I have noticed that most times when someone posts a complaint or issue on the forum, you engage with them in agreement and seem to be particularly focused on all flaws/issues regarding V2 growing pains and customers experiencing defects. If this is being done because there is something you need addressed/assistance with, you can directly reach out to me and I will gladly assist. For example, if you have some defective blanks, please advise and I can easily assist with a resolution.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @nyczducky - just as another reminder, I am working to have your Pro sent out within the next 48 hrs. Will PM you once confirmed. Sorry again for all the inconveniences and delays. 
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member

    Andries already answered your accusation of high rates of defective blanks 2 days ago Sparta, Your accusation is false.

    "EX BLANKS are the #1 selling SKU at V2... and one of our lowest defect SKUs.... yes we ship replacements everyday, but it has never amounted to greater than 3% and even then only in our worst defect months in early 2013".

    There is no conspiracy to create more blank sales Sparta. Only one month ever did defective blanks ever even reach 3%, which is low in the manufacturing business. Perhaps it is you that has changed.

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member
    edited October 2014

    Here is where you suggest there is a conspiricy Sparta:

    "I get it, go through more tanks, you buy more. In the end v2 wins by getting mMoe money."

    I am not putting words in your mouth.

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member
    The tone of my posts has never come close in tone to the numerous inelegant rants you have posted here Guru. I think I will take forum etiquette advice elsewhere.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member

    Continuing to ask me to tone it down is you moderating Guru, what I have posted is simply responding to hyperbole with facts.

    You have already received the answers you requested but continue to use this forum to criticize this company. We get it guys, you are not fans.

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member

    If I was not a fan of a product, and no longer used it, I would not continue to be active in their forum. If I did it would likely be for the wrong reasons. Lurking the site and jumping in when a discussion comes up that you think can manipulate suggests an agenda.

  • mcfreem23mcfreem23 Posts: 4Member
    @samantha, why is @rbaker1009 allowed to constantly attack people that has any kind of issue or concern about v2 and their products? I thought this type of behavior was not condoned on this forum but for some reason he keeps getting away with it.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member
    Bob I am not referring to you.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member

    @mcfreem, I do not constantly attack people with issues. You can see for yourself. Click on my name and go look at my body of posts. You will see I do not do that.

    I occasionally respond to the posters who constantly go after V2. V2 does not deserve the disrespect it gets by some on this board. Thankfully only a few people constantly exploit any issue that comes up here to magnify issues in an attempt to make V2 look bad.

    I post a counterpoint, I do not attack.

  • mcfreem23mcfreem23 Posts: 4Member
    @rbaker1009‌, I'm sorry, but I feel you do and I dont think I'm alone in that feeling. Its like you have a vendetta against some of the forum members that once upon a time said something negative. I would think it could be forgiven by now. That's what this forum is about. People discussing the positive and negative aspects of their experience with v2. I dont think any of the forum members you're referring too is all negative. Look at their body of posts too.
  • shinn007shinn007 Posts: 34Member
    And there off and running again.

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member

    Bob, constructive criticism is posted here daily with no problem from me or anyone else. V2 has been clear it welcomes constructive criticism, they have received it from me. When constructive becomes a campaign against V2 and most the posts pander to the negative it becomes something else.

    I am simply occasionally providing data as a counterpoint. There is nothing passive aggressive in my posts, they are very direct.

    I will bow out now as we all know this can escalate forever.

  • mcfreem23mcfreem23 Posts: 4Member
    @sparta. I am a he lol.
    I'm gonna take the high road and leave this be. I've said what I've had to say and I'm gonna go back in my corner now. If @rbaker1009‌ wants the last word he is welcome to have it. Just remember that everyone here likes v2. That's why we're here. I'm glad that some people have never had an issue, but a lot of people have and they should be able to convey that on this forum in a respectful way without being bullied.
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member

    I joined this forum less than 2 months ago as I started my voyage into the vaping world. My objective was to learn about vaping, V2 products and consumers experiences. It's been a wealth of information that has assisted me in the battle of quitting the nasties and I'm very thankful for its existence.

    No doubt the Pro Series 3 issues have caused a lot of stress/negative feelings among those of us who have been negatively affected by them and that includes V2 as well. Sharing the experiences with others is great for all to learn from and "constructive" criticism of products can be useful for the company as well and it appears to me that V2 is giving 110%+ to make improvements and satisfy their customer base.

    I would like to encourage everyone, V2 included, to first of all keep these discussions "focused" on the discussion topic and secondly send PM's to individuals you have an issue with. When you throw stones in an open forum, it's like "carpet bombing" and you get a lot of collateral damage and everyone looses focus on what the original discussion was all about.

    I believe we are all adults here and we should lead by example while respecting the constructive opinions of others!

  • fistyfisty Posts: 254Member
    Wow too funny. Rite on @daytripper‌ @BanillaBob‌ and @TheGuru‌ should do this on facebook. Now make a little [email protected] comment,, I can't wait lol! O look @sparta‌ is rite with em. =D>
  • fistyfisty Posts: 254Member
    @sparta‌ yes, I'm being mean to you. @TheGuru‌ really man? Your gonna post all that? Thought you would surely read between the lines. None of this is I say is serious! Cmon y'all down with PC! Wait I mean, "down with dope and up with hope!" Now I'm doing exactly what I agreed with @daytripper‌ on Ok I'm done. :))
  • fistyfisty Posts: 254Member
    NO! I refuse! I was teasing u @sparta‌ like bob said ;)
  • fistyfisty Posts: 254Member
    I'll use my rape whistle! (Please god don't let the wrong person read that)
  • fistyfisty Posts: 254Member
    This thread is now useless btw #:-S
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited October 2014
    Wow I was just inquiring to see if sparta needed ex blank replacements and all of this happened? I am terribly sorry for apparently causing this debacle. I would say it's good to have you back and commenting again @theguru but it appears all of your comments on this thread have taken the negative/argumentative route so in that case, it's not. You and any other forum members are welcomed (and encouraged!) to lurk, respond and engage on the forum but to lurk for a few weeks, not say much and then when you do comment, get into the same type of petty arguments with other forum members is unacceptable. The bickering and arguing has to stop for good. If it persists, I will have to take the necessary actions. I am trying my best to avoid being a strict moderator but the bickering is not something that this forum is about. 

    As @daytripper eloquently posted, let's focus on the discussion topics in the forum and be adults. And again, if you are unhappy with V2 or if you need some assistance, I am here to resolve your issue. If you believe that your issue cannot be resolved, continuously posting about the issue is not an alternative solution.

    Rbaker was 100% honest, respectful and direct with all his comments and they all seem pretty accurate to me. 

    As for @sparta, I wish you would have told me directly about your recent issues with your EX Blanks so I could have easily processed replacements for you. I am not sure why you decided to instead not report your issues with ex blanks, engage with others in discussing issues pertaining to V2 and let the frustration build up? We greatly appreciate your passion for V2 and your business (no matter how big or small) and are working to have inventory restored for the V2 Pro's. 

    We have already corrected many issues with the V2 Pro and are diligently working to get other issues corrected. Again, this is a very brand new product that has been on the market for barely four months. Our team was intending for the first two months to be a very soft launch and as I have stated, the feedback and sales were much higher than we expected. We value everyone's business and if you have any kind of concern or issue, please reach out to me or anyone in customer service and we will do our best to assist and resolve your issue. The wait time on the S3's is something we cannot solve overnight but we are working on it. 

    Finally: Suggesting that we are purposely making our EX Blanks a specific way so they don't last very long and therefore require customers to buy more to gain more profit is not a smart strategy, and we know this. And suggesting so is borderline suggesting another conspiracy theory. Also, our CEO addressed your false accusation about if we were trying to make up for S3 replacement costs. I hope everyone understands that we know our customers are sophisticated and savvy (we've done the market research) enough and know that such an unethical strategy would epically fail. And we also know that it is not in our best business interest to purposely create defective products. We want to and strive to create innovative, high-quality products that customers love. Of the hundreds of thousands of customers that we work with around the world, we may have a 0-5% defective rate, as stated by our CEO. This applies to any ecig/vaporizer company. Our issues may seem more massive because we have one of the top ecig forums on the internet where we allow customers to go and voice their praises and concerns. Scope is key to understanding the full scale of working products/happy customers versus defective products/unhappy customers. And with each unhappy customer, we do everything in our power to try to rectify the situation.

    If anyone has an issue or concern, please pm me and I will assist. If further arguing on this thread persists, I will delete it. @Sparta please PM me if you would like me to process any exchanges for you.

  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    some people must have a ninja refresh button to post so much in such a short time. People need to vent so no reason to censor or chastise those that complain.....just wrong thread for it unless the argument stays on the topic of ring of fire, ring of death etc.....just my 2¢
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    edited October 2014
    @sparta and to others that are having a problem with worsening hits from an EX blank (and might help people with S3's). I recently put Red in an ex blank. It's my work vape and honestly it's turning into an all day vape for me. Prefilled at work and S3 at home. Well on my second or third refill on a S3 cart (5th refill, 3rd after cleaning, and 3rd total when using Red). At the same time I was thinking of vaping a red ex blank instead of a prefilled for work. So I filled up an exblank (3 refill, 2nd red, previous being cherry, no cleaning) and grabbed my favorite auto regular battery.

    The Auto battery maxes a difference here. I had been using for my ex's since it's mainly a home vape tool, a XL manual battery. By the end of the day I had noticed that the liquid had gotten darker. At the end of the day (this is last friday) I refilled the EX again (4th without cleaning) and watched it carefully besides the mixing of colors at the bottom and after it got a little darker, I noticed after taking some hits that the darker color would bleed out of the wicks as well. I then refilled my S3 Red cart and watched the same practice happen on that. By the end of that refill of the EX it wasn't hitting great. On the 5th refill (no cleaning) I got the same experience you were talking about, no sizzle, very soft, and sometimes very little vapor about half way I thought about what you said about the sizzle and put it on my manual. Held it in a bit, then took a hit, it was much better. Not great. After finishing it off (and the liquid practically black by this point), I cleaned that cart and the S3 cart). I have been playing around with it since. On the S3 as long as I let it do a burn for a couple of seconds without drawing every once and a while, or on the EX each time prime the ex before drawing, I not only get better hits but no runoff of color. I should not that the experience is a lot better on the manual battery. Even immeadiately after cleaning the EX didn't work like it had two days earlier on an auto battery.

    A bit of a long story sorry. The TL;DR summary is this. On some liquid. Drawing right away will mean that some of the liquids components can't vaporize and is actually is being kept at below the vaporization point by having the air flow past. That by priming or allowing the coils get to temperature they seem to vape more cleanly. Which means that these liquids are bad matches with auto batteries.
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    @sparta. It could. If unburnt material is building up in the wick near the coil it could easily account for that eventually it just becomes the only thing cooked and only half cooked at that.  In the future you could probably do the reset every once and a while. It actually runs the cart for 5-10 seconds, so blow into it for two-3 seconds, it'll start the cart, you can wait out the full time or just give it a couple of seconds and then start taking a hit.

    I don't know if there is a real answer to "fixing" an ex cart that has already gone bad. As far as i can tell I can't get it to hit like it used to without using a manual battery and priming it for a couple seconds first first. 
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    I should also note that Cherry and Red are the only two of about 6 V2 flavors I have vaped straight up that seemed to get darker or change color as I vaped through the carts. Red being the worst but I had noticed the cherry when I had finished it in the ex was notably darker then when I was currently vaping in my S3.
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    @sparta you know when you reset an automatic? You blow on the threads and the light goes solid for a little bit then blinks. If a cart is on it, its almost like a manual toggle. it will turn on the coil in the car and run it till it blinks. So blow into the cart for about three seconds and then the cart will start sizzling. give it a couple seconds then start taking a hit or wait it out. You won't need to do this all the time just occasionally. That's if my theory holds.
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    Just put the blank back on an auto. It actually seems a lot better now specially if I draw slowly and then ramp up. Can hear it crackling an popping again. Good vapor as well.
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    edited October 2014
    I totally agree with @Topweasel when it comes to always priming the EX blank on the auto batts and waiting 2 seconds on the manual or Power Cig. I've done that from day one along with slow draws and virtually never get a burnt issue with the EX blank. I also wait at least 30 seconds and roll the tank to saturate the wicks. Next time I have one change to a hard draw, I'll try the reset with the blank on the batt before I rotate it to the cleaning rack.
  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    @banillabob, yeah a little bit my burnt hits are far in between (maybe 2 per fill) on the S3 by ocassionally doing a dry burn before the hit and priming the hit for a moment ever once and and awhile. I also always tip the cart down for just a moment every time I pick it up. 

    On the EX I was getting more towards the hard draws, low vapor, and no TH. It was something I noticed with the S3 and the EX's with Red getting darker. I am 90% sure at this point that on the EX for certain some component wasn't vaporizing at the same temp as the rest and was clouding up the coil and rest of the juice the thicker and darker it got the harder it was to draw. By the time I finished the third fill of red it stopped giving any kind of TH and I noticed the sizzle was gone. Cleaning didn't help so that when I thought of the manual and got my sizzle, TH and vapor back. Never did get a burnt taste on an EX but it would make sense if it was too gunked up with stuff not getting to temp that eventually when it could burn it of that would be most of the taste.
  • MSmith447MSmith447 Posts: 255Member
    Samantha bless you for dealing with all this madness. You are a better person than me. 
  • Eric95MEric95M Posts: 60Member
    @sparta these are called growing pains.  I posted about that yesterday.  They are trying harder than I think we can imagine to get this right.  Their sales depend on word of mouth.  I understand the frustration.  I have a series 3 sitting in front of me that doesn't work.  Hasn't for 2 months roughly.  They will get it straightened out. 
    BTW, I am in no way affiliated with V2 :).  Just I have been through product launches and they usually (trying not to curse here) %^@# ; !!
    As long as the company is being honest, I can wait. my  $.02
  • supremecsupremec Posts: 108Member
    edited October 2014
    This is some good stuff. Better than a soap opera, and with most of the same players.  8->

    @daytripper‌ ~ V3 has its issues, most of which, IMHO, stem from taking orders for a product that was not ready for mass marketing, and continuing to take orders although there were a large number of back orders and QC issues.

    I received mine about a month after ordering it and the only complaints I have with it thus far is the flavors have a weaker taste than the V2 cartridges, and there is also the occasional burnt taste that I have not yet experienced with the V2.

    I also agree with your opinion on constructive criticism. Fact is, constructive criticism is important, both for the consumer and the business. I don't know that there is a right or wrong way to criticize constructively, but I have always felt it necessary to be concise, clear, and to be straight forward and to the point. Be it constructive criticism or intelligent and thoughtful open debate, we can't please everyone. ;)

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