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Can someone explain the V2 Pro Series 3 Cartridges

james000james000 Posts: 8Member
edited September 2014 in Product Troubleshooting
First off, I want to say that i LOVE my S3. I really do. It's made giving up cigarettes so much easier that previous attempts to quit.  I do have have one complaint...

The Burnt Taste.

At this point, I have 7 Cartridges. One was included, I ordered four. Two of those were burnt tasting right out of the box, but V2 overnighted me two more. I've only been using it for two weeks, but 5 non-defective cartridges have to last longer than two weeks, right?

I've seen a lot of people on here talking about cleaning, and I've tried that. Sometimes it works and takes away the burnt taste for a little while, sometimes it doesn't. I haven't tried the vodka cleaning yet, but I probably will.

The question I have is: Does anyone know what actually causes the burnt taste? I have a basic idea of how the V2 Pro works, abd I don't understand what would make that specific taste unless the wicks themselves are burning. I feel like if I has a better idea of what is causing it, I'd have a better idea of how to fix it. 

I know it's early in the product's life and there are bugs to work out, so I'm not really mad. And V2 has been great with customer service for the most part.

Right now, I'm making due with cleaning them, but it sure does stink to bring two cartridges with me to work, and then they both turn burny before noon. 

If i were able to fix this one thing, I'd be completely 100% satisfied. 



  • TopweaselTopweasel Posts: 157Member
    Under the post in the center (its removable ref @Crimsonshadow on http://forum.v2.com/discussion/9388/v2-pro-cartridge-lifetime#latest) is the coil wrapped around the wick on mine they were about 4 loops. The two sides then have the wires going down to the base (to connect to whatever system is powering them from the battery).

    The two possible causes is burning the wick, or burning the plastic seal that sits under the wick and coil. For people getting a consistent burnt taste specially if you have knocked around the cart, it's probably burning the seal. The coil is a very fine thin copper so it would be easy for the coil to make contact with it if the wick gets knocked to one side or another. For the occasional burnt taste, it could probably be burning the wick, which could be cause by a gunk buildup.  Even after cleaning gunk and burn residue stays on the wick, it's impossible to really clean it up (without tearing apart the wick).

    I decided to pull the post on mine after I accidentally dropped my cart from about 3 feet, it wasn't very as it fell on to some stuff and fell around. But the first hit I took immediately after that was burnt, I think I tried one more just to see if it was occasional issue and it was still burnt. Took off the post and found that the wick wasn't centered. Moved it over and everything has been pretty good since. But now I have gotten into the habit of just dipping S3 down to the ground as I pick it up to make sure the wick, the coil, and even that plastic seal is wet. Not shaking it but just a casual dip.
  • CrimsonShadowCrimsonShadow Posts: 87Member
    Is it burnt flavor or is it hot and choking dry burnt? ... anyways the metal tube holds a wire that connects to the atomizer head which connects to coil which goes from one part to the outside to be grounded a rubber ( or silicone dont know which ) holds the coil and other parts together. Over top is a metal cover ( its what people call the fill line ) then a O ring which creates a seal to the screwed on drip tip ( pulled one appart wouldn't attempt to put back together ). Coil is thin 28 to 38 gauge? Either nichrome or kanthal? Things to note on this unlike rda builds you see on youtube ect coils are not tight together they are spaced appart across the silica. Silica is rated for 2300° and really shouldn't burn...as for cleaning and other prolonging things.... making sure the coil is centered will help with airflow and help the wick keep the liquid getting to the coil. The clearer the liquid the longer the coil will stay cleaner dark thick juice will gunk up a coil a lot faster and will degrade preformace much faster.. for example my clear peppermint vanilla menthol has lasted well past the 20 refills my coffee chocolate looks about the same for build up with about 1/3 of the refills and has to be cleaned after 5 fill ups max or it dry hits more and the flavor is off smokey or sometimes just almost tasteless... leaking occured for me in two where the rubber part was put in off center so one side was sticking up so liquid would go down the tube gurgle spit make the draw really tight and im guessing the rubber seal caused some of the bad taste since it was black bunt looking using tiny nail scissors I trimed it level wwith the tube and moved the coil center it fixed my problem might have been just my experience other issues maybe be something different... by leaking I mean it would weep out the bottom holes or if I blew right into the mouth piece itwould blow a good amount out the tube onto the paper towl).. when rinsing out the tanks I now check my coils at the same time by removing the covering I poke them with a sewing needle to knock off any gunk caked on and center the coil rinse and let it dry for a day you could attempt to burn the gunk off with some quick 1 second pull ( do not inhail this ) but you do risk damaging the wick normal dry burns in other devices are done with the wick removed I have done this with two tanks they seem to be holding up but I don't use these two all the time and have only seen about 15 refills..... reguardless the tanks won't be as awsome as the first 5 fills but they will still be vastly better than carts. Depending on your juice you may get 10 to 15 refills before noticing something off some flavors seem to last better than others too .. menthol lasts well vanilla and cherry too coffee lasts but will taste off as the coils get gunky mango will lose flavor by 10 fills with out cleaning or atleast it is not as flavorfull. Also transporting your tanks do not let them sit in a hot environment for a long time filled they may leak or cause liquid to seep into the center tube ( happend to me at the beach in a bag sitting in near 100 degree sun ) this requires cleaning and drying to fix.
  • james000james000 Posts: 8Member
    These answers have been such a huge help. Using the V2 has been so much more enjoyable. Thank you so much, guys. It definitely made this past weekend, which was rife with cigarette temptation, easy to navigate. 

    Do you think that there is some liquid/cleaner/solution that can be used to clean the carts that would also dissolve any damage to the wick? In the same sense of using soda on car battery corrosion? 

  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    edited October 2014
    Welcome to the forum @james000! Some folks have mentioned denture cleaning solutions....

    I was just thinking about that today and I may try using a drop or two of Dawn liquid dish soap in my small Tupperware container for the soaking water. After about 30 minutes of soaking I will try using a syringe to power rinse the wicks, tank interior and inside center post. Lastly, I will use canned air to lightly blow "down" the center post to dislodge and remove any gunk debris or burnt wick strands.

    On my EX blanks, I have been using vodka for the soak, water for the rinse and canned air to pre-dry. However, I'm having some concern about soaking too long in the alcohol as it may have some degrading effect on the lower seal and/or the glue that bonds the tank together. Hopefully the Dawn soap will remove residues as well as the vodka.

    I haven't yet cleaned a Pro 3 tank due to other issues, but this method should work well for them as well. I have equal concerns about using alcohol on these due to the electrical contacts.
  • magu1magu1 Posts: 2Member
    CrimsonShadow , could you make a youtube video the next time you clean and fix your eliquid tanks , please  i know it would be really helpful for all the comunity and its hard to understand all the process just reading , a video would really help or at least some photos of  the process, thank you in advance. 
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