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Just for the heck of it, what is your favorite v2 flavor, and why?

LokivapesLokivapes Posts: 111Member
edited March 2011 in Entertainment and Humor
I'm curious.


  • WhoWantstoKnowWhoWantstoKnow Posts: 315Member
    I would not say that it was the smooth sweet menthol especially not the 18.......
  • DashAroundDashAround Posts: 45Member
    Only one from V2 I have tried is the Reds.  I love them.  Husband hates them.  I have an order in for the variety pack and cant wait to try, but will be a while before they ship.  According to order update, will be atleast a week before shipment.  Will let you know if my favorite changes when they get here....

  • LokivapesLokivapes Posts: 111Member
    I'm imagining mine will probably be Sahara, but I can't know until my starter kit actually GETS here XD.
  • LokivapesLokivapes Posts: 111Member
  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member
    Reds and Coffees. As for why................um because they are awesome?
  • VapinitaVapinita Posts: 746Member

    Lokivapes, as a 'work around' to deal with the glitch in the forum software, when I get a double post I just click on "Back to Discussions" then come back to the thread and realize that it only posted once. I have fewer problems here when I use Firefox. I had always relied on IE, but someone suggested that this forum is more compatible with Firefox so I installed it for that reason, alone.

    My V2 flavor preferences (in decending order) are Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Peppermint & least favorite, Cherry. I haven't tried Red, Congress or Sahara because I am not drawn to tobacco flavors.

  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member

    Peppermint was out of stock when I ordered. I'm going to try it one of these days. I never hear anything good about Cherry.

  • VapinitaVapinita Posts: 746Member
    I actually like the flavor of the Cherry cartridges, but I can't vape them without coughing. None of the other flavors affect me that way.
  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member
    I had one Coffee cart that was like that. It was harsh. I still vaped it though. It hurt so good.
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  • Manny_V2cigsManny_V2cigs Posts: 98Member
    I really like the peppermint (zer0); it has a very mild mint taste, very smooth, i commend them to all.
  • VapinitaVapinita Posts: 746Member
    edited March 2011
    @Notrab13, unless there is another name for cinnamon, I don't see it listed in the ingredients for the cherry flavor at all http://www.v2.com/templates/__custom/v2_ingredients_list.pdf
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    Oh, it has been so long since I had anything but Vanilla, but my favorites were Peppermint, Coffee, Reds, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Congress, Cherry and I am waiting on my order to try the Sahara.  It can change depending on my mood as well.   ;-)
  • Carmen_v2cigsCarmen_v2cigs Posts: 203Member ✭✭
    I have to say my favorite is the peppermint 6 mg.. :X
  • KenGKenG Posts: 2Member

    I really love the Reds and hope they come out with ejuice for it soon.

    Really, get one or two of the variety packs when you order your starter pack.

    That way you get to try all the great flavors.

    I was surprised by how much I liked the Coffee (not a coffee drinker) and the Cherry.

    It seems that the carts here have more flavor than others I have bought.


  • BillyVBillyV Posts: 109Member

    Sahara 18mg. The closest taste to a real tobacco cigarette without actually having one. I ordered 50 more carts in the past 2 days.


    formely - wvigotty

  • TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
    I'll say Red's for now, but when my cold is over and i get my taste back it might be Sahara? as to why? i love a tobacco taste to my e-cig.
  • MorrisMorris Posts: 30Member
    Only tried menthol and peppermint so far and i have to say Menthol taste much better than peppermint
  • LokivapesLokivapes Posts: 111Member
    Lol, tobacco flavors ftw. I'm planning on learning how to fill blanks, and mix liquids. Eventually, I'd like to possibly even get into the ejuice business. First thing I was thinking was mixing Tobacco with coffee. Seems like something cool, mix the two best things EVER. Lol, my luck it'll be unvapable. XD
  • WhoWantstoKnowWhoWantstoKnow Posts: 315Member
    Don't put the cartos in the bean grinder and you should be fine. 
  • CarolGCarolG Posts: 562Member
    Love the Vanilla, Coffee and Red.
  • BillyVBillyV Posts: 109Member
    Cherry is my favorite non tobacco flavor. I've tried many other cherry flavors from other vendors and they all taste light and soury. V2 cherry tastes tastes like black cherry soda. It's sweet, has strong, sweet, smoky flavor and nice throat hit. There, now something nice has been said about V2 cherry. :)
  • nadznadz Posts: 48Member
    any of you guys tried sahara yet?  its the closest to a real cig.  not as sweet as cowboy and much better than congress.  im so glad this was released :)
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    I have not tried it yet, but it's coming!!!   :-D
  • LokivapesLokivapes Posts: 111Member
    Sahara, Menthol, and Coffee. Personally, I also enjoyed Congress, but i got the wrong strength (Zero when I ordered medium!). I ordered 18 mg sahara and I think that the throat hit is like an unfiltered cig! SO MUCH TH, I LOVE IT! For that reason alone I decided to switch to all 18 mg carts and just vape less.
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    The Sahara did not come. :( So I will order a sample pack with my next order and try it then. :(
  • LegioXLegioX Posts: 61Member
    I think the vanilla is great, followed by cherry. I'm thinking my chocolate carts were no good because I got varying results with a first impression that it was good, then I thought so less and less. Will be trying Sahara soon and I do have high hopes for it. The reds aren't bad but I grew tired of them the longer I was not smoking.
  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member
    Loki, are you getting any kind of throat hit at all off the zeros?
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    @Pepper I have zero's and there is a mild to no throat hit that really depends on the flavor.  I also got them because I was an emotional smoker and I did not want to chance a nicotine over dose.   :)
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    i enjoyed the coffee
  • VonVaporVonVapor Posts: 17Member
    For my main vapor I like the Cowboy hard tip full..but through the day ill have some Vanillia, Chocolate, Cherry,Coffee..Love to mix it up !..NO CONGRESS !!!.."Thank Candy Man" : )
  • new2ecignew2ecig Posts: 62Member
    funny i thought id love cherry and discovered i hate it. i like peppermint, vanilla, and chocolate
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    I am loven Reds right now, but that also has to do with the fact that it and Vanilla are my only two 18 flavors. lol  ;)

  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member
    Reds are great except for the batch that came with my last order...........yucky.
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    @Pepper I heard about the last order, if I had any to spare I'd send you some.   :-(
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 9,799Member ✭✭✭
    I like the menthol.
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    What @Jackie?  I'm sorry I can not hear you.   :/
  • JackieOJackieO Posts: 9,799Member ✭✭✭
    edited April 2011
    I said the menthol.
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    Sorry, you are going to have to speak up.  I still can't hear you.   :/
  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member

    I understand GeekyGirl. There are never any Reds to spare. Still loving my Coffees though and the Saharas seem to be growing on me.

  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    @Pepper I only ordered five carts with my last order, I liked them but I did not think that much.  Well, after about two weeks of nothing but Vanilla . . . I really, really like the Reds.  Oh well, next order I'll do one of Reds . . . and . . . MENTHOLS!!!  * insert evil laugh here*  Who cares about their nose when all I need is my toung to taste the yummy menthol flavor!!!    :))
  • PepperjackPepperjack Posts: 115Member
    Yeah. I might grab more menthols next time too.
  • GeekyGirlGeekyGirl Posts: 837Member
    They are good @Pepper, just don't tell @Jackie.   :-$
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