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Great Customer Service Experience !!

smokingace84smokingace84 Posts: 12Member
edited December 2010 in V2 News and Updates
I placed an order today and 2 mins after i was contacted by a customer service rep to let me know that they were out of the white standard auto batteries. The customer service rep was cordial and friendly and look for an alternative to avoid delaying my order. Feels very comfortable to deal with a company that makes the customer aware of what's out of stock at the moment. Cant wait to try the product!!


  • missirismissiris Posts: 26Member
    Same thing on my last order...they are really stepping up.
  • Snail_TrailSnail_Trail Posts: 36Moderator
    I agree... I can totally understand when a company runs out of something - I assume that means it's a good product! As long as they keep me informed, I'm happy. Thanks for the updates, V2!
  • goin4nosmokegoin4nosmoke Posts: 1,672Member
    same here with menthol mediums..just minutes after i ordered online, they called to let me know they were out of stock and gave me some options...very good experience. Even though I was dissapointed that I wasnt able to get the mediums, am very satisfied with how it was handled and look forward to what they are shipping out :)
    Happy Merry Vaping :) ...getting old? well still got about 1 1/2 weeks of it lololololol Happy Holidays All
  • vermjpvvermjpv Posts: 44Member
    I just ordered more batteries. I entered white standard auto, but left comment that color/and or manual or auto didn't really matter. Just got email stating that they shipped. It will be interesting to see what I get!!
  • DragonDragon Posts: 596Member ✭✭
    I also placed a order yesterday for 2 batteries 1 standard auto in stainless steel with blue LED and 1 shorty the same way. Within 20 min I got a call saying my order had been received but that the shorty did not as of yet come in stainless steel and did I want to choose white or black. I chose black with blue LED and was told my order would ship in 2-3 days outstanding V2!!! This is what I plan to do I will take the stainless steel standard and my zero nic blank carts remove the white label and have a totally stainless e-cig.
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