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Burnt taste?

greetings! I am a "newbie" to the V2,  In the past I used the Blu, that sucked. 
I use the regular V2 standard, my flavor of choice is congress. 
I have been very happy with it and haven't had a real cigarette since 12/20/2014.
I recently got an order of the new cartridges, the "Ex" the one with the little window on the side, Overall, I like it a lot... however 2 of the last 7 cartridges I have used have had a burnt taste to them..... Has anyone else experienced this? 


  • EastCoastGirlEastCoastGirl Posts: 20Member
    I'm also having trouble with my charging case..... it seems to have a mind of its own and only charges sometimes....
  • Eric95MEric95M Posts: 60Member
    What I have found with the EX blanks especially is if you chain vape, they get too hot.  The liquid will turn darkish then you will get the burnt taste.  I usually have 2 V2's at hand and swap between the 2.  No idea if it is helping but, makes me feel better :).  You can get some "everclear" prure grain alcohol and shoot it into the draw tube, then swish it around the chamber until as much of the e-liquid is gone as you can manage.  Let the alcohol evaporate for an hour, then try it.
    I use an empty 50ml bottle with the dropper and, it fixes over 75%.  Some were just too burnt for repair.  Good luck !

  • Eric95MEric95M Posts: 60Member
    edited January 2015
    Also, I try not to let the blank get low on e-liquid.  It is easier to overheat with less liquid in them.  I find letting the cart sit for like 20 minutes to wet the wicks helps as well.  If you are getting the burnt taste immediately on a new one, try letting it sit for a while after initial fill. 

  • EastCoastGirlEastCoastGirl Posts: 20Member
    I get the pre-filled cartridges..... I don't fill myself, 
    and there have been times it happens from the very first drag :(
  • Eric95MEric95M Posts: 60Member
    When I used pre-filled, I had one batch of Sahara that was a problem.  I would drag on it and get a mouthful of e-liquid.  Others had no liquid and others tasted burnt.  Only happened once and CS was great about replacing them.  You should try the EX-blanks and filling them yourself.  In my opinion, better taste, more vapor and you can see how much is left.
    Some people use them for months by cleaning them.

  • EastCoastGirlEastCoastGirl Posts: 20Member
    2 things I hadn't thought of......... 
    contacting CS about the burnt taste.. 
    and filling myself,
    I guess I'm afraid I would screw it up, or 'do it wrong'
    or, I'm just a creature of habit, it was hard enough to switch to an e-cig, lol
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    I felt the same way @EastCoastGirl about making the switch. I started filling myself and it is honestly super easy, not much can go wrong. Buy some EX Blanks and some eLiquid and give it a shot, once you try it you likely only want to refill yourself. Using eLiquid is a lot more economical as well!
  • new2v2new2v2 Posts: 106Member

    I've been cleaning Series 3 blanks with vodka with some degree of success until last night when I discovered that I'd killed my first cartridge with a non-v2 chocolate juice.

    Cleaned it twice with vodka and with boiling water. No luck. Still tasted like burned chocolate. Bleech!

    The peppermint and menthol and "minty" cartridges clean up nicely, though the nice man at the liquor store was a bit confused as to what exactly I wanted his cheapest non-flavoured 1/2 pint of vodka for when I explained that I didn't intend on mixing it. This after he told me I didn't want to drink that "bleep" straight.

    He then tried to sell me some e-juice once I explained that I needed it to clean e-cig stuff.

    I do have to say that burned blank has a flavor all its own. Ugh!

  • EastCoastGirlEastCoastGirl Posts: 20Member
    can you folks post pics of the products/cartridges you all are using? 
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