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Empty bottles

TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
@samantha‌ any word if V2 will offer empty travel bottles for purchase? My 10ml zigzag bottles have become coveted by me since after they were emptied, I cleaned them and refilled with congress and other flavors for on the go...honestly they are the best travel bottles I've ever seen (sturdy, good needle tip, hard cap, etc). I would buy empty zigzag bottles in a heartbeat if you were to offer them :).


  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    I agree @Talon!  And thanks @SirVapeALot!  
  • ColinColin Posts: 203Member
    I wish they would sell like giant 500 ml bottles of grape and cherry at a nice discount to use to refill the smaller dropper bottles. Kinda like they do with a lot of different cleaners and soaps now a days.
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    @SirVapeALot‌ thanks but yes, I have a few of those....problem with them is they are thin plastic and you have to take off the needle tip to carry in pocket. The zig zag ones are hard plastic and the cap goes over the needle tip. That is what I am more looking for since I like to carry a bottle in my pockets for quick top offs.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    That is a good idea @Talon. I will def ask and keep you posted. I know we are working on a TON of new projects/product launches and espec quite a few for e-liquid, so you never know. Anyway, will post on here once I find out.
  • TalonTalon Posts: 251Member ✭✭
    edited September 2014
    Great to hear your passing on....I realize this likely isnt a big money maker but I would think that while picking up some bottles, people would purchase other items as well. I just think the zigzag bottles are genius.
  • ArakArak Posts: 161Member
    I'd absolutely grab up some of those bottles when I buy my V2 liquids.  I like to carry mine with me also, but I'm afraid I'm gonna drop them and break them!
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