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How many mg's of nicotine in I ml of e-liquid?

Trying to figure out how many milligrams (mg) of nicotine are in one milliliter of e-liquid. I understand it will be different depending on the nicotine percentage of the juice. Does anyone know the formula to calculate this?

I'm simply trying to figure out how much nicotine I'm vaping daily compared to what I was consuming when I was smoking the nasties! Each one of my America Spirit Bold analogs had 1.7mg's of nicotine X 10 = 17 mg's per day. I currently vape about 1.5 to 2.0 milliliters of 1.8% e-liquid per day.


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    edited December 2014

    This is what I found on this calculation when I was curious. I have not extensively cross-referenced it but believe it to be correct.

    The nicotine level listed for e-liquid is the number of milligrams of nicotine per milliliter in the E-Liquid. That means a 10ml bottle of 24mg nicotine e-liquid would have 240mg of nicotine in it (24mg x 10ml). Likewise, a 30ml bottle of 24mg e-liquid would have 720mg of nicotine in it (24mg x 30ml).

    1.8mg = 1.8mg/ml
    It means there is 1.8 milligrams of nicotine per 1 milliliter of liquid
    This is 1.8% by weight

    This calculation would put you a bit above the nicotine level you were at with your analog usage.

  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    Thanks for the feedback @rbaker1009 & @smkfree. I pulled up some info off the internet and copied it below for a little brain teaser...LOL!

    I used the weight of one milliliter of e-liquid to be one gram or 1,000 mg (close enough for gov't work) and calculated that with 18 mg of nicotine which is 1.8%. The EX blank I use has a .9 ml capacity which is 90% of a milliliter. So for every full EX blank I vape, I will get .90 x 18= 16.2 mg of nicotine or about 9.5 of my old 1.7 mg American Spirits.

    I agree with @smkfree that nicotine is absorbed at a lower rate via the mouth versus the lungs. I've also read somewhere that our body "absorbs"  less nicotine via vapor in the mouth (like 50%) and the balance is processed into our urine system. Smoking nicotine that's absorbed more by the lungs is like 65% with 35% waste. Another plus for vaping! Now I'm overdue for some juice after that exercise!

    Milligrams versus milliliters 
    One milliliter of water weighs one gram. There are 1000 milligrams in one gram. 
    One milliliter of other substances will weigh more or less, depending upon their densities. A millilter of gasoline, for example, weighs less, and a milliliter of mercury weighs more -- WAY more. (No pun intended.) 
    Milligram is a unit of mass; milliliter is a unit of volume. You can't directly convert the two. If you know the density of a substance, you can say, for example, "1 milliliter of water has a mass of 1 gram (1000 milligrams)", or "1 milliliter of lead has a mass of about 11 gram". :-?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Yes that is true - the body does absorb nicotine at a lower rate when vaping. The 50% margin sounds about right. I have been told it can be higher as vaping is very subjective. 
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    @samantha, Can you or a juice master at V2 comment on the calculations we've made about the milligrams of nicotine in one milliliter of e-liquid? Would just like something official to verify we're on the right track with these calculations. I do realize that e-liquid may be a different weight than water, but I think that's like splitting frog hairs for these purposes.....I think!
  • JayTeaJayTea Posts: 46Member
    @daytripper‌ and @samantha‌ I have been looking at this subject. Unfortunately, I'm just to darn old to even comprehend this metric system. So please help me out. I smoked Kool Kings - a pack a day. Now, I use EXBlanks with Menthol 1.8. Please tell me how many Kool Kings = a full EXBlank. I don't need anything exact - about is fine. Thank you.
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    @JayTea, I found a website with a chart showing "Tar & Nicotine Levels By Cigarette Brands" which I will share with you in a PM. I found Kool 100's have 1.4 mg of nicotine in each cig. 

    If my previous calculations are correct, with your level 18 e-liquid you will have 16.2 mg of nicotine in each full (.9 ml) EXB. That would be equal to 11.5 Kool 100 cigs.

    Hope that helps. Still looking to get something official from @samantha or V2 as to the exact amount of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid calculations.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Yes @daytripper I have emailed our lead chemist and will get verification on this for you. Will post on this thread once I get more info. 
  • JayTeaJayTea Posts: 46Member
    @daytripper‌ Thank you. My body tends to confirm your calculations. I'm vaping about 2 EXBlanks a day and have had no cravings for analog cigs since I've been vaping. I'm very happy that V2 has enabled me to stop smoking. Not a single Cig since I started V2. Also, thanks for link to chart.
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    You're very welcome @JayTea and congrats on your successful journey! We're on the same page with our usage and I too dropped the nasties on my 3rd day with V2 and haven't looked back. I get a little craving once in a great while and simply hit the Sahara 18 for instant satisfaction! I'd much rather intake a little more nicotine daily while passing on the 4000 chemicals in the nasties!

    Thanks for the followup with the chemist @samantha! I'm looking forward to getting some verification or correction on this subject.
  • JayTeaJayTea Posts: 46Member
    @daytripper‌ Me to. Was smoking Kool for over 20 years. But no more thanks to V2. I really like the Menthol 1.8, but I also tried Red, Sahara and Congress. I like all 3. But red is favorite. It seems when get tired of menthol a quick hit of the Red is great. Here in NY packs were $10. Really saving my health and my money!
  • graysongrayson Posts: 85Member
    Yea I think it is very subjective regarding how much of the nicotine we actually inhale when vaping. Is there like official research or studies proving this? And if so, i still feel like it could vary from person to person and how hard you draw etc. Very interesting topic though.
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