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samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
Hi all - this thread is intended to swap or trade V2 flavor cartridges, batteries and unopened V2 Platinum e-liquid bottles. You are not permitted to sell any products on this thread or on the V2 forum.

If you posted a swap request over the past week or so, please repost it here as I accidentally deleted the original swap thread as I was trying to delete all the comments that has nothing to do with swaping V2 products. I am working to get the original swap thread back up but in the mean time, use this thread if you would like to swap anything. 

Happy vaping!



  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    I have (4) new unopened 1.2 Peppermint EX Carts I'll swap for regular carts, or liquid of Sahara, Red, Vanilla, Congress, Grape or Chocolate, 1.2 or lower in nic.   

    Any takers?  I'll take care of shipping both ways.
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    Just to confirm as I'm trying to catch up on some of the changes (and I'm kinda dense) you can swap anything V2 but just selling is the no no? I ask because I have a power cig that is in great condition that I want to swap. Open to any offers....I'm just way to mobile to use it.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,218Member
    Hey @Talon, yea swapping's cool, just no selling.
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    ok, thanks @rbaker1009‌
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Yes @Talon swapping = good

    Please no selling. We just don't want to be liable for any transactions and it can get messy if someone resells a V2 product and the buyer wants to use the warranty... we won't be able to honor it and so forth. 

    So swap away! :) 
  • ChipMacChipMac Posts: 335Member
    samantha said:

    Please no selling. We just don't want to be liable for any transactions and it can get messy if someone resells a V2 product and the buyer wants to use the warranty... we won't be able to honor it and so forth. 

    So swap away! :) 

    @samantha I fully understand the reasoning for this decision from a V2 business standpoint but IMO if all we can do is swap it makes this thread less useful for us. Think about it, in order for for us to swap something we need 2 people that don't want what they have but do want what the other has. On the other hand selling only requires that I have something the other person wants that I have no further use for.

    For example I've upgraded from standard size classic batteries using carts to a series 3 pro using e-liquid. So I either just sell the classics to someone that wants them which would be easy. Or I can try to trade them and hope somebody on here bought e-liquid that they don't like and that I can use or perhaps they bought too many tanks for their pro and they still use classics from time to time. You see trying to find the right combination of want and don't want between both parties can be very difficult. I also think that most of the members on here only buy from V2 what they know they want or like so it would be rare for someone to have something they don't want unless they no longer needed it. 

    Now I never inspected my EX Starter kit for one but if V2 products ship with a serial number but perhaps CS could only provide warranty service to the original buyer based off the serial number and the name associated with it or some other means of tracking.

    Just my two cents.
  • FloridaGalFloridaGal Posts: 122Member
    @ChipMac. I agree 100% with your comments. Take me, for example. I have SEALED V2 prefilled carts in PC & Vanilla. I want to sell them because I'm lowering my nic intake. There is no V2 warranty involved and I KNOW there'll be folks looking for PC. But I'm not allowed to sell. Don't know where else to go to sell them and I'm not really interested in a swap. Just seems unfair to me.
  • KatFreqKatFreq Posts: 496Member
    @samantha, is it ok to arrange monetary transactions via pm? Most folks would know they are not covered under another persons purchase warranty.
  • CrimsonShadowCrimsonShadow Posts: 87Member
    Truth be told since some where offering discount prices anyways just ask for something you want from v2 to be shipped to you to trade for the items. I.e. you have this item you don't use anymore its worth 30... a bottle of this is worth 16 .... don't have to worry about who covers shipping since both parties would be paying it one way. Or those battery sellers since they use a s3 now im sure could always use tanks.. "creative use of game mechanics" may be frowned upon and should be taken to pm/Email.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    CS doesn't use any serial numbers on products. Sorry - these are the rules told to me by a superior. Of course taking things to personal email is ok but I can't have "sale" postings on this thread.
  • ColinColin Posts: 203Member
    I've got a 10ml bottle never opened of zigzag clove, would love to trade for dragonberry or mango or anything
  • patternpattern Posts: 3Member
    edited October 2014
    I have 15 5-packs of 1.2ml cola and 8 5-packs of 1.2ml cinnamon I'd like to trade for vanilla, mojito, or lemon-berry. 
  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    LOL  I don't want anything mosquito flavored.  Sorry @pattern, I had to do it.
  • patternpattern Posts: 3Member
    LOL, @Arak‌ you caught that in the few seconds before I fixed it. Made me laugh too when I saw it.
  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    @pattern, I saw it & couldn't help myself.  LOL  And no, you don't want Lemon Berry.  Not good.  Shocked you haven't had any takers yet on the cinnamon, there were some on the forums that are big fans.  
  • RockoRocko Posts: 184Member
    I have a 50ml bottle of red (0.6 or 0 nic) that I woukd trade for some congress of the same percent.
  • FstopFstop Posts: 378Member
    Have refrigerated 6 unused, sealed Sahara Cartridges (4) - Sahara 6, (2) Sahara 12;  2 Congress 6 & (3) Sealed V2 Blanks.   I'm nicotine free, thanks to V2. Whoever wants these let me know & send a self addressed posted envelope.  
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Well congrats to zero nic @Fstop
  • DrGnBldDrGnBld Posts: 38Member
    @samantha‌ I am a fan of the idea @CrimsonShadow‌ posted. Is that allowed? Or should be done only in pm as suggested?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    As long as the customer has access to the V2 account and the contact info on that V2 account (for warranty/exchange reasons), it isn't an issue @DrGnBld. Or in other words, place the orders on each others accounts but pay on your own terms. 
  • vinkaplantvinkaplant Posts: 1Member
    test to see if this works.

  • JanieJanie Posts: 194Member
    @vinkaplant ~ Loud and clear. Welcome to the forum! :)
  • DrGnBldDrGnBld Posts: 38Member
    I've got 3 standard auto batteries, 2 silver and 1 blue. All work, though the paint job on the blue shows its use. Also a graphite PCC and silver hard carry case. Would love liquid tanks for S3, and I'm a sucker for the coffee liquid, but enjoy all of V2's specialty flavors, not a fan of menthols. Never had red via liquid, congress isn't currently satisfying, and I've never tried Sahara, but as long as it's 1.8 or more, I'm pretty easy.
  • graysongrayson Posts: 85Member
    Any chance anyone has any more mint chocolate truffle carts they want to swap???
  • LastChanceLastChance Posts: 3Member
    I have two (2) sealed, unopened boxes of Cinnamon cartridges, 1.8%. (5 carts each or total of ten carts) The expiration date is November 2015.

    I'd prefer to swap for Sahara carts or liquid, sealed also, please. We'll work out the mailing charges – I will pay for the shipping of the Cinnamon carts to you.

    Thank you!

  • LastChanceLastChance Posts: 3Member

    I'm new to the forum and don't understand how we can swap items if we're not allowed to give out telephone numbers or other information. Will someone kindly enlighten me? Thank you!
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,218Member

    Hi @LastChance. Simply post the items you wish to swap and anyone interested can communicate with you via private message where contact information can be exchanged.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Yep, rbaker is correct. :) Happy swaping lastchance.
  • DracoDraco Posts: 5Member
    I have 2 unopened 10ml bottles of 1.8% Sahara still in original packaging. Would like to trade for Cherry, Grape, or Cola.
  • new2v2new2v2 Posts: 106Member

    I have 3 unopened 25ml bottles of 2.4% Peppermint in original packaging. Would like to trade for something in 1.8%.

    Do not want traditional tobacco juices. Make me an offer.

  • RyanJPRyanJP Posts: 43Member
    I have 4 unopened Menthol Green Tea EX carts, 1.8

    I would love to swap them for either Peppermint or Menthol EX or Vanilla also 1.8. Thanks!
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
  • new2v2new2v2 Posts: 106Member

    I have one 30ml 1.8 coffee minus one cartridge fill up for swap. Let's just say that that's the first e-juice flavor I have literally gagged on.

    Will swap for anything other than tobacco flavors in 1.8 nic.

    Cartridge is soaking in vodka. Wish I could soak my tongue.

  • EastCoastGirlEastCoastGirl Posts: 20Member
    I have a 5 pack of Cola carts (0mg nicotine), a disposable V2 Menthol (1.8% nicotine), and a 4 pack of Sahara carts (0.6%)... I took one out to try, didn't like it. 

    will swap for preferably Congress flavor carts (1.2% or less) 
    or.... something else? make offers of what you have?

    not sure exactly how this works.... are we left to the honor system to ship to each other? What happens if someone flakes on the deal?

  • JellyBeanJellyBean Posts: 285Member
    Good question, @EastCoastGirl!  I'm not sure how the swap thread works either.   I'm guessing it would be on the honor system, but who knows.   Hopefully, someone will answer.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    Of course it is the honor system, how could it be different (liability laws). Take up the particulars in PMs to each other. jmho
  • JellyBeanJellyBean Posts: 285Member

    Particulars?  I don't see any particulars.  Are there particulars if I have nothing to swap?  lol  :-??

  • kt5280kt5280 Posts: 214Member
    If you have something you want to get rid of in a swap, you post it PLUS what you are willing to take in exchange. Then if someone has what you want and wants what you have and wants to do the swap, you exchange personal address information and work out shipping in private messages.

    Seems to me that having what someone wants and wanting what they don't want is a once-in-a-blue-moon situation, but in the event that this occurs, individual parties make a private exchange, not covered or enforced by V2 in any way, and operate in good faith (hopefully).

  • JellyBeanJellyBean Posts: 285Member
    Thanks for the details @kt5280;)
  • CookiecrispCookiecrisp Posts: 20Member
    I have two unopened Coffee 5-packs at 1.2% and one unopened Cola 5-pack 0%. Both are the prefilled cartridges. I'm not a fan of either. Looking to swap it out or to just give away instead of wasting them in the trash. I prefer chocolate or vanilla or MCT
  • angelinaleighangelinaleigh Posts: 8Member
    Is this the current swap thread? if not can someone give me the link? 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Yes this is it 
  • misfitmisfit Posts: 3Member

    I have reds and blues, 18s, (full), prefilled carts, 1 of each and a power cig. looking for 0 nicotine of anything for trade. the power cig is a gift for the trade......


  • Emilie_2003Emilie_2003 Posts: 22Member
    edited June 2015
    Hi everyone I have 1 Vanilla 25 ML liquid it is strength 1.2% and a brand new V2 express charger that I do not use, (tested and made sure it worked properly once but that was it, it is now in its original box as is the e-liquid and completey sealed and unopened. The things I would consider for trade are Sahara e-juice 1.2% or Cola e-liquid 1.2% 25ML  or if wanted the charger as well, either the Sahara in 50ML or a Sahara and Cola in 25ML each unopened of course, in 1.2%. Definitely willing to negotiate and do like Sahara e-liquid and a sealed package of ex-blanks or whatnot, please send me a message if you are interested! I am very easy to negotiate with! EDIT: or you can e-mail me at emilie_2003@sbcglobal.net :)
  • kknightkknight Posts: 1Member
    Would like to swap a BRAND NEW "V2 Metal Carrying Case XL White" for a V2 Soft Case!

    The good people at V2 sent me a brand new Metal Carrying Case with the purchase of my new Series 3 but unfortunately the Series 3 does not fit into the metal case.  If you have a soft case in very good condition and would like to do an even swap please contact me at....


  • PerkinsjPerkinsj Posts: 12Member
    I have a V2 Pro Series 7. This includes the unit, the charger, and one unused liquid cartridge. I willing to swap for any vape that is not a V2 product. Trying to cut my losses with this company. PM me if you are interested.
  • suzieQsuzieQ Posts: 438Member ✭✭
    V2 Pro series 7, new in box, never used.  What you got?   PM if interested
  • MendyHMendyH Posts: 1Member
    I ordered the regular Congress 1.8% cartridges when they were out of stock on Reds, and when I tried one last night I gagged!  I can sure taste that tobacco flavor but it wasn't a good thing.  lol  I have 4 foil sealed carts left that I would be more than happy to trade for 4 sealed 1.8% Reds, Sahara, Coffee or Chocolate.  PM if interested, thanks!
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,218Member
    You really make your trade attractive by saying you gagged on the flavor you wish to trade, may I suggest advertising 101 :P
  • judaspriestjudaspriest Posts: 32Member
    I have 4 brand new Series 7 loose leaf cartridges that came with my Series 7 that I swapped out due to malfunctions and all. I only use liquid. I also bought a grinder because it looked cool which it is but, I have never used it. Steven M, 954-612-6920
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